The Gift of the Sun: A Tale from South Africa

The Gift of the Sun A Tale from South Africa All Thulani wants is a simple life basking in the sun Tired of milking the co he exchanges it for a goat the goat for a sheep the sheep for three geese until all he has left is a pocketful of sunflow

  • Title: The Gift of the Sun: A Tale from South Africa
  • Author: Dianne Stewart Jude Daly
  • ISBN: 9781845077877
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
  • All Thulani wants is a simple life basking in the sun Tired of milking the co, he exchanges it for a goat the goat for a sheep the sheep for three geese until all he has left is a pocketful of sunflower seeds But the sunflower seeds feed the hens, the hens lay eggs than ever, and before long Thyulani is enjoying the gift of his newfound fortune.

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    1. This is our main text for Literacy for the next 10 days for SBT1 and I am teaching the first lesson in which I will introduce the text to the children. This book is about a man called Thulani living in Africa wanting a simple life basking in the sun but his wife Dora was very hard working. One day when Thulani is milking the cow he decides that he is tired of milking the cow so he goes and sells the cow and brings home a grizzly old billy goat but his wife was not happy. "What good is this goat [...]

    2. Title: Gift of the Sun: A Tale from South AfricaAuthor: Dianne StewartIllustrator: Jude DalyGenre: Non-European Folktale, South African FolktaleTheme(s): Persistence, Trading for the future, Big things come in small packages, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.Opening line/sentence: Thulani loved to bask all day in the sun.Brief Book Summary: A South African farmer trades a cow because he likes to sleep in the sun instead of working. Once he trades away nearly everything he can f [...]

    3. This book is an excellent book to use to assist with literacy lessons. In the story, we follow Thulani and Dora in their lives in South Africa. Thulani loves to lie in the sun and sleep while poor Dora does most of the work. Thulani grows tired of having to milk his cow and so sells it for a goat. He thinks Dora will be very pleased, but the cheeky goat ends up eating their supply of corn! Thulani then exchanges the goat for a sheep. Dora was pleased as she thought they could sell the wool. Howe [...]

    4. Thulani loves to sit about and relax in the sun. He felt that it was too much work to milk his cow and he decided to sell the cow and bought a goat because goats can take care of themselves but his wife, Dora was not happy. One day the goat strayed into their house and ate all the corn. Thulani went out and exchanged the goat for a sheep and his wife was okay with it because she felt that they could sell the fleece. Thulani felt that shearing the sheep was hard-work and he decided to exchange it [...]

    5. The Gift of the Sun is a simple, beautiful folk tale from South Africa. Thulami,the farmer, wants a simple life that will allow him to sit back and enjoy the sun. He tries several different schemes and,in the end, receives a gift from the sun that allows him to do just that.The dialogue was simple, which is fitting for a farmer and his wife. However, the narration has a descriptive flair. The nature of the story keeps you guessing as to what Thulami will come up with next. The universality of th [...]

    6. The book tells the story of a farmer who years for a simple life, basking in the sun. In his pursuit, he sells his cow as he is tired of milking it each day. He finds himself lumbered with a troublesome goat, which he exchanges for a sheep and then for three geese and finally some seeds. Surprisingly, the seeds prove to be most beneficial to the farmer and his farm flourishes.This book could be used in design and technology to introduce the topic of where food comes from. The book looks at diffe [...]

    7. An amusing tale from South Africa about a man who does everything to please his wife but with each try comes something unforeseen until he mistakenly buys sunflower seeds instead of corn seeds and then his luck changes.Written by Dianne Stewart, illustrated by Jude Daly and published by Farrar, Straus, Giroux.#PB #SouthAfrican #Tale

    8. My wife got me this children's book for my birthday, to start the book collection we will have for our kids - since I want to have books about and from Africa for them. Nice story about working hard (eventually) and what can grow from a little effort. Not a huge "moral of the story" type book, but it's a nice and easy story, and the illustrations are interesting with skewed perpsective.

    9. Charming South African story of well-meaning Thulani and how his impulsive decisions to sell various animals/seeds actually winds up being profitable in the end. He begins with a cow, then moves to a goat, a sheep, geese, and sunflower seeds. Clever ending. Recommended.

    10. Dianne Stewart thanks so much for writing this Fantastic book! Also thanks to the illustratorOne of my all time favorites!

    11. Thulani enjoys nothing more than sitting in the sun. But a bag of sunflower seeds changed his life forever, for good.

    12. A fun book showing the discovery of the cycle of farm living. Nonetheless, it didn't really catch on with my 3 year-old.

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