The Manara Library, Vol. 3: Trip to Tulum and Other Stories

The Manara Library Vol Trip to Tulum and Other Stories Milo Manara s collaborations with legendary filmmaker Federico Fellini take center stage in this latest volume of The Manara Library Includes the beautiful surreal stories Trip to Tulum and The Voyag

  • Title: The Manara Library, Vol. 3: Trip to Tulum and Other Stories
  • Author: Milo Manara Federico Fellini Silverio Pisu
  • ISBN: 9781595827845
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Milo Manara s collaborations with legendary filmmaker Federico Fellini take center stage in this latest volume of The Manara Library Includes the beautiful, surreal stories Trip to Tulum and The Voyage of G Mastorna, as well as a large selection of short stories displaying the maestro s illustrative versatility

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    1. Una vez más termino votando un comic teniendo en cuenta el dibujo por encima del guión (creo que van tres). Con esto no quiero decir que las historias que componen este tomo me hayan parecido malas ni mucho menos, sino simplemente que es a nivel gráfico y narrativo que destaco y ovaciono el libro. Además de las mujeres hermosas (que no abundan tanto como en otras obras del autor) y los escenarios espectaculares, el eje de las historias está trazado por una línea onírico-fantástica, por s [...]

    2. Two great artists together - Manara really turned Fellini's script into a work of art. Trip to Tulum made me feel like I was the one travelling with Castaneda. Of course, Manara's trademark, divine-like girls made it even more special. Included are quite a few short pieces that showcase breadth of Manara's talent, but the real masterpiece here is The Ape - interpretation of the old Chinese folk tale that is transposed to the modern times in the surprisingly innovative way. It is a joy to read an [...]

    3. Fellini is the theme this time around - pieces in tribute, adaptations of films he never made (and which come across as distinctly unfilmable), et cetera. And of course it's beautiful (not least one of the few Towers of Babel I've ever seen which gives John Martin's a run for its money), but somehow these dream realms all seem a little less magical than what Manara's line can do with the real world. There are also a few attempts at metaphysical satire, which alas come across a bit Pat Mills, and [...]

    4. Fellini and Manara! Strange. Beautiful. Unexpected. I wish more world class American film makers try their hand at comics. This is a very interesting collaboration that I'm very glad I purchased it. Manara is a wonderful artist who I took a long time to warm up to, because of his eroticism. Frankly, I felt a bit prudish, squirming as admired his line work. But, thankfully Darkhorse has split these collections into two lines, normal and erotica, but normal is pretty erotic, so don't buy it for yo [...]

    5. Art and quality wise, it's fantastic like the previous volumes. The stories themselves though did nothing for me. The Fellini stories, the main draw of the book, didn't make any sense and left me totally flat. The shots that are mixed in are hit and miss. Only the other main story titled "The Young Ape" was worth the price. So a bit of a miss on this one, I'd give it a 2.5 if they allowed half stars.

    6. Biblioteca Clarín de la historieta #8.Incluye los artículos: Películas imposibles y mujeres perfectas, por Pablo de Santis;Un poco de historia por Pablo Muñoz. y las historietas: Viaje a Tulum, Sin título, Reclame, El hombre de papel, Gulliveriana y Las aventuras urbanas de Giuseppe Bergman: Camino oculto.

    7. Manara por lo que pude ver en estas historietas está más interesado en lo erotico, dibuja muy bien pero relega las historias a simplemente mostrar mujeres desnudas.No me disgusto pero no creo que lo vuelva a leer.

    8. via NYPL - gorgeous, detailed illustrations, amazing textures. The stories are mostly okay, including Fellini's abstraction, but this book is really an art showcase so "mostly okay" is fine for the scripting. "The Young Ape" went on way too long for my tastes, but it looked great.

    9. Some of the short stories were interesting-Trip to Tulum wasn't one of them, even though it was co-authored by Fellini. The decision to put most of the stories in black and white was a poor one, comics were meant to be in color (even though this is their original presentation).

    10. Octavo tomo de la Biblioteca Clarín de la Historieta. Incluye, además de la historieta del título, "El hombre de papel", "Guliveriana" y otros relatos.

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