Polar City Blues

Polar City Blues Polar City is the capital of Hagar one of the few worlds on which the tiny human dominated Republic sits squeezed between the Interstellar Confederation and the enormous Coreward Alliance When an a

  • Title: Polar City Blues
  • Author: Katharine Kerr
  • ISBN: 9780553285048
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Polar City is the capital of Hagar, one of the few worlds on which the tiny, human dominated Republic sits, squeezed between the Interstellar Confederation and the enormous Coreward Alliance When an alien from the Confederation Embassy is murdered, Police Chief Bates faces an explosive situation.

    One thought on “Polar City Blues”

    1. Polar City Blues holds up very well for SF first published in 1990. Of course, I'm inclined to like tales mixing psychics, aliens, and murder mysteries. Kerr has built a universe which deliberately 'others' Caucasians, which succeeds reasonably well.If I had a negative, it would be the use of 'crazies' as one of the obstacles. Oh, and the multiple links to old Earth culture in this far future. There's no reason sports like baseball wouldn't survive interplanetary dispersal, but that in particula [...]

    2. I liked this book a lot. The alien enclave, the artificial intelligence, the registered Psychic Mulligan who cannot play baseball, where he was a star and Bobby Lacey, the ex fleet officer who knows everything that is happening in Polar city.Its just a fun fun read, which is probably why every 5-7 years I crack it open and read it again.

    3. A murder mystery, set in the future. I read this in high school, and really liked it. In fact, I had the feeling that it was part of a series, or maybe I just hoped it was, but never could find any more. I loved the pairing of the psychic and the cop (a novel idea at the time), I really just enjoyed all the characters, normal, telepathic, and alien.

    4. As usual with Katharine Kerrs books, I liked her characters the most. She has a way of creating unique characters that I get attached to very easily. I loved their dynamics. The friendship between Nunks and Mulligan was heartwarming, and I loved Buddy's attitude towards Mulligan, and his devotion towards Lacey. I liked how the relationship between Lacey and Mulligan evolved during the story. They were super cute together.The story was engaging. It had a great flow, and really kept me wanting to [...]

    5. Jeff found this at the Library sale of books, it was a good find! I have really enjoyed it! It is an old fashioned science fiction story with several different alien species (but the action is focused on the humans) with an alien landscape (off earth colony) political intrigue (several species living together on the planet) cops and underground power brokers or operatives" who know the city better than anyone, Artificial Intelligence that becomes more and more aware, a space chase to save yet an [...]

    6. More like 3 1/2 stars than 4. It's a solid police procedural in a science fiction setting. Kerr writes believable dialogue and can develop characters. She knows how to move a plot along. The science fiction interest is primarily from a planet that has almost no water and the way the population adapts. She throws in two alien civilizations that are hostile to each other and who both would like to take over the human occupied region. The planet where the story takes place is occupied by 2 species, [...]

    7. A really good sci-fi. Shows that the best books are about normal people in abnormal circumstances. The characters are really three dimensional and I like the crime/agent novel plot. The "universe" Kerr have built in this story is very credible and have some things that other sci-fi writers often forget or avoid, like social tension, racism, poverty and misery. She even manged to make the alien species credible, a thing many sci-fi writers fail to do.

    8. Polar City Blues is a very competent crime thriller, and the alien angle in it works very well. The second book is not of the same caliber, but well worth reading if you like the first bookokssboch/?p=882

    9. Enjoyable read once you get past the annoying "ghetto speak" and random multiple viewpoints of mostly irrelevant characters in the beginning. Improves once things settle down and the viewpoint switches between the main protagonists police chief Al and Lacey The AI's stole the show though!

    10. En helt schysst sf-bok. Kerrs första i genren, men det syns tydligt att det inte är hennes första bok. Starka karaktärer och fängslande handling. Ingen stark hit på något sätt, men allmänt läsvärd och intressant. En bra sommarbok helt enkelt.

    11. Combines science fiction and baseball and deals with a bit of a twist: a strong female character and a male character who doesn't appear as strong, but is someone worth caring about.

    12. 'Polar City Blues' was a good Si Fi read. The romance angle was rather clumsy, and the on world language at times a bit tedious. On the whole an enjoyable read.

    13. Despite the inital awkwardness of the present tense narrative and dialect, it was an amazing story, one of the best I've ever read. Another winner for Ms. Kerr.

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