A Young Muslim's Guide to the Modern World

A Young Muslim s Guide to the Modern World This guide was written particularly for young Muslims urging them to become familiar with their religion and to gain an understanding of the modern world from the Islamic point of view in order to r

  • Title: A Young Muslim's Guide to the Modern World
  • Author: Seyyed Hossein Nasr
  • ISBN: 9781567444766
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • This guide was written particularly for young Muslims, urging them to become familiar with their religion and to gain an understanding of the modern world from the Islamic point of view, in order to respond positively to challenges.Nasr presents an exposition of the teachings of Islam, as revealed in the Qur an, explained in the Hadith and Sunna of the Prophet MuhammadThis guide was written particularly for young Muslims, urging them to become familiar with their religion and to gain an understanding of the modern world from the Islamic point of view, in order to respond positively to challenges.Nasr presents an exposition of the teachings of Islam, as revealed in the Qur an, explained in the Hadith and Sunna of the Prophet Muhammad Praise His Name and commented upon by Muslim scholars and thinkers He also outlines the Western religious and intellectual tradition The work goes on to challenge the youth of other religious traditions to become responsible and committed by recognizing the importance of their cultural identity.The author s publications include Ideals and Realities of Islam , Science and Civilisation in Islam , Muhammad Man of Allah and Traditional Islam in the Modern World.

    One thought on “A Young Muslim's Guide to the Modern World”

    1. Bekalan kepada anak muda dalam menempuh kekalutan dan kekecohan dunia moden dalam erti kata kehidupan yang ditentukan oleh program falsafah Barat dan bukannya moden dalam erti kata kemajuan sains dan teknologi yang tipikal.Meskipun, pemikiran Prof Seyyed Hossein Nasr adalah kepada falsafah perenial dan agama trasedental - yang sekaligus mempunyai kesan besar kepada agama khususnya Islam; tetapi pengalaman SHN yang berdialog dengan Barat, boleh memberi manfaat kepada pembaca dengan syarat memilik [...]

    2. فکرمی‌کنم حدودای سوم دبیرستان بودم که پدرم این کتاب را به من معرفی کردند. جالب است چون فکر کنم تنها باری است که پدرم کتابی به من معرفی کرده باشند که بخوان! آن موقع که خیلی از این کتاب خوشم آمد. به طوری که سید حسین نصر برای همیشه در ذهنم ماند.متاسفانه توان فکری اینکه کتاب‌های جدی [...]

    3. A Young muslim's guide to the modern world adalah karya cendekiawan dn juga faylasuf muslim prof sayyed hossein nasr. Buku ini bagi aku ibarat versi miniatur bg buku beliau yg satu lg islam in the modern world. Prof nasr masih meneruskan gaya penulisan beliau yg encyclopaedic itu. Pun begitu, ibarat itu pn tidak tepat kerana terdapat byk lg input2 tambahan yg membezakn ia dgn buku beliau yg disebutkn itu tadi.Antara sebabnya aku fikir, adalah buku ini ditulis dgn bermatlamatkn sbg suatu risalah [...]

    4. Given the title, I expected perhaps Mr. Nasr to provide arguments or learned perspectives for the young Muslim to utilize in his interactions with the non-Islamic, Modern West, which could be equally useful for the Western non-Muslim in understanding an educated Muslim perspective. Instead what is given is polemic. The first half of the book is both interesting and enlightening, but Part II quickly devolves into a laundry list of things he's not terrible fond of. Some of his criticisms of the We [...]

    5. Aku beli buku ini sebab aku tertarik dengan tajuknya. Buku ini ada 2 bahagian. Bahagian pertama menceritakan secara surface tentang Islam seperti tentang tauhid, kenabian, Islam-Iman-Ihsan, al quran dan hadis etc. Dalam bahagian ini juga ada diceritakan tentang islamic science, falsafah, kesusateraan dan seni.Dalam bahagian 2 pula berkenaan dengan dunia moden. Antara isinya tentang agama di barat, falsafah barat (diceritakan tentang tokohnya secara sepintas lalu seperti Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, [...]

    6. Batı ile Dogu arasındaki felsefi,sanat,politik,vb konularda karşılaştırma yapılmış güzel bir kitap.Genelde çok kapsamlı konular olduğu için özetlenerek 300 sayfalık bir kitapta toplamış"Bütün Ademoğulları tek bir bedenin azları gibidir,Çünkü onlar tek bir cevherden yaratılmıştır.Bu bedenin bir azası acı çekerse,Diğer bütün azalar da sırf bu yüzden acı çekerler."Sunni olsun,Şii olsun tüm müslümanlarca kabul edilen tek bir metin vardır""İnsanları Alla [...]

    7. دکتر نصر پاسخ به معارضه هارادردرجه اول منوط به شناخت دقیق تمدن غرب وبنیانهای فکری وسیر تغییرات و تطورات آن می کندودر نهایت حفظ برداشت سنتی ازاسلام رادر دنیای جدید، ممکن وحتی لازم می شمارد.به نظر دکتر نصردردوران موسوم به پست مدرنیسم که بنیانهای تجددتوسط مکاتب شالوده شکنی وپس [...]

    8. I recommend this for either young Muslims who are Muslim by name, but haven't been raised and educated in the reality of Islam, or for young Muslims who have only been surrounded by Muslim communities and have little to no concept of the Western culture. It's a book for those looking to reconcile their faith with their surroundings. However, there's not much new material for those teens already well acquainted with Islamic concepts and the greater society around us.

    9. What is great about this guide, is that it doesn't get involved in the dos and donts as much as it tries to encapsulate the whole of Islamic revelation, thought, history One is beautifully reminded of the achievements of the Umma in the light of the revelation. The book has three major parts, the first concernz the concise minimum knowledge that a young Muslim should presumably apprehend jurisprudence schools madhahib, or kalam schools achaarites, muatazilites The second is dedicated to an bject [...]

    10. I really adored this book. I felt this was a great starting point for highlighting the gaps in my knowledge about Islamic and Western intellectual traditions. By its broad strokes overview, I was given a foundation in which to approach what I am missing and for further reading. Despite its lightning quick tour approach, I learned so much from it. The most important part was its contribution to me understanding philosophy and the importance of philosophy as well as everyday philosophical terms we [...]

    11. A useful, if at times repetitive, book. Part I addressed the message of Islam and Part II the nature of modernism. Part II I found particularly helpful as a quick guide with some insights, and some of the issues he mentions I will have to research further. Unfortunately, Part III, A Muslim's Response, of the most relevance to me, is around 7 pages and basically "Look into your own intellectual tradition". In a book dealing with a mindset which relativizes worldviews (perhaps hypocritically), I w [...]

    12. This particular book is neither a 4 star nor a 5 star-rating, but rather in-between, let's say a 4.5-stars.This book presents an overview and takes a thematic look at various aspects of traditional Islamic culture and the Modern West. The book needs to be further refined in light of recent changes and thus retaining it's utility. This book is recommended for most lay-persons, as it gives a good overview, raises many questions and possibly highlight gaps in ones knowledge - this is not meant to b [...]

    13. Well, among all the arts of Islam, the art of chanting of the Noble Quran is the most important and central. So to be clear, I think the Quran has come to be considered as the Divine Words, Hence it had a great impact and influence over the Arabic language itself. the Quran revelation had made Arabic the appropriate vehicle for this mission. Furthermore, on can ask, Didn't the Arabs write any piece of literature before the Islamic Era? No, According to Taha Hussien, (Al Amid) "The Major or the g [...]

    14. I was approached to teach a private class to a young college student, whose wish to deepen her understanding of Islam, I found most admirable and was instrumental in leading me to agreeing to study this book with her.We had our third session today and I introduced this book to her. Her mother, a personal friend, enjoyed the lesson too :) Al-hamdu li'Llah."In a sense,Islam is the religion which came to bring nothing new but to reassert the truth of tawhid which always was." ~SHN~

    15. در تمام کتاب دکتر نصر دعوای مشهود بین ادیان و انسانها را با ارایه مصادیق بررسی کرده اند. همین دعوای اینکه آیا باید تابع اراده خدا باشیم و یا مثل بشر متجدد فریاد "انا رجلا" در برابر آموزه های وحیانی سربدهیم.و مسلما دکتر نصر شما را اولی فرا میخواند.

    16. For those of us who are unfamiliar with Islam, a good introduction to at least one writer's thought on the role of Islam in Western culture.

    17. اين كتاب توسط مرتضي اسعديان به فارسي ترجمه شده است. براي اطلاعات بيشتر به لينك زير مراجعه كنيد:adinebook/gp/product/9

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