A Sword from Red Ice

A Sword from Red Ice The Long Night has begun The Endlords and their dark army of Unmade prepare to unleash untold destruction upon the world Every Sull warrior must step forward and fight or risk the North falling into

  • Title: A Sword from Red Ice
  • Author: J.V. Jones
  • ISBN: 9781841491172
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Long Night has begun The Endlords and their dark army of Unmade prepare to unleash untold destruction upon the world Every Sull warrior must step forward and fight, or risk the North falling into eternal darkness.Key to mankind s survival is the sacred warrior Ash March But for Ash to realise her true potential as a Reach, and become the Sull s greatest weapon, sheThe Long Night has begun The Endlords and their dark army of Unmade prepare to unleash untold destruction upon the world Every Sull warrior must step forward and fight, or risk the North falling into eternal darkness.Key to mankind s survival is the sacred warrior Ash March But for Ash to realise her true potential as a Reach, and become the Sull s greatest weapon, she must keep herself safe as the perils that surround her multiply Raif Sevrance has an equally perilous task The exile must travel to the barren wastes of the Red Glaciers and recover the legendary sword named Loss For Sull legend decrees that he who wields the Sword from Red Ice will bring terror to their enemies But fulfilment of these goals may yet come too late In the remote reaches of the Bitter Hills, the Endlords minions have made a cataclysmic discovery a crack in the Blindwall, an ancient and unguarded passage leading directly into the realms of men.

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    1. Yet another great instalment in this series by J V Jones.I am totally gripped with wondering what will happen with all the various characters in the book.I must say I am so cross with Ash, fancy giving it up to that creep Fallstar.She should have waited for Raif, he waited for her.Some great stories within stories, if I had any criticism it is that due to the large number of characters it is difficult to progress each persons story fully within one book and I never get enough of any one persons [...]

    2. This was the book that convinced me to drop this series. Cavern of Black Ice drew me in, and I suffered through Fortress of Grey Ice, carried by the enthusiasm and affection the first book had given me. A Sword from Red Ice, being more of the same poorly paced nonsense as Fortress of Grey Ice, finally killed my affection.As with the previous two books I read them this one several years ago so if I have misremembered any details I apologise. I have not, however, misremembered the profound disappo [...]

    3. Really liked the first two I read - the grey ice and black ice, grey fortress and black cavern ( all so confusing) - Jones does write with a terrific sense of place and some evocative use of language. but this one? It's one thing to give the reader a sense of place, quite another when the description of that place takes over from story. Am only 25% in on my kindle, but the amount that has actually happened could be detailed without losing too much in around 50 words. And that's 150 pages reading [...]

    4. Hmmm, disappointing in the end, this was due to be a trilogy.On the whole this felt more a filler until the main action in the 4th (and hopefully final) installment.Nicely written though.

    5. The armies of Spire Vanis have invaded the clanholds and are marching against Ganmiddich. The clans are responding, mustering their armies to defeat the invaders and claim the prize of the Ganmiddich roundhouse. However, events back in Spire Vanis are outpacing the armies and may soon render the whole conflict moot.Meanwhile, Raif Sevrance has succeeded in defeating the Endlords at the Fortress of Grey Ice, but knows the victory is only temporary. His path takes him back to the Rift, where his f [...]

    6. I was a little disappointed with this book. I loved the first two in the series and this one seemed to go on and on and never really get anywhere. Everyone seemed to be on the journey they started in the second book and they are still traveling when the book ends. Very little advance was made on the story arc. I was still intrigued enough to keep coming back and finish the book. I am eager to read the next book and hope she finishes the last one soon.

    7. I continue to be enthralled by this series. I did feel the pacing has been inconsistent. Entire characters go from being focal points to rare backdrops. Some characters have very sparce plot or character development, while others (specifically Raif) seem to require a huge leap and bound in development for the plot to function.Looking forward to seeing how everything resolves.

    8. An exciting story filled with action, the threat is quite tangible and the character must struggle to attain greater power to face it.

    9. After reading the first two books in this series, I came into this one with huge expectations. JV Jones is widely acknowledged as one of the top talents in fantasy, with intensely emotional and hard-hitting drama making her books some of the most engaging and unforgettable in the genre. Often the scenes she writes are so gut-wrenching, heart-pounding, and tear-jerking (not to mention highly graphic) that I've hesitated to recommend her to very young readers or readers susceptible to being upset [...]

    10. And we're back once again!A Sword from Red Ice picks back up (much like A Fortress of Gray Ice) from the exact ending of the previous book in the Sword of Shadows series. And that's not the only thing it shares with its predecessor either- if you've read Fortress you pretty much know what to expect from this next installment.This is another slow burner, a glacial chunk of a book, where things happen slowly and purposefully and we grind along to another ending that occurs abruptly and doesn't pro [...]

    11. This is the third book book in a newly proposed five-book series. It took a LONG time for this book to be finished--some five years. The author has said that the process of writing this book was a learning period for her, and that she felt that she came out a better writer on the back end. I have to agree with her in some respects. Her writing ability, as apparent in this book, is noticeably better than her previous books. Her characters are detailed, her world is full of history and lore and co [...]

    12. So, the third book in the series. Knowing that there would be a lot of rambling, with chapters that didn't advance the story a lot and loads of characters, I kind of relaxed into this one more and found myself enjoying it a lot more than book 2.The End night still seems to be coming, although it is taking its time! Raif firstly travels with the Maimed Men, then the Lamb Brothers, back to the Maimed Men and then off into the Badlands to find an sword buried under some red ice, reputedly the only [...]

    13. The third in this series drew me in and kept me turning pages at a very high rate. I enjoyed many of the characters who we get to know better in this book, particularly Raina and Effie. However, much of the book was predictable, and reading answered how, with what or if pretty much already in the bag. This didn't exactly detract from the experience, but it's the problem with heavy forshadowing and stories working on prophecies. When someone is born to a task there is no mystery to be uncovered, [...]

    14. The third novel in the Sword of Shadows trilogy suffers from some of the typical issues that plague series that run longer than a trilogy. The protagonists are spread all over the map, and no storyline can be solved as things must be continued in the next novel as well, and there are more characters than can be written about.However, I did like A Sword from Red Ice. While I agree with most of the other reviews that it's a book where "nothing happens", I enjoyed both the style and the intriguing [...]

    15. I read the first two books which were good enough to continue to the third. The first 100 pages or so of this book were spent reminding the reader of where each character left off from the previous book. I hate this kind of lazy writing and find it insults my intelligence. I understand that book releases in a series may take a year or years, but I don't like being spoon feed reminders of what has already been covered thru the first 20% of a book.My main frustration which was noted by other revie [...]

    16. Are you kidding me that this series is not over in three books!? Ridiculous. I like a great world building fantasy, but Jones falters. Instead of using the extra prose to add texture to the world, she belabors the mundane and needlessly drags the story. It makes reading it painful at times. And then, when it comes to the climax, its over in one, maybe two, pages. It really comes down to Jones's inability to write a solid action scene. So instead, she just goes on and on about nothing.I picked up [...]

    17. Dammit JV Jones, why must you torture Raif so. I just want to bundle him up in cotton wool and protect him from the world. I dread to think what lies in store for him in the books to come. I enjoyed this book, though not quite as much as I did the first two. I think perhaps it was because I became infuriated by Ash's poor life choices. I understand she lived a sheltered childhood, but she is too naive and trusts too easily. I also grew tired of the repeated sex scenes, which seemed rather out of [...]

    18. Is it still surprising?Can’t say, but yeah…sort of, come on, read it, yeah it is.I see huge potential in the Red Blade storyline… I mean they way is being found(spoiler in the title) has so much potential for becoming interesting and push the main arc further, of course following intriguing avenues (ambiguous non spoiling statement).Is thee any plot progression?Yeah, totally, I guess the characters are definitely getting more in charge of their destiny…(little sister evolution is quite n [...]

    19. This series continues to be excellent. There have been some complaints from other readers about the slow progression of the story. It is building to a climax, but not rapidly. I think the biggest problem in this series is the length of time between publications. Fortunately this is no longer an issue since J V Jones's is supposedly finishing the fifth book in the series this year (2012). I have so many favorite characters, Raif, Ash,, Effie, and Raina, to mention a few. Each are on his or her ow [...]

    20. I enjoyed "A Sword From Red Ice", I did. Really. Just one problem with this book. The long book doesn't move J.V. Jones' epic "Sword of Shadows" series along much at all.I am fixing to move on to book four, "Watcher of the Dead" today. I am praying that it takes the entire story somewhere. I would hate to stop reading the series after three books because the story is just too drawn out.Other than that, "A Sword From Red Ice" is another excellent offering from Jones. She has a talent for bringing [...]

    21. Fuller world than previous books, and ultimately more satisfying, but I was more willing to put it down for the night. drawn in by Effie but don't care much for the despairing Blackhail. At least she finally took action. Yet another oath breaker, but why did the chief allow Bram to take the oath when she seems to have wanted him to break it? Puzzle for another book perhaps.Let me guess: there's a sword we need to find. It's cold and winter is staying. Bram seems to be a like able misfit. Raids f [...]

    22. The third book from the series followed the excellent trend of its predecessors. There are some fantastic characters in the series yet I longed for more on Raif. Bram, Raina, Ash and Effie have interesting stories and I wanted more of Angus Lok and less on Marafice Eye. The Dog Lord's story is interesting as well and as I have said in many of my reviews on these epic series - I know to be an outstanding epic there must be depth to the story including a world of characters and in the end it is wo [...]

    23. Granted, this is not the first in the series and Jones is a masterful storyteller so that I didn't feel the loss of not having read the entire series. In the same style as GRR Martin, Jones tells the story from the points of view of a huge cast of characters, but I think each reader will end up with their favourite. World-building is spectacular and main characters all have harrowing experiences. Possibly of the best, well-realised epic fantasy I've encountered in a while. I'll definitely read t [...]

    24. I like the big "immersion" fantasies and this is one of the best. It could be argued that not much happens in this 700+ page book in terms of action, but the characters become much more deeply developed and I can only trust that the author has massive payoffs planned for the final two volumes. Jones is a master at ending chapters with a cliffhanger, which I know annoys a lot of people but for me it works as a mechanism to keep reading. I for one can't wait to find out what happens next with Raif [...]

    25. Another excellent entry in the Sword of Shadows series (I heard there will be 5 books?). Not quite as action packed in some ways (the Dog Lord just kind of sits there for the book), but some excellent character development. Looks like Raina will finally come into her own. However, I only gave it 4 stars because there are some inconsistencies that die-hards like myself will pick up (e.g Vaylo's grandson's name suddenly changed and other minor plot details). Jones should have a better editor. Can' [...]

    26. The third book of SoS series and the sequel to A Fortress of Grey Ice. I could say I enjoyed this more than the second which has been based on a relatively slow pace and an unacceptable end to the cruelest beast from Blind. This book was better though at one point I felt like people, regardless their suspicions, easily gave information to Raif. But overall it's a must read for those who are into the series. An elegant piece of work by J.V.Jones.

    27. This is the third book in the SWORD OF SHADOWS series. It is a good addition, furthering the stories of Ash, Raif, Effie, and Raina (as well as Vaylo Bludd). For some reason I had originally thought that this series was a trilogy only, but after completing A SWORD FROM RED ICE, it is apparent that more books are needed. I look forward to them - J.V. Jones is a wonderful fantasy writer, and one of my favorites in the genre.

    28. The more I read this series, the longer the breaks between separate chapters I need to take. I basically have to forget what I have been reading about, in order to be able to read on. That, in my eyes, is a serious flaw.Characters remain intriguing, but also grow to be stupid and annoying. There's just enough reasons left for me to continue reading. In a suffering state of mind hah.

    29. I really love some of the characters. Sometimes it reads a bit more like a graphic novel than classical literature, but if you buy into that it can be very cool. I'm looking forward to finishing off this series but a bit bummed that it hasn't been finished yet. The book is definitely not self contained with cliff hangers all over the place.

    30. Third book in this trilogy and I'm well hooked! Jones falls into some fantasy cliches, especially with the ending of this book which again focuses on Raif's "Quest" (as did the second one). Often, her language is definitely high fantasy falutin'. However, there were some surprises at the end, the characters I started to love and be fascinated by in the second book drew me in further.

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