Astérix en Bretaña

Ast rix en Breta a The Romans have invaded Britain but one village still holds out Asterix and Obelix come to help with a barrel of magic potion in hand But to deliver the precious brew the Gaulish heroes must face f

  • Title: Astérix en Bretaña
  • Author: René Goscinny Albert Uderzo
  • ISBN: 9788421687314
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Romans have invaded Britain, but one village still holds out Asterix and Obelix come to help, with a barrel of magic potion in hand But to deliver the precious brew, the Gaulish heroes must face fog, rain, bad food, warm beer, and the Roman, too.

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    1. Obelix: What do you keep on saying What for?Anticlimax: I say Sir, don’t you know what’s what, what?‘Asterix in Britain’ is one of my definite favorites among the entire Asterix series. Originally titled in French as ‘Astérix chez les Bretons’ the eighth title of the series takes the adventures of Asterix & his mighty friend Obelix to the land of Britons with a heavy dosage of merriment, legionary bashing, a game of rugby and sumptuous feasts with Mint sauce & warm beer. Ah! [...]

    2. Asterix in Britain is one of the good ones, and more fun for me in that we didn't have it when I was a kid. So I'm not able to read it in my sleep yet.Asterix's first cousin once-removed from England (Anticlimax) is part of a tribe of Britons holding out against the Roman invaders (sound familiar?) He sneaks out of the siege and comes to Armorica and the little Gaulish village seeking help. Getafix brews a barrel of magic potion, and Asterix and Obelix accompany Anticlimax on the trip back to hi [...]

    3. This one plays off the stiff-upper-lipped English against the hot-blooded Gauls. Anticlimax is Asterix's cousin "once removed" (a nomenclature which confuses Obelix no end) from England, who is in Gaul to seek Asterix's help for his village, which is still holding out against Caesar. So Obelix and Asterix cross the channel with a barrel of magic potion - but the end is surprisingly different from what one would expect.Throughout the book, English manners, customs, food (boar in mint sauce!) and [...]

    4. Sarjan ehdottomaan parhaimmistoon kuuluvan albumin voisi kai kiteyttää näihin kuviin ja näihin tunnelmiin:- Hyvänen aika! Hämmentävä spektaakkeli. - Se on, eikö olekin.Loppuun vielä pieni anekdootti: Goscinny ja Uderzo saivat tietävästi lukijapalautetta aina kun gallialaiset sankarimme seikkailivat eri puolilla maailmaa; milloin tekijät eivät olleet tavoittaneet jonkin alueen kansanluonnetta oikein, milloin yksityiskohdat eivät olleet kohdallaan tai niin edespäin. Englannista kir [...]

    5. I think I have discovered why England hasn't won a World Cup or Euro Cup in a while. Hot water time and weekends.I loved the Rugby match! GO Obelix!

    6. "Tu sais bien, Obélix, que les Romains sont en Bretagne, pour la plupart." - "Mais ce n'est pas juste ça!"Il est, n'est-il pas? Überhaupt hat Obelix in diesem Band, vielleicht einem der bekanntesten der Reihe, nicht viel zu lachen. Erst muss er Idefix daheim lassen, dann darf er keine Römer verhauen, dann schämt er sich wegen seinem Ausfall durch gallischen Wein, schließlich darf er nicht beim Kalebassenspiel zwischen Camulodunum und Durovernum mitspielen, und dann noch das ganze gekochte [...]

    7. Asterix of Gaul is a famous comic book character, most notable to me because his adventures are available in Latin. His stories are a solace to those students tired of Julius Caesar and Cicero. The story is set during the Roman Empire, so it makes sense to be in Latin.Asterix is resident of a small Gaullish village. The druid priest of the Village, Getafix, brews a potion that grants superhuman strength. Asterix drinks it now and then and beats up on the Romans while having other adventures. His [...]

    8. I read this one at different periods of my life, and it only got better every time (in fact, I think this book's due for a re-read!). As an 8-year old kid I liked it because the characters were engaging, the story was fun, and the art was very colourful. Though admittedly some of the jokes/cultural references were over my head - if I noticed them at all. The last edition I read was actually the German translation Asterix bei den Briten, as I was learning German at the time and reading this book, [...]

    9. “Asterix in Britain” was one of the earliest Asterix books I read, but even though I remember it with fondness, until I re-read it again, I had forgotten all the details except for the “tea” part of the story. The plot is about a sole village holding out against the Roman invaders, except that it is in Britain and without a magic potion. So one of the villagers goes to the Gaulish village to seek help to keep the Romans out. Asterix and Obelix go back with him to Britain carrying a barre [...]

    10. Capolavoro, anche solo per la parodia della lingua e della cultura inglese. E poi, la trovata dell’acqua calda consumata alle cinque… Tutte queste invenzioni, poi, sorrette da una storia coi fiocchi.

    11. A much shorter story than I remember it being, but excellent nevertheless (and the animated film adaptation of it was brilliant too). One just wonders what the jokes and puns are like in other languages as it feels like many of them must get lost in translation. I wonder how much of it was actually by Goscinny, and how much was the invention and initiative of the translators. I probably recognise puns now which completely bypassed me as a child. Great fun - and so accurate in its depiction of th [...]

    12. "Asterix's Greatest Adventure," according to the cover of my edition, and there are times I am inclined to agree, though there are also times at which I am inclined to give the nod to Asterix and Cleopatra or one of the other albums (e.g. Asterix at the Olympic Games, another favourite of mine). However, the humour and plotting of this one are hard to top. Goscinny and Uderzo's satire of the British stiff upper lip is hilarious, and Uderzo's art is at or near the peak of his abilities, featuring [...]

    13. Ancora un po' acerbo il tratto ma la storia rimane un capolavoro, a partire dalla resa così geniale degli stereotipi inglesi: il té, ancora sconosciuto, sostituito da acqua calda con un velo di latte di capra o due zollette di zucchero, il fatto che il continente guidi sul lato sbagliato della strada, l'orrida cucina inglese, i Beatles, la Torre di Londra. Ma anche gli assurdi paragoni fatti dai britannici ("Il mio giardino è più piccolo della vostra Roma ma la mia lancia è più aguzza del [...]

    14. This is the eighth Asterix adventure and this time Asterix is in Britain.At the book's beginning Caesar invades Britain. "All Britain was occupied All? No one village still holds out against the invaders." Sound familiar? Anyway they can't hold out for much longer so Anticlimax, a second cousin, once removed of Asterix, goes in search of the famous magic potion. A barrel is made and Asterix and Obelix escort Anticlimax and the barrel back across Britain with the Romans hot on their trail. Along [...]

    15. Ils sont fous ces romains! ¡Por primera vez tengo la oportunidad de decir que he podido leer uno de los comics de Asterix en francés! Hace años que vengo siguiendo las aventuras de Asterix y Ovelix, pero siempre leyendolas en traducciones al español. "Asterix chez les bretons" es una de mis historias favoritas: tiene humor y acción. Ahora que pude leerlo en su idioma original, me parece muy interesante el recurso lingüistico para hacer que el francés parezca inglés :).

    16. Ever wonder what the British used to drink during break-times and meals before tea was discovered?All the habits and traditions were there, it only needed our Heros to provide the final ingredient for the perfect cuppa.

    17. This is brilliant but you have to read it in French or you'll miss British-isms, like "je dis" or "c'est un morceau de chance."

    18. Una grande avventura di Asterix e Obelix, dove Goscinny s'è certamente divertito con tutti quei calembour e a rendere la parlata dei britannici.

    19. Je devais avoir dans les 12-13 ans lorsque j’ai découvert les aventures d’Astérix le Gaulois, et ce n’était – pour une fois – pas chez nous car mon paternel n’a jamais été pas un fan du petit Gaulois, alors que ma mère et moi, oui.Je les empruntais à mon oncle. Maintenant, je les possède tous (sauf les derniers).Pour commencer en douceur le Mois Anglais, quoi de mieux que votre Astérix national qui s’en va faire un tour chez ses voisins d’en face, dans ce qui se nommait [...]

    20. One thing about Asterix, you can enjoy the books in more than one language. I like the original French version but Asterix & co in Britain adapted into Scots adds an extra dimension- gently teasing our Sassenach neighbours and renewing the "Auld Alliance" - anachronistically of course, since the English hadn't arrived in Britain in Roman times! And the long Franco-Scots league against that country in between was more than 1000 years in the futureIt's all good clean fun all the same, and the [...]

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    22. Het Engels en Engelse stopwoorden worden grappig vertaald. Er wordt gespot met Engelse gebuiken, zoals afternoontea, en met de Engelse keuken, everzwijn in muntsaus.

    23. Li todos da série quando era adolescente e, apesar de saber francês, só curto a tradução em português, que é um esplendor.

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