Whatever Happened To Baby Jane

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane Book jacket Baby Jane a child star of early vaudeville resented having to grow up in the shadow of her prettier sister Blanche Hudson who became Hollywood s reigning love goddess Now some fifty ye

  • Title: Whatever Happened To Baby Jane
  • Author: Henry Farrell
  • ISBN: 9781854800329
  • Page: 217
  • Format: None
  • Book jacket Baby Jane, a child star of early vaudeville, resented having to grow up in the shadow of her prettier sister Blanche Hudson, who became Hollywood s reigning love goddess Now, some fifty years later, they are together and alone And reality has toppled crazily into eerie fantasy Blanche now finds she is growing old in the shadow cast by Baby Jane and a verBook jacket Baby Jane, a child star of early vaudeville, resented having to grow up in the shadow of her prettier sister Blanche Hudson, who became Hollywood s reigning love goddess Now, some fifty years later, they are together and alone And reality has toppled crazily into eerie fantasy Blanche now finds she is growing old in the shadow cast by Baby Jane and a very sinister shadow it is.

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    1. What a great old classic horror story! After a suspicious auto accident cripples the beautiful and successful movie star Blanche Hudson, her troubled and jealous sister Jane, (once a child actress herself known as Baby Jane) becomes her sole caregiverd the nightmare begins.With loads of suspense and a high creep factor, Baby Jane Hudson slowly goes off her rocker serving grotesque meals, committing a brutal murder (view spoiler)[of Edna the housekeeper (hide spoiler)] and generally continues to [...]

    2. “Sometimes I wonder about the two of them over there in that big old house all alone. They don’t ever seem to do anything—or have anyone in for company. It must be awful….”I have been watching Feud: Bette and Joan for a month now, and I'm enthralled! My grandmother introduced me to so many black and white thrillers like The Bad Seed, Dead Ringer, Straightjacket, and my favorite, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. As a result, I've been a big fan of the duo, so it's been wonderful to see [...]

    3. This timeless novel of sibling rivalry has long been a favorite of mine, so has the 1962 film adaptation. The ending especially is always a shocker, and in the age of starlets like Honey Boo Boo, Justin Bieber and Elle Fanning, this book is still as relevant to our culture as ever. It's excellent, especially if you're a fan of psychological thrillers and horror.

    4. The Ultimate Tale of Sibling RivalryI have never seen the famous movie, but I have seen photos and short clips of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in it. This is a spooky, creepy story but it is told in a very amusing, campy way. This book was way ahead of it's time. Being a child star is such a rough path in life. I don't know why, in this day and age, anyone would subject their own child to it. Before Lindsay Lohan, McCauley Culkin and Justin Beiber there was this little girl…Remember Buffy fro [...]

    5. Baby Jane Hudson was a precocious vaudeville child star until she was overshadowed by her younger sister, Blanche. Blanche became a beautiful Hollywood actress, but in her prime an accident robbed her of her glittering career, her prospects of romance, and the use of her legs.Whatever happened to baby Jane is a story of toxic families, jealousy, betrayal, mental illness and family loyalty. It’s astoundingly modern and yet ageless. I know it’s a cliche but I really couldn’t put this down. I [...]

    6. The latest in the long chain of events leading to the ruination of Western Civilization was my getting this book by way of the annual library book sale. No one had checked it out since the Reagan administration.First of all, if you haven't seen the film go see it. As a gay man with a healthy respect for old Hollywood and camp horror I could be talking from my narrow personal worldview, much how a group of gourmands would be shocked ("What do you mean you've never had crème bachique!") at the ea [...]

    7. If you've seen the fabulous 1962 film starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, you'll know every plot-point. Nevertheless, 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?' is a nail-biter of a suspense novel. Author Henry Farrell must have been a great observer; each description of posture, gait or facial expression is the quintessential picture that tells a thousand words. (This edition included one novelette and two short stories. Oh, how I wish Farrell had expanded the novelette, 'What Ever Happened to Cous [...]

    8. Great movie! (Starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford) and a Great book!I haven't seen the movie in years, but from what I recall, the movie closely follows the book. It's just so creepy and suspenseful.

    9. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?If you've seen the movie, you're not going to gain anything by reading the book. The movie is very faithful to the story, with the added bonus of seeing Bette Davis and Joan Crawford work their magic in every scene.It's not easy to talk about the story itself without giving something away, and so I won't.It had been years since I had seen the movie, so I watched it again immediately after finishing the story. Because it was faithful to Farrell's story, and since I [...]

    10. Anyone who knows me, knows that my favorite actress is Bette Davis, who starred in All About Eve, Dark Victory and What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? This was the reason why I picked up Henry Farrell's novel. In the case of Baby Jane I saw the movie before I read the book and thus began with wonder of how much had been adapted. In What Ever Happened To Baby Jane they were right on. It was an early Misery minus James Caan/Paul Sheldon getting his foot cut off, but enough about the movie.I read the [...]

    11. Get a copy of this book if you can and I also recommend watching the film. This is a perfect book and film pairing! Perfectly done. No beating around the bush just all story, all action, all suspense all the time.Keep an eye out for a review @ coffeeandtrainspotting.wordpress

    12. This book was quite chilling - the movie version made with Bette Davis was very faithful to the plot. I enjoyed the fact that the story was written from the perspectives of multiple characters in the book. Definitely a quick read, but a memorable one.

    13. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is a gothic suspense novel of sibling rivalry. It is twisted but so good! It is dark and disturbing. It will keep you on the edge of your seat. The ending was chilling. I absolutely loved it.

    14. I really enjoyed this scary story of sibling rivalry.Blanche and Jane Hudson have a very odd relationship. As a child, Blanche was always in the shadow of her oh-so-talented sister. As an adult, Jane could never bust out the acting talent Blanche could and her child-star days faded away inhersister's shadow. After a tragic accident the sisters are condemned to spend an ample amount of time in each other's presence , which brings out the worst in them. Very eerie with a shocker of a secret , I re [...]

    15. Henry Farrell is a classic horror writer who came to promience in the 60's. This will probably be his best remembered work due to the classic film starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. The film is pretty faithful to the book except for some minor changes and some excellent character building that you do not find in the film. As you get three quarters into the final story, things take a turn to the dark side. It is darker than the film and it does seem to get under the layers that the film only [...]

    16. I loved this Psychological Thriller!!!Whatever happened to Baby Jane is about two sisters with a complicated relationship. The two sisters we're both stars at certain points in their lives and it was this part of their lives that tore them apart but also brought them together in an unforeseen way. Now that they're older they're locked away in a house with Jane taking care of her sister Blanche who is handicapped due to an accident years ago that everyone blamed Jane is on the verge of a psychoti [...]

    17. I enjoyed this collection, especially "What Ever Happened to Charlotte" and "The Debut of Larry Richards". However, I actually thought the film adaptation of "Baby Jane" was a vast improvement. The book was fun and campy, but I missed the menacing atmosphere of the film. In Bette Davis's hands, Baby Jane was a villain to be reckoned with and remembered, but on the page, she's just a senile old lady. Still, I'm forever grateful to Farrell for having spawned two of my favorite films, and the man k [...]

    18. 4 STARS Baby Jane Hudson was the breadwinner of her family in the age of Vaudeville and never lets her family forget it. The tables turn when Blanche Hudson becomes the movie star and Jane is only gets parts because Blanche demands it in her contract. At the height of Blanche's career there is an accident that leaves her paralyzed and dependent on Jane. Jane seems to relish in the role of caretaker as this leaves her to torment Blanche and get back on top.I saw this movie on PBS one friday night [...]

    19. Creepy, suspenseful and yet a little bit too long. Although, it was dragging a little bit, I kinda enjoyed it but I don't think that this book is for everyone.

    20. The characters in the book seem so much more realistic and 3 dimensional than the ones in the movie -- not that I'm knocking the movie!

    21. I would give this a 4.5. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? is a pretty scary story. I first saw the movie years ago. This is about two sisters. Jane was a child star on stage. her sister Blanche became a movie start when grown and Jane's career faded into nothing. After an accident that left Blanche paralyzed from the waist down. the sisters live in a house together. Jane has become Blanche's caregiver for the last 20 years. a job she deeply resents. She has been jealous of Blanche's success in th [...]

    22. Really enjoyed this audio book- remembered vaguely the story from the old Bette Davis movie \ didn't remember the twist

    23. Maybe I'm just too desensitized or something, but this book didn't really faze me. I kept waiting to feel horrified, but I never did. It felt very meh.I couldn't bring myself to read the short stories.

    24. I've seen What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? at least a dozen times and somehow never knew it was based on a book. The screenplay, as it turns out, adheres very closely to the novel, but there are some differences. For anyone who knows the film backwards and forwards like I do, those differences feel like watching deleted scenes, and you'll hear the words in Bette Davis and Joan Crawford's voices just as clear as day, even when the lines are ones they never spoke.Some of the differences are decide [...]

    25. Two sisters, one a vaudeville darling of yesteryear, the other a Hollywood femme fatale of the 1930's silver screen, grow old within the confines of their gated, aging Hollywood manor, the bitterness swimming between them growing more toxic by the moment.Everything about Whatever Happened To Baby Jane is grounded hard in gothic tradition; the melodrama, the urgency, the aching obstacles that prevent a character from even crossing a roomis oldie was a chiller mostly because it is an oldie - so fu [...]

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