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  1. این رمان را بین سال‌های 1380 تا 1382 ترجمه کردم، اما تاکنون به دلایلی به چاپ نرسیده است. از این رو تصمیم گرفتم آن را با همان تعدیلاتی که در وزارت ارشاد ثبت شده در فضای مجازی منتشر کنم. نسخه‌ی پی‌دی‌اف و لینک آنلاین هر دو مهیاست. archive/details/Tullyscribd/document/34448

  2. I never thought I would hate a novel by Paullina Simons, but here it is. This overly long first novel deals with the life a young woman named Tully Makker. She comes from a horribly abusive family and her background, as well as tragic loss, sets the stage for the poor life choices she makes throughout the novel.The plot moves at a turtle's pace taking us through Tully's devastating teen years where her mother's attentions range from nonexistant to severe beatings. Tully dances at frat parties an [...]

  3. One of my favourite books ever. I cried buckets when i read this the first time! You will learn to love & hate the character of Tully as she both endears and frustrates you. Fantastic reading

  4. I read this book many years ago, in my late teens and loved it. Although I no longer remember the details, I do remember the book being long, and it taking over my life for quite a few days, as I was so taken in by the story it told. I also remember it making me cry and my heart aching. I'm not sure whether I would appreciate it in the same way today, now I'm older and wiser, but Tully is definitely a title that has stayed with me over the years, and each time I see the front cover it fills me w [...]

  5. I’m not really sure how to rate this book. Reading it involved a lot of eye rolling and cursing out loud every other page. I think my loathing was more for the characters than for any faulty writing or for the book itself. I have never read about a character that I loathed more than Tully, which I suppose is better than being completely indifferent. I couldn’t relate to anyone in this story, which is a good thing considering they were all seemingly masochistic people who, for whatever reason [...]

  6. Powerful and engaging, Tully is a story of not just friendship, but also teenage nostalgia and looking toward the future.

  7. Tully, Paullina Simonsعنوان: تالی؛ نویسنده: پولینا سایمونز؛ مترجم: زهرا محمدی؛ تهران، فرهنگ تارا، 1383؛ در 515 ص؛ شابک: 9649461019؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان امریکایی قرن 20 منسخه ای نیافتم

  8. 4,5/5 He terminado "El sueño imposible" con el corazón en un puño, pero el camino hasta llegar a ese final no ha sido fácil, quizá porque entender a Tully tampoco ha sido tarea sencilla. Creo que no he llegado a hacerlo del todo, por mucho empeño que he puesto. Tully, Jennifer, Julie, Robin, Jack y Shakie me han dejado poso. He cerrado el libro con cierto desazón porque ya no voy a saber qué va a ser de ellos, si finalmente cumplirán aquellos sueños, si finalmente serán felices. Paull [...]

  9. One of the most intense books I have ever read. Tully is about a group of high school friends that are each individually shattered by a specific tragedy that befalls one of them. And this book shows how this tragedy shapes their lives, pushes them apart, and eventually brings them back together. It follows a small group over the course of a decade and shows how people either learn to cope with grief and loss or they let it destroy them. Tully is the main character and she was horridly abused and [...]

  10. I struggled to give "Tully" three stars. This book started out really intriguing - the first third of the book I thouroughly enjoyed. As I started to get into the middle of the book, I realised that it would have greatly benefited from proper editing. It is obvious that 'Tully' is Paulina Simon's first book, and at times it seems she has something to prove. This book was far, far too long. It repeated itself so much and drew out unecessary sub-plots with too much description. Halfway through the [...]

  11. Tully Makker is a survivor. She survives her father's abandonment at the age of 7. She survives her uncle's "attentions" at the age of 12. She survives her mother's abusive hands throughout her childhood and adolescence. Her best friend's betrayal in her senior year of high school is the hardest for Tully to survive. She survives.but not without scarsars on her wrists, scars that haunt her in her sleep, scars upon her heart. There are those who try to help Tully throughout her life. There's Robi [...]

  12. Another amazing book by Paullina Simons! Would have given it five stars if I didn't have to yell at the main character so many times for being a indecisive whore. That being said, I still loved it =)

  13. There aren't enough words to describe this book. This story is not for everybody, the idealist or the faint at heart should perhaps stay away. This world isn't one happy place and those that like to pretend it is, will be offended by Tully. I felt this book to the very core. Paullina has done it for me again and Tully will go on my shelf of books I have immense respect for. I haven't picked myself off the floor yet but my heart is weirdly at peace. I would gladly go thru this roller coaster over [...]

  14. I finished the book at 3 o'clock in the morning and I'm still not sure how to feel about it. It's not one that I want to read again and if I had read this one before "The Bronze Horseman" I'm not sure I would've picked up another one of her books.Throughout the whole thing, I really wasn't sure how I felt about Tully and the relationships she had with people. Her relationship with Jack was all based, I felt, on the fact that he had once been with Jennifer; she just transferred her feelings for J [...]

  15. Oh my god the shittiest book I have ever read. No kidding it took me over a year to read this as I just kept getting sick of Tully and her miserable existance.

  16. I'm more than overwhelmed, I'm partially broken.I think it would be helpful to get a mental image of what my poor husband had to deal with while I was reading this book crying my eyes out on the couch waking him up in the middle of the night making sure he was happy in our marriage. (By which I mean, I woke him upen asked him if he was happy"I was happy when I was asleepsn I go back to sleep now")?It's lucky that my poor hubby is very aware of how baseline crazy I am that he doesn't suspect I'm [...]

  17. I started out this book with apprehension oh great another coming of age story about a mistreated teenagerHowever, I really liked the character Tully, and the story was original and entertaining. The author paints a very vivid picture (warning some very "naughty" scenes) and you very easily are taken back to the 80's. I would not consider this book a real "page turner," as I had no problem putting it down, but it was compelling enough to keep picking it up and wanting to know what was going to h [...]

  18. I am sorry to say that I really didn’t enjoy this book – every page making me want to give up entirely on the story. I don’t think I’ve ever rolled my eyes or scoffed in disgust so much in any book before.The story follows Tully Makker, a wild young woman, as she navigates a life filled with tragedy and hardship. The painfully drawn out plot takes readers through Tully’s teen years, where she throws herself into a life of parties, sex and alcohol in the hopes of avoiding her abusive mo [...]

  19. I very much enjoyed this book because it wasn't written to please readers in the hopes of them getting the character to do what they wanted them to do. People tend to love fairytales and the idea that life goes smoothly, but this book I felt portrayed the realities of many life circumstances and decisions. It centered around a very broken and selfish woman who made poor choices and good ones. I both loved and loathed Tully Makker at the same time. The fact that she was so selfish and played arou [...]

  20. Oh, how I loved Tully. I loved the rhythm of this book. My heart will forever leak from the anguish, the fight, and all the hurt it put me through. I've never experienced angst at this level before. It isn't over for me. I could never get over this book. I'm still holding on to it. Always will.

  21. “El sueño imposible” es el primer libro de la autora y creo que empezó con muy buen pie. Pero antes de éste, leí “El jinete de bronce”, al que yo consideré un duro contrincante para poner nota. Sin embargo, los hechos hablan por sí solos y no puedo encontrar comparación alguna entre ambas obras.Tully no es una protagonista normal, no es la heroína del libro, sino la “antiheroína”; no es amable, ni tierna ni inocente, no es nada de aquello que caracteriza a las mujeres de otr [...]

  22. Beşyüz sayfa boyunca ne okuduğumu ifade edecek kadar mutlu değilim aslında. Sahaftan uğraşlar sonucu bu baskısı tükenmiş kitabı edinmeye gerek olmadığını bilin yeter.Fazlasıyla tekdüze, über gereksiz duygu karmaşalarına hakim, nedenler ve sonuçların havada kaldığı, tek bir ana karakter üzerinden anlatılan olay örgüsünün de buhrana sebep olacak kadar boğucu olması, kitaba hayran bırakıyor. Aklım bu kaosun onda birini dahi kabul edemezken kitabı sevmem sanır [...]

  23. This was Paulina Simons debut novel and I adored it ! It was a roller coaster of a read , filled with sorrow, laughter , love and disdain for the characters. I tried a few other books by this author but was disappointed as they just didn't have the same raw emotion as Tully . While not a resent release I would recommend the search to find it .

  24. PS introduces us to Tully, someone who has you experiencing lots of mixed emotions. She is a dark character with many secrets and a past that she wants to move on from, but a loveless childhood filled with anguish, abandonment and abuse is difficult to deal with. Tully makes certain choices through her life which leaves you feeling frustrated, sympathetic and emotional throughout the book.She meets Jennifer and Julie who become her closest friends and help to fill the void and provide an escape [...]

  25. Tully Makker is a tough young woman from the wrong side of the tracks and she is not always easy to like. But if Tully gives friendship and loyalty, she gives them for good, and she forms an enduring bond with Jennifer and Julie, schoolfriends from very different backgrounds. As they grow into the world of the seventies and eighties , the lives of the three best friends are changed forever by two young men, Robin and Jack, and a tragedy which engulfs them all. Against the odds, Tully emerges int [...]

  26. Extremely realistic character - she doesn't do the right thing A LOT. Frustrating and you want to keep reading. There is a "foreign" feeling to this book sometimes - I believe the author is Russian (?) and sometimes the American style of teenage isn't quite right. Nevertheless, Tully's actions and feelings are right on for a girl with a lot of problems.

  27. Seriously, I can't get a good book to save my life here. What this book taught me is that I can cheat on my husband numerous times, have a baby by a different man while I am still married to him, and at the end just say, "I'm sorry! I wanted you all along!" and have everything be a-ok. Oh, and I have to somehow be in Kansas.

  28. Tully stayed on my to read list far too long. I felt it was time to read it, being that the author Paullina Simons wrote my favorite books ever - The Bronze Horseman. Tully made me laugh, it made me cry & like no other book has done before, it made me so angry. Pain. Sacrifice. Love. This story was heartbreaking but an amazing read. I'll never forget it.

  29. I’m thankful I read this book slowly. Snails pace really. Because it was hard. So hard. Not in a negative way. But in a “it made my heart hurt” way. My feelings hurt. My eyes hurt. My head even started to hurt. Tully is a lost soul. Her whole life. I can’t relate to that personally, but Paullina made me feel for her. You’d think she a weak person, bending easily with the pushes and pulls. But she’s not. She’s strong, fierce. She’s just lost. Lost to her thought. And her voice. I [...]

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