Marked Cully and his dad have just moved to a small town It seems quiet and boring but Cully quickly discovers it is anything but Cully and Kat his cute new neighbour find themselves caught up in a dangero

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  • Title: Marked
  • Author: DenisMartin
  • ISBN: 9781921977541
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cully and his dad have just moved to a small town It seems quiet and boring but Cully quickly discovers it is anything but Cully and Kat, his cute new neighbour, find themselves caught up in a dangerous game of intrigue, up against people who will stop at nothing to get what they want A taut, gripping thriller.

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    1. A kiwi story that builds to a tension packed finale. The reader is kept guessing as to who Kat is and why she is in danger. A great read for reluctant boys with a straight forward plot and lots of action including guns, motorbikes and a girl who is a mix of vulnerability and then staunchness when faced with danger.

    2. If you enjoy Des Hunt books you will enjoy this, fast paced, likeable main characters and a plot that is believable. Set in New Zealand so kiwi readers will recognise places and appreciate the scenes that are described.

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