Murder at the Old Vicarage

Murder at the Old Vicarage paperbound

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  • Title: Murder at the Old Vicarage
  • Author: Jill McGown
  • ISBN: 9780449218198
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • paperbound

    One thought on “Murder at the Old Vicarage”

    1. Book number two in the Hill and Lloyd series was just as enjoyable as I hoped with a good honest proper mystery, complete with a limited number of suspects and a solid investigation. As much as I am a fan of the newer types of crime fiction there is something incredibly appealing about a straightforward murder mystery, told in a sequential timeline with a single (reliable) narrator.Redemption is set in the Christmas period with snow on the ground, which was credible in 1988 when this book was fi [...]

    2. Intriguingly, the presentation of this novel is both accurate and misleading at the same time - it's a quantum superposition of crime. On the one hand, the murder takes place in a vicarage (tick) at Christmas (tick) with lots of snow (tick). And there's no doubt that the title is a homage to Agatha Christie - in fact, the last line of the book is 'Murder at the Vicarage, he thought as he got into the car. He must read it again some time.' However, the setting apart, this is a modern murder myste [...]

    3. I got completely engrossed in this book. The characters were intriguing, multi-faceted and believable and the mystery kept me guessing. The sub-plot relating to Lloyd and Judy Hill’s relationship was also tantalising. Great stuff!

    4. I was looking for a Christmas mystery but even though someone is killed on Christmas eve this one didn't really do it for me. It was fine…short and forgettable.

    5. I really enjoyed this and thought it was much better crafted than the first in the series but I think the author wrote several other books in between. There's a very short list of suspects for the murder but the misdirection is very cleverly done and I didn't feel at all cheated by the resolution, really very clever. It's a very old fashioned kind of setup: a small village that's practically snowbound at Christmas and the body turns up at the vicarage. But it's definitely a modern non-cosy myste [...]

    6. 3.5 STARS | I very much like what I've read of this series. I particularly like the character of DS Judy Hill who continuously takes notes because she has trouble remembering, something I can identify with. There was an extremely short list of suspects, however suspicion changes over the course of the story back and forth. I tagged a completely different culprit and motive until the very end. The writing is intelligent and the mystery well-done with plenty of red herrings. My only quibble was th [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this little murder mystery. Not my usual type of book, but it was a wee page turner. Simple plot, or so it would seem. Set in an isolated village with a close knit community. Murder takes place at the vicarage at Christmas, and the victim is the vicar's son-in-law. Good characters and writing. It is down to CI Lloyd and Sergeant Hill to solve this modern day version of twists and turns. Whose head will the crime finally fall upon.well that would be telling!!I'm sure Agatha Chris [...]

    8. On the eve of Christmas Eve, Detective Inspector Lloyd and his sometime-lover Sergeant Judy Hill are separated by the remnants of earlier relationships. Judy's husband Michael is home for the holidays and, in fact, home far more often because his working life has changed from the almost constant travel that enabled Lloyd and Judy to begin their affair to much more time at home. Lloyd wants Judy to cut the cord, but that's easier said than done, as are mundane holiday details like gift-buying and [...]

    9. Marketed as "A Christmas mystery" and "a classic homage to Agatha Christie" - both of which are a tad misleading. Yes, the victim is murdered on a snowy Christmas Eve (even when the book was written, that was pretty unrealistic!) and there's a couple of mentions of carol singing - but neither the weather or the festive season is particularly relevant to the story. There's also a feisty, observant old lady who makes a cameo appearance but is scarcely Miss Marple! Instead this is a straightforward [...]

    10. Inspector Lloyd (Acting Chief Inspector in this second of the Lloyd and Hill series) and Detective Sergeant Judy Hill make a unique and effective crime-fighting team in a deliciously complex murder investigation. What initially appears as an open-and-shut domestic killing offers twists and turns Lloyd especially hadn't anticipated.Having now read the the first installment in this series, "A Perfect Match" and now "Murder at the Old Vicarage," I can say with certainty that they are my favorite pa [...]

    11. I had guessed the murderer from the first chapters, which suggests I have read far too many murder mysteries. But am delighted to say I was miss-directed, and the eventual murderer was a surprise to me. I was expecting a 'golden era' murder-mystery from the cover and it taking place in a vicarage during a snow-storm. So was surprised it used the format but was set in the present day with added adultery and wife-battery thrown in.

    12. This is the first book I read in the series, although it is the second book. I didn't read the first until a month ago, but I read this one when it came out in the 1980s. It is much better than the first and I can see why I kept going. The mystery, while not that mysterious, is nonetheless interesting, and we get more insight into Lloyd (now divorced) and Hill (now married to someone else) and their complicated romantic relationship. On to the next book!

    13. You cant beat a good murder at Christmas. Enjoyable foray into relationships viewed through the prism of a mystery. To be honest, the characters were so well crafted that I ceased to care who dunn it part way. I look forward to reading others by this author.

    14. A ‘cosy’ Christmas who-dunnit that I couldn’t put down. The characters are convincing (including a thoroughly detestable victim!) and the plot has several twists which kept me guessing to the end.

    15. I REALLY enjoyed this and now would love to find time to read some others in the series as the relationship between the two detectives was very entertaining. The murder and investigation were done well with little clues here and there, and the big reveal at the end was not cheesy or disappointing (which is always a let down at the end of a good mystery) I didn't guess who the murderer was but could see the clues once it was revealed. Thoroughly entertaining.

    16. Came to this book on the back of reading some of the new released 1920's and 1930's vintage murder mysteries and thought this was the same becuase of the style of the jacket. At first I felt disappointed that it was set in the 1980s at the same time it was written, but honestly I enjoyed this book so much that I am glad that I have discovered the series. There are two main elements to the story the murder and the relationship with those involved in and around it and the relationship of the polic [...]

    17. Nothing like a murder mystery with a seasonal theme to read at Christmas, and this novel contains twists and turns which keep the reader guessing until the end. However, I assumed this was a new story but it was actually published under the title "Redemption" in 2008.The characters include a vicar who is experiencing a crisis of faith and his marriage, a loyal wife willing to do anything to protect her child, an abused wife who bears no malice against her violent husband, a beautiful widow with [...]

    18. Acting Chief Inspector Lloyd and DS Judy Hill find themselves investigating a murder at Christmas. The body is in the vicarage and is that of the vicar's son-in-law. An open and shut domestic murder they think at first with all the inhabitants of the vicarage having a motive for the killing. They should be able to wrap it up if not in time for Christmas dinner then at least in time for Boxing Day. Judy isn't too bothered about working over Christmas as her in-laws are staying and her marriage to [...]

    19. Murder at the Old Vicarage is the second book in the Chief Inspector Lloyd and Detective Sergeant Judy Hill series. There were 13 books written. It is Christmas time and murder occurs at the vicarage. It was a tightly woven and intricate mystery. There were just a few obvious suspects but I didn't know who had committed the crime until the author disclosed the who and the why.As for the characters, there is the vicar who feels as if he has been a fraud all these the years in his faith. There is [...]

    20. This is a very traditional mystery but with some modern aspects, particularly in the love story between the two detectives. It's a good read with enough twists to be satisfying and some good character development.The victim is a wife batterer, but even so the author makes us see that he wasn't all bad and to care about who killed him – not an easy thing to do. The behaviour of the various suspects is realistic and, of course, complicates the police investigation.My only criticism is that the h [...]

    21. Jill McGown used to be one of my favourite British mystery writers, but unfortunately , she died in 2007, after writing 13 entries in the Lloyd and Hill mysteries. I thought I had read them all, but this one didn't seem familiar, so maybe I didn't. It's actually a 2015 publication by Pan books. This title (originally published as Redemption) is apparently an homage to Agatha Christie (who wrote Murder at the Vicarage), a murder where everyone involved seems to have an alibi and an outsider just [...]

    22. I can't find the edition I have just read listed on but now I know this was previously published under a completely un Christmas related title (Redemption) and is now newly published under a new title as a Christmas detective story, complete with old fashioned snowy cover I feel manipulated by marketing types. This is actually a standard detective story set in the late eighties and consequently rather old fashioned (but not in a good way). Over complicated and. confusing too. Just don't buy as [...]

    23. Murder at the Old Vicarage by Jill McGownRATING: 4.5/B+GENRE/PUB DATE/# OF PGS: Mystery, 1983, 246 pgsTIME/PLACE: 1980's, UKCHARACTERS: Inspector Lloyd & Detective Judy HillCOMMENTS: 2nd in the Lloyd/Hill police procedural series. The vicar's son-in-law is found dead at the vicarage on Christmas Eve. The vicar, his wife & their daughter are all covering for each other presenting a puzzling plot for Lloyd & Hill

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