Sammy Keyes and the Art of Deception

Sammy Keyes and the Art of Deception Sammy Keyes has a lot of nerve Wearing high tops to a fancy reception at an art gallery Asking why a framed orange splot is worth Eyebrows rise Noses turn up But then Sammy tackles a thief who

  • Title: Sammy Keyes and the Art of Deception
  • Author: Wendelin Van Draanen
  • ISBN: 9780375811760
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sammy Keyes has a lot of nerve Wearing high tops to a fancy reception at an art gallery Asking why a framed orange splot is worth 10,000 Eyebrows rise Noses turn up.But then Sammy tackles a thief who tries to break up the soiree with a stickup Now the patrons of the arts are glad she has a lot of nerve Or are they Sammy may have stopped a criminal, but the real criSammy Keyes has a lot of nerve Wearing high tops to a fancy reception at an art gallery Asking why a framed orange splot is worth 10,000 Eyebrows rise Noses turn up.But then Sammy tackles a thief who tries to break up the soiree with a stickup Now the patrons of the arts are glad she has a lot of nerve Or are they Sammy may have stopped a criminal, but the real crime has yet to be discovered The real crime is subtle, artful, than anything Sammy s ever seen She had no idea art could be so dangerous This edition also includes a free cd including an interview with Wendelin, a reading from Sammy Keyes and the Search for Snake Eyes, and The Sammy Keyes Song.

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    1. I really liked the book Sammy Keyes because the book is a mystery and it is one of my favorite genres. The main event is where a character tries to steal paintings from a painter that was at an art gallery, but Sammy tackled him and the character's shoe kicked Sammy in his mouth and Sammy couldn't talk straight. I thought it was weird when Sammy's friend Marisa stood strangely looking at Sammy like something happened that was bad. I thought about the art assignment that they had to do and it mad [...]

    2. Sammy and her grandmother go with their friend Hudson to an art gallery for a Sammy's school project. Sammy dislikes two of the artists' work but she is captivated by the third artist's work. Then a burglar attempts a heist of the artwork and Sammy stops him. This sets Sammy and her grandma on a quest to determine whether one of the artists staged the robbery and leads Sammy to examine what true art is. Fun book for middle grade readers.


    4. So far this book is OK. It is not my favorite. It's kind of hard to relate to it. But if you like art and mystery you might like it. 11/13/10I am on page 234 of Sammy Keyes and the Art of Deception and I am beginning to enjoy reading this book a lot more. The main problem in the book is that when the main character, Sammy goes to an art gallery, a mysterious man tries to steal some paintings from Diane Reijden's display. Sammy is now on a quest to find out who this man is and more importantly di [...]

    5. I really like the Sammy Keyes books. They are fun reading, and Sammy always is able to solve the mystery before anyone else, even though she's only 12 years old.Sammy doesn't know who her dad is and her mom decided she wanted to be a famous actress and abandoned Sammy. Sammy lives with her grandma in a high rise, senior citizens' apartment where they don't allow children. So she has to sneak up to the apartment by the fire escape, sleep on the couch, and hide in the closet when anyone comes to t [...]

    6. I've been meaning to pick up one of these books forever (those be some catchy covers), but never really got to it. Sammy Keyes is a rather appealing snazzy-speaking tween protagonist: skateboarding, making box-mac-and-cheese-and-salsa, and of course, being a nosy mystery-uncover-er. It's all in the mold of some noir mystery but modern with relatable struggles for Sammy (incomprehensibleness of teachers, absentee mom, secretly living with grandma to not violate senior-living-only arrangement, fir [...]

    7. Sammy keys and the art of deception is about a girl named Sammy. She is 12 years old. The setting takes place usually at the mall and at Sammy's friends house. And sometimes at tge art ceremony.The problem Sammy faced was that she went to an art ceremony so she could learn more about art, for her art homework. So Sammy goes with her friend Hudson. People at the ceremony already had a bad Idea about Sammy because she was dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. When everybody else was dressed up in dre [...]

    8. Miss. Kuskowski, Sammy's art teacher, assigns an assignment for the class to research an artist and explain why or why not they like the artist's work. Sammy tells her friend Hudson about the project and Hudson decides to take Sammy and Sammy's grandmother to an art gallery to help Sammy with her assignment. At the art gallery one artist amazes Sammy with her work. After looking at the paintings, she wanted to look at them again and again. Sammy looked deep in the paintings. They just made her h [...]

    9. This book was really cool one mystery after another. I really cant beleive that Sammys grandma actually considers wearing blue jeans and high tops like Sammy! I thought the artist that painted the paintings that Sammy was so touched and moved by was good but too bad she wasnt. Oops! I let something very important slip. Oh my god there goes my big mouth again! So I really hope you read this book unless you already read it of course. But there was something in this book that told me that i had to [...]

    10. Sammy's grandma have had a part in every book so far, but this is the first time that she gets a spot center stage. And how it works out? It's quite fun actually, seeing her act the way Sammy often does - not acting her age that is. Well, you know what they say The apple doesn't fall far from the apple tree. And the old lady turns out to be a regular pip. Just you wait and see.It is also nice to encounter, not just the same ol' budding puppy love thing, but a sample of the more mature silverback [...]

    11. One of my favorite Sammy's yet. A lot of humor in this one; humor and tangled romance, but I don't want to give anything away. I wouldn't want to start the series here, but I'm sure glad I've read through this far! Although these aren't "Great Literature," they sure are fun reading. Looking forward to get to the next one. You'd think that with this many books in a series, they would become hopelessly redundant and repetitive, but somehow there are enough fresh twists and turns in each one to kee [...]

    12. This is my second Sammy Keyes mystery. I love them and want to read all. We only have 2 in the series as my kids never got into them (which I can't figure out), so I took out 3 from the library last night. Anyho, about this book, well done once again. I would give it a 3-1/2 stars if I could. I figured out who done it, which is always a thrill, even if it's considered a middle school age read, heehee.

    13. The budding art scene of Santa wherever is the main scene and diversionary topic in this one. It's unrealistic how much Sammy eventually learns about art, but as a semi-art appreciator, I enjoyed those segments as well as the Renaissance Faire. This was back to semi-serious and less dangerous deceptions for Sammy to solve, along with enjoyable ruminations about relationships for both her, and Grams and Hudson.

    14. I didn't finish the book on CD because it was due back at the library. Even after renewing three times I didn't get through it. I don't know if it was the narrator's voice that caused me to dislike the book, or if I just didn't like it. If you listen to audio books, you know sometimes the narrator can make or break it. I may read another Sammy Keyes, or finish this one on my own. I want to be able to fairly recommend, or not, this to my elementary students.

    15. Finally! After a couple books I could have done without, this picks back up at the level of goodness where the series left off in book #4 I believe. I couldn't figure it out until the very end when Sammy did! We're getting to know Grams a lot better now too. Fun character development. The emotions and relationships are so real. They tug.

    16. Another absolute winner in the Sammy Keyes series! The wonderful mix of humor, mystery, and life as a middle schooler (told through the brilliant writing style of Wendelin Van Draanen) continues here. This book offers some great reveals about Sammy's Grams' past, as well as her budding relationship with Hudson Graham.

    17. Sammy visits an art gallery exhibition opening hoping to do an artist interview for her art class but a burglary interrupts the event and Sammy finds herself caught up in the mystery of whodunnit, what kind of people the artists Diane and Tess are, and what's so compelling about Diane's painting "Whispers."

    18. A Sammy Keyes mystery is always enjoyable. Quick, intelligent, and intriguing. I am always impressed with the author's adept use of first-person narrative. Sammy's voice always rings authentic and current. An excellent mystery that isn't too full of teenage drama and holds none of the grisliness of adult mysteries, but is still fun and sophisticated.

    19. My godI love this book! I have always wondered how Sammy would react in the world of ArtI ADORED this so much, this and the Hollywood Mummy are my absolute favorites. You want a fun read? Please pick up this book!

    20. 4.7 Woah, this was great! It was a little slower than the other books, but I still loved the relationships between Sammy and Casey and Grams and Hudson. Really good ending, and I just really want to get more in the next 12 books!!!

    21. 4.5 stars. I had to keep forcing myself to put this book down so I wouldn't finish it in one sitting. Loved the continuing evolution of Sammy's relationship with Grams.(view spoiler)[Last line:And when she does, believe me, I'm going to tag along. (hide spoiler)]

    22. As a girl out of high school I went to school majoring in Art. I quickly realized there is not much money in that career. Grandma wants to educate and expand Samantha's views. Sammy questions, just as I did, what is art?

    23. This one is more of the light-hearted mystery I am used to with Sammy. And, again it found it very enjoyable. As I alluded to in my previous review (Sammy Keys and the Search for Snake Eyes) I read the Sammy Keyes books over and over again. This one too.

    24. I LOVE Wendelin Van Draanen. She is such a good writer for young adults/kidsm, and even though this book is below my reading level, it's a fun and easy read. Sammy is very funny and the mysteries are awesome!

    25. One of my favorite Sammy Keyes books so far - probably because Sammy is working with Grandma on this one and doesn't have to hide things. Reading from the perspective of a parent, I like the honesty.

    26. Interesting subject matter. And I thought the plot was really nicely woven, as far as things in Sammy's life being able to help her solve the mystery. And it was nice to see more of Grams in this one. One of the better Sammy Keyes books, I think.

    27. Just re-read -- Sammy was a delight when I was her age, and is even more of a delight now. This one is poignant without being maudlin or over-the-top, and watching Sammy grow inch-by-inch is a sheer joy.

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