The Day Louis Got Eaten

The Day Louis Got Eaten When Louis gets eaten up by a Gulper his big sister Sarah knows she has to act fast and she sets off in hot pursuit But rescuing a boy from a Gulper s tummy isn t so simple especially when other str

  • Title: The Day Louis Got Eaten
  • Author: John Fardell
  • ISBN: 9781467703154
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Louis gets eaten up by a Gulper, his big sister Sarah knows she has to act fast, and she sets off in hot pursuit But rescuing a boy from a Gulper s tummy isn t so simple especially when other strange and scary creatures are looking for their dinner too

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    1. If you have a six-year-old in your life, you should really get this book! My six-year-old son ADORES it, and my husband and I love it, too. It's funny, clever, and exciting, there are fabulous details in the illustrations, and it reminds me in a very good way of Mercer Mayer's classic picturebooks One Monster After Another and Professor Wormbog in Search for the Zipperump-a-Zoo (two books that both my son and I adore). It has really lit up my son's imagination - he's drawing picture after pictur [...]

    2. I'm a big fan of picture books where someone gets eaten. I'm also a big fan of picture books with monsters with silly names. This one is excellent on both counts!

    3. Imaginative monsters, creative bike modifications, reciprocal sibling heroism, and an awesome picture of crawling into a series of stomachs. What doesn't this book have? I read it for storytime, and it went well, but it would go even better as a book to read at home because the illustrations have lots of things you can talk about that aren't written down. I like that the girl is the main hero of the book, but her brother also gets his chance to step up and save her. That way, it's more about sib [...]

    4. Pairing and Overview: I paired The Day Louis Got Eaten with Warehouse 13 because both have strong female protagonists and fun, fantasy themes. They also both deal with peer/sibling relationships, inventions, and problem-solving in order to find a solution to a given situation.Book citation: Fardell, John. The Day Louis Got Eaten. American ed. Minneapolis: Andersen Press USA, 2012. Print.Audience: Since this is a picture book, this could be read to students from elementary to high school to highl [...]

    5. I'm a preschool teacher and I read this book to my kindergarten kids. They absolutely LOVED it. I've been asked to read it again so many times that I've memorised all the words.

    6. Louis and his big sister Sarah were out in the woods, when suddenly a Gulper ate Louis up. Sarah didn't panic, she knew that Gulper's usually swallow their food whole and there might be a chance to get Louis back out. She set out to chase the Gulper and as soon as she caught up, a Grabular swooped in and ate the Gulper which had Louis inside. When she got to the Grabular's nest, an Undersnatch came and swallowed the Grabular. So Sarah had no choice but to swim underwater and chase the Undersnatc [...]

    7. I borrowed 'Louis' from a library on the recommendation of Mr. B's Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath, and had the following delightful e-mail exchange with the author (reprinted here with his permission).Dear Mr. Fardell,Since the day Mog the Cat lost her toy bunny in the rain, my 4 y.o. daughter has resolutely refused to read any picture book with a hint of drama or danger.Nonetheless, I borrowed 'Louis' from the library based on a friend's recommendation. Daughter spotted the hungry gulper [...]

    8. When Louis and his big sister, Sarah, were out in the woods, Louis got eaten by a Gulper. Sarah didn’t panic, she got something she thought she might need and rode after them. But just as she had almost caught them, the Gulper was eaten by a Grabular. Sarah continued to follow but just as she almost reached the Grabular, it was eaten by an Undersnatch. The Undersnatch was eaten by a Spiney-backed Guzzler. The Guzzler was eaten by a Yumper. Sarah approached the Yumper as it slept, but how in th [...]

    9. We now own this book! Goodwill on comes through with a very nice copy. Emerson sure liked this book.It has a bit of a scary premise: a little girl's brother is eaten by a monster. But the book's playful tone is quickly established when another monster eats that monster and then another eats that one and so on. Each has a funny name, too.Playing on bodily functions like burps and hiccups pleased this little 2-year-old boy. Nice drawings, too.-- Uncle Mook May 3, 2013. I am taking the liberty of [...]

    10. This is a fun picture book filled with adventure in colorful, imaginative drawings. It is best enjoyed as a read-aloud because the creatures' names are fun to say. The tale begins with Sarah and her little brother, Louis, enjoying a pleasant bike ride in the woods. Suddenly Louis is eaten by (Gasp!) a giant orange creature with sharp, pointy teeth called a Gulper. But Sarah knows she can still save her brother because "Gulpers usually swallow their food whole and that if she was quick, there mig [...]

    11. Opening: Tell the class you are going to read a book titled The Day Louis Got Eaten and ask them to predict the genre. Let them know that this is another story with a brother and sister in it and ask them to guess how the sister will respond to what happens. Show them the cover and ask them to tell you if there are any clues to help them decide if their genre prediction was correct and any details that suggest what might happen.These opening moves include prompting hypothesizing based on the sit [...]

    12. After reading this book, I thought, "Well! That was different!" Louis gets eaten and his sister races to save him before he is digested. Unfortunately the animal who eats him in turn is eaten and so on for 5 animals worth. After each new animal, the sister must change tactics to chase the new animal.I love how Sarah was clever by creating machines to assist her travel. She was constantly prepared for any event. It is interesting to note that Sarah was clever, but when faced with five hungry anim [...]

    13. I would say a big part of this book is about the food chain. the little brother gets swallowed by a creature, and the big sister embrakes on a journey to save him. and each and every time she almost makes it another creature comes and eats the previous one. but she does eventually makes it, and save her brother using a toad, yep, a T-O-A-D. (I suspect you can only find these kind of solutions in children books). but then all the creatures wants to eat the sister, so the brother steps up and says [...]

    14. Fardell, J. (2012). The Day Louis got Eaten (American ed.). Minneapolis: Andersen Press USA.Picture Book SoakThe Day Louis got Eaten was a fun story about a boy being eaten by a Gulper. His sister Sarah goes after the Gulper and when she almost caught up with it, the Gulper gets eaten by a Grabular. Again, Sarah goes after the creature and a series of repetition begins. She goes after the creature and each time something else bigger eats it. In the end of course she gets her brother Louis back. [...]

    15. Age: Toddler-1st gradeFamily: Sibling BondingIt all started with a pleasant enough bike-ride in the woods when Louis was eaten up by a Gulper--"Gulp!" Sarah didn't panic but she knew she had to save her brother. As Sarah gets close enough to save him, the Gulper is eaten up by another, bigger monster. And so it the end where both siblings get their comeuppance. Along the lines of a cumulative tale, children that like "The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly" might enjoy this one. I loved the imaginati [...]

    16. I really love this book. I mean that with all sincerity, and I also must say that my children love this book as well. It's one of those books that you read and you really wish that you had been clever enough to pen such a fantastic idea. Sure, I could possibly write a story about a bear, or a mouse, but the author, John Fardell, really swung for the fences and created an amazing little world. The bike augmentation alone is a stellar concept. Take care of your loved ones. Protect each other and s [...]

    17. I didn't think this book was all that great, but for the sake of my son, I will give it 4 stars. He loves it, and wants to "read" it (he can't read yet, but after only a week, he has it almost memorized) or have it read to him several times a day. Might even have to renew it from the library for him. He typically doesn't like books with ANY conflict, so I was surprised that a story about a boy getting eaten in the first scene would resonate with him so much. I think he likes the names of the mon [...]

    18. I bought this book after seeing a NYTimes review of it and thinking it was really cute. After sitting on Zander's shelf for a year and going through his usual objections to bedtime reading books, he surprised us by saying yes to it. In the past 3 days, we've probably read it 12 times (including six today). This is a totally ridiculous, silly book with very cute pictures and monsters. Zander, who is 40 months, loves to look at the pictures and point things out.

    19. The Day Louis Got Eaten is an adventure picture book which is authored and illustrated by John Fardell. The illustrations really move the story along. Imaginative, creative and exciting, Louis gets eaten by a Gulper and his sister tries to save him. Many “unfortunate” things happen. Fun read aloud. Great sound effects. Nice way to introduce onomatopoeia and perfect to spring board a discussion for sibling relationships.

    20. The real hero of this book is Sarah, Louis' sister, who rescues her brother after he is eaten by a huge beast. The illustrations are wonderful, and I love the sort of cyclical nature of the story itself. And it's always nice to find a book that shows brothers and sisters playing together and solving problems together. This is a real winner.

    21. The amusing cumulative tale of a boy who is eaten was successively larger imaginative beasts, whose sister comes to rescue him. Unfortunately this turns out to be a little harder than she expected. It's refreshing to have a female hero, although younger brother Louis turns out to be pretty awesome too! Told with humour and imagination, it should be a big hit with the storytime crowd.

    22. This is the best children's book for years. Really nice illustrations, with something interesting on every page. The story is exciting and fast paced. Would appeal yo boys. How can anyone give this less than 5 stars? Some reviewers criticised the illustrations? The illustrations are fantastic and organised in a very clever way. I would put this in the top 10 books to buy any 5-6 year old boy.

    23. Siblings Louis and Sarah are having a bike ride. All of a sudden Louis is eaten by a Gulper. This sets off a set of events that is quite funny. As his sister Sarah is just about to rescue him the current creature is eaten by something else. Sarah is finally able to rescue her brother with creativity and bravery.

    24. Fantastic fun read aloud that children will giggle over. One day while going for a bike ride in the woods, Louis is eatten whole by a Gulper. Sarah, a truely calm and loyal sister, battles through the elements and even larger monsters to rescue Louis.

    25. Done in a picture book/comic book style that pays homage to "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly." This time a little brother gets eaten but his brave and quick thinking sister saves the day. Review 1

    26. This is a really fun, extremely imago tube story where a boy named Loos is eaten buy a gulper and it is up to his sister to save him. I don't want to give too much away.I loved the way the pages were laid out, kind of a children's book/comic book hybrid.

    27. Poor Louis: he gets eaten by a gulper, which in turn gets eaten by a bigger monster, and so on and so on.How is his sister to rescue him with the help of a mysterious object? Find out at the end, with a closing twist on who might eat whom.

    28. When Sarah's brother, Louis, is eaten by a Gulper, Sarah does not panic but follows the trail as the Gulper is eaten by a series of other creatures until finally she has her chance to rescue Louis from them all.

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