Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick

Selected Stories of Philip K Dick Philip K Dick was a master of science fiction but he was also a writer whose work transcended genre to examine the nature of reality and what it means to be human A writer of great complexity and sub

  • Title: Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick
  • Author: Philip K. Dick
  • ISBN: 9780375421518
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Philip K Dick was a master of science fiction, but he was also a writer whose work transcended genre to examine the nature of reality and what it means to be human A writer of great complexity and subtle humor, his work belongs on the shelf of great twentieth century literature, next to Kafka and Vonnegut Collected here are twenty one of Dick s most dazzling and resonanPhilip K Dick was a master of science fiction, but he was also a writer whose work transcended genre to examine the nature of reality and what it means to be human A writer of great complexity and subtle humor, his work belongs on the shelf of great twentieth century literature, next to Kafka and Vonnegut Collected here are twenty one of Dick s most dazzling and resonant stories, which span his entire career and show a world class writer working at the peak of his powers.In The Days of Perky Pat, people spend their time playing with dolls who manage to live an idyllic life no longer available to the Earth s real inhabitants Adjustment Team looks at the fate of a man who by mistake has stepped out of his own time In Autofac, one community must battle benign machines to take back control of their lives And in I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon, we follow the story of one man whose very reality may be nothing than a nightmare The collection also includes such classic stories as The Minority Report, the basis for the Steven Spielberg movie, and We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, the basis for the film Total Recall Selected Stories of Philip K Dick is a magnificent distillation of one of American literature s most searching imaginations Introduction by Jonathan Lethem1 Beyond Lies the Wub 2 Roog 3 Paycheck , 4 Second Variety , 5 Imposter 6 The King of the Elves , 7 Adjustment Team , 8 Foster, You re Dead 9 Upon the Dull Earth 10 Autofac 11 The Minority Report , 12 The Days of Perky Pat 13 Precious Artifact14 A Game of Unchance15 We Can Remember It for You Wholesale , 16 Faith of Our Fathers 17 The Electric Ant 18 A Little Something for Us Tempunauts 19 The Exit Door Leads In 20 Rautavaara s Case 21 I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon

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    1. Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick: 21 stories spanning 3 decadesOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureI’ve been reading a lot of Philip K. Dick the last two years: 10 novels, 7 audiobooks, and now three short story collections. The more I read, the more I’m drawn to his hard-luck life story and strange religious experiences in the 1970s. In particular, his VALIS trilogy was probably the strangest SF exploration of suffering and salvation I’ve ever read. The only books left to read are tw [...]

    2. I've read a lot of PK Dick and I truly love, love, love! his work. I also must admit that he is a pretty crappy writer. If you are looking for beautifully crafted sentences with a sensual or startling command of words, then, sorry man, time to move on. If you are looking for some seriously wacked out ideas, plots, characters, situations here you will find the truly uncomfortable. If you are going to read only one Dick this short story compilation is the one. Philip K Dick's writing works best in [...]

    3. This book is a fairly comprehensive collection of PKD stories, included are:Beyond Lies the Wub: The story of the "wub" a pig like alien native to mars. This story has strong vegetarian themes. Roog: A story about what your dog is really barking at in the wee hours of the morning.Paycheck: The story of a man who has his mind erased after a contract job, and instead of the paycheck he originally thought he was getting he only has a bag of tchotchkies. The basis for the Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman [...]

    4. A delightful way to spend American colonial Independence Day: reading the paranoiac fantasies spawned by the pressures of conformity, consumerism, and irrational reality.

    5. 2,5 ster - Letterlijk elk verhaal in deze bundel: "I had this idea for a story. There's a Competent Protagonist and his Charming yet Irrelevant [Wife / Girlfriend / Secretary]. Our everyman hero is exposed to or discovers some strange situation likely involving time travel or aliens or technology beyond his ability to comprehend. Then the situation is resolved, perhaps with a twist ending."Het was 30 jaar geleden vast briljant, maar nu is het irritant en voorspelbaar. Also, ik snap dat de koude [...]

    6. Philip K Dick is the Kafka of scifi - or maybe just the Kafka of America - endlessly paranoid and inventive. It's dangerous to read too many of his stories in a row; they start to run together. But then, so does Borges. My favorite right now is the last story in this collection, "I Hope I Shall Arrive Shortly."

    7. The new Matt Damon hyperkinetic action movie The Adjustment Bureau is based on the PDK short story The Adjustment Team, in this collection. The New York Times review of the movie, “Creepy People With a Plan, and a Couple on the Run” is surprisingly positive. The last word: “As it turns out, romance for grown-ups isn’t dead in Hollywood — it’s just been on extended leave.”I’m pleased that Manohla Dargis, in her review, agrees with my analysis of the appeal of PDK. She just says it [...]

    8. I don't mean to totally knock PKD because his readers can't deny that he had some amazing ideas that were steps ahead of his contemporaries. Likewise I enjoy his excursions into self and time and what both of those truly mean.My complaint with most of these stories is that they tend to turn out like this:PKD: "I had this idea for a story. There's a Competent Protagonist and his Charming yet Irrelevant [Wife / Girlfriend / Secretary]. Our everyman hero is exposed to or discovers some strange situ [...]

    9. My very first read by Philip K. Dick.d I am already onto his other collections :D Anyways moving on to the reviewI started this collection with "Second Variety" and half expected to find something akin to Asimov and his robotsA futuristic diorama unfolding in the imagination, of a world where humans can't live without machines and botsBut in retrospect and to my surprise, Dick's science-fiction does not rely as much on science as it does on the elements of fictionHis stories happen to humansand- [...]

    10. Because there have been so many movies made of his short stories and novels ("Total Recall," "Blade Runner," "Minority Report," "The Adjustment Bureau," etc.), there are undoubtedly many people who, while they are familiar with the works of Philip K. Dick, are not familiar with his name. Dick lived in the Bay Area for much of his life, graduating from Berkeley High School and attending the University of California. Many of his stories take place in the Bay Area, including the novel "Do Androids [...]

    11. ¿Por qué, si este libro es de la época de la Ciencia Ficción donde hay cohetes y robots que funcionan con cintas, se siente menos prehistórico que Neuromancer, que tiene Softwares y Megabytes?Me gustó el hecho de que todos los cuentos del libro tienen cohesión entre sí, a pesar de haber sido escritos en épocas diferentes e incluso para publicaciones distintas. Hay muchos detallitos que insinúan un Universo compartido.Uno de esos detallitos es la colonización de Marte, y qué oso estar [...]

    12. Philip K. Dick has some interesting ideas. Some of them feel extremely dated and paranoid, but I can also see how the content was relevant and even revolutionary at the time of writing. The biggest gripe I have with his style is that the characters are basically useless. They are essentially automatons running through the world that he has created. Each male protagonist is basically the same as the one before, and female characters always play the same roles. There were also some times where I r [...]

    13. It took me a while to go through this first experience with PKD and I'm still overwhelmed by the sheer force of his premonitory imagination. Literature is a mere vessel to his intellectual exercises, at which he excels in insightfulness and novelty, dwelling very deep into the science fiction territory and daring to go far in the fields of transhumanism, transcendence and future studies. If he was a religion, I'd definitely be on the brink of conversion right now.

    14. Adoro i trip mentali. La mia prima "partenza",  da piccola leggendo "La Bella Addormentata nel Bosco". Dormire cent'anni e poi risvegliarsi. E se stessi dormendo pure io da anni? E se quella che penso essere la realtà fosse un sogno e il sogno la mia realtà? Capirete che quando ho scoperto Dick, non ho potuto fare a meno di rimanere incantata da questo autore. Ora, questa raccolta di 21 racconti è qualcosa di stupefacente (passatemi il termine) ed è oggettivamente impossibile che non possa [...]

    15. It was fun. After reading We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, I think Total Recall did it better, though the story was better than Ghost In The Shell which touches on the same subjects.Minority Report had some elements that really should have made it to the film.

    16. Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick (2002)He fearlessly pushes frontiers of searching imagination. His idiosyncratic, neurological, encephalic and philosophical thinking prods his audience to 'step-out' of our own bubbles and review what we assume is our correct understand of ourselves, our world and spirituality. Phenomenal author. *****“Introduction, by Jonathan Lethem”“Dick weilded a sardonic yet heartbroken acuity about the plight of being alive in the twentieth centry, one that makes h [...]

    17. This was one of my rare forays into dystopian and Science Fiction stories, and my first exposure with Philip K. Dick's work. Some stories are peppered with paranoia, hopelessness, of men in the future with the same domestic problems and fears that seemed more in common with Richard Yates and John Cheever of the 1950s and 1960s, replete with references to Cold War paranoia. Stories like Paycheck and We Can Remember it for you Wholesale and The Minority Report are all masters in the craft of ficti [...]

    18. A very interesting reading. It was especially enlightening to see how film adaptations actually worked, how little was kept of the original plot. I must agree that I tend to prefer these short stories to the novels, but that doesn't mean I don't absolutely love most of his novels. Short stories are more intense and to the point.Giving a rating story per story, I'd say:"Beyond Lies the Wub" ****"Roog" *****"Paycheck" *** (a rare instance where I liked the movie better somewhat)"Second Variety" ** [...]

    19. Having never read a word of Philip K. Dick's (but having seen plenty movies based on his stories and novels) I thought it was time to dive in. Having done so, I have to conclude that Philip K. Dick, like many classic sci-fi authors, is best read when one is 13 years old or younger.Most of the stories in this collection were just silly. Even "The Adjustment Team" (which gave us "The Adjustment Bureau") and "We'll Remember it for You Wholesale" (which gave us "Total Recall") are only slightly inte [...]

    20. The good stories in this collection for me were "Paycheck", "Second Variety", "Adjustment Team", "Upon the Dull Earth", "The Minority Report", "Precious Artifact", and "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale".The amazing stories in this collection for me were "Faith of Our Fathers", "The Electric Ant", "A Little Something for Us Tempunauts", "The Exit Door Leads In", "Rautavaara's Case", and "I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon."That's 7 good stories, and 6 amazing stories out of a total of 21 stories. The [...]

    21. After finding out (way too late, frankly) that Philip K Dick has been making hollywood a crapload of money from beyond the veil, I finally picked up some of his work. I started with The Man in the High Castle, and since it was pretty damn good, I picked up this collection of short stories from the library.While it was cool to read the source work for such films as The Adjustment Bureau & Minority Report, it doesn't take long to figure out the man was a bit schizophrenic and had some mental h [...]

    22. The early ones were a bit too workmanlike--and later they all tended to sound the same (due to his obsession with his one theme). Like "I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon"--which is just A Maze Of Death. "Exit Door"'s style was funny--although it suffered from Philism--and "Rautavaara" had a funny point to make as well. Maybe the best story of the whole bunch was "Wholesale." "Perky Pat" was from Palmer Eldritch (right?). "King Of the Elves" uncharacteristic. I liked "Foster, You're Dead" (despite the p [...]

    23. I came across this book during one of my daily emailings from Book-Bub. The cost was $1.99 which to my mind is a bargain for any Phillip K. Dick novel. I could not even find this title in . The forward is written by Jonathan Lethem. I tried cross-referencing but to no avail. A fabulous collection. Some of the great stories: Adjustment Bureau, Minority Report, Electric Ant and others. Phillip Dick is one of the great sci-fi writers. Fantastic descriptions of a dystopian future, life on and off pl [...]

    24. I don't write often to review but I just have to throw in how much fun this compilation was to read. Dick is really from the older list of masters and the quality of his work is immediate. Simple, no waste and full to the brim with ideas that resonate even today. Explains much of the success in transition to film. The real shame is that he couldn't reap the rewards for his work. Regardless the talent is on view in this edition and my only complaint is that none of the material is dated. One can [...]

    25. Some stories are entertaining actions thrillers, others are philosophical meditations -- either way, Dick's worlds are fleshed out and his conclusions pack a punch. I will say that the protagonists in these stories often feel a bit interchangeable, but that's my only major issue.Especially recommended: "Paycheck," "Foster, You're Dead," "The Days of Perky Pat," "Faith of Our Fathers," and "A Little Something for Us Tempunauts."

    26. A bit hit and miss, as always with Dick' writing. But at 20 pages or so apiece, you're on to the next story quickly. Interesting to see the originals of some film adaptations. "Minority Report" actually resembles the film quite a bit, but the film Total Recall used only the main concept of "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale."

    27. Despite the fact that several good movies have been made from his stories, I started off early in this book thinking, this guy is really overrated. But by the time I had finished these twenty-one stories, I had reversed myself. Some of these stories, while simple on the surface, contain incredibly complex ideas. My favorite is "I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon" which is stunningly creepy.

    28. A great collection of science fiction short stories. They are full of paranoia and questions about human meaning and existence, which are trademarks of Philip K. Dick's work. There are a few fantasy stories in the collection as well, but they are mainly thought provoking and socially critical dystopian and post-apocalyptic stories, which was what I was hoping for.

    29. Some really good short stories here. Plus a wide range of topics. Philip Dick is an excellent short stories writer. None are too strange like some of his novels. Two are the basis for movies which surprised me in a way since they are only barely recognizable as the same themes. Unfortunately none are totally "Wow!".

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