Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White

Setting the Record Straight American History in Black White Setting the Record Straight is a unique view of the religious and moral heritage of black Americans with an emphasis on the untold yet significant stories from our rich political history The material

  • Title: Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White
  • Author: David Barton
  • ISBN: 9781932225273
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • Setting the Record Straight is a unique view of the religious and moral heritage of black Americans, with an emphasis on the untold yet significant stories from our rich political history The material presented is ground breaking and revolutionary, leaving viewers amazed and inspired.

    One thought on “Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White”

    1. I had heard some negative things about David Barton's writing, but I decided to read through it with an open mind. What I discovered really disappointed me. It was even worse than I had heard.1. Before even discussing the content, I will say that the structure is awful. 138 pages with no clear divisions, like one long disjointed article. It's just one paragraph after another, and it doesn't always follow a clear chronological or topical progression. 2. The overall premise. I incorrectly assumed [...]

    2. It is incredibly offensive to find out that after grade school, high school, and four years of college courses, an entire block of history has been omitted from my public education. This book lays bare the truth behind the movement to supress black achievement -- even simple involvement in the workings and daily life of America -- accomplished almost single-handedly by the Democratic Party. The author is unapologetically conservative, but whether you agree or not with his political opinions, it' [...]

    3. It discussed the history of the Republican and Democratic beginnings and how the Democratic Party specifically believed in White Supremacy. They also started the Ku Klux Klan, reciting some documents to support that this was their cause. The author supplies a miriad of documents to support his findings and leaves the reader shocked and dismayed. It also discusses the amazing advancements of some incredible black men and their many accomplishments. The author provides stories that prove that we a [...]

    4. One of the most fascinating history books I have read in a long time. It is very well documented and contains 40 pages of notes and index material. This is the history of African Americans in American politics from before the Revolutionary War to today. I have some new heroes to admire and teach my children about. I learned things about Frederick Douglass, for example, that I was never taught in school.Quotes:I was, on the anti-slavery question,fully committed to (the) doctrine touching the pro- [...]

    5. I would add this to all high school american history curriculum if I could. I was astonished to learn how much of history as I was taught was left out or distorted. I was amazed by the comprehensive research that even taught where some of my own misconceptions had originated and why they had become common misconceptions. Overall this book was enjoyable to read, well written, well researched, and contains valuable historical information for all Americans.

    6. There are critical elements to our nation's history that are being ignored in our national and state public education systems. Read this book to start yourself on the path to restoring America's true history. You will learn things that change your perspective, and for that, this book is worth your time.

    7. Great quick read! A MUST read if you are an American! This book made me so angry at timesI just can't believe the things people are capable of. OR the fact that some of these things are "unknown". Really just an amazing, eye-opening read.As the title suggests, this goes back through American Historyd tells the story of what happend all through the ages with slavery. The struggles to end it, and the mind boggeling steps taken to keep it. It's not the BEST writing, it flows more like a large essay [...]

    8. Fairly short and very readable, this book outlines the good and bad associated with African American history in the United States. Much of the good has been forgotten or deliberately omitted in our current history books. This book is a great jumping off point for researching other aspects of this history. Being short in length there is not much room for elaboration.

    9. This book should be required reading in all public schools.cially the urban, poor schools in which Democrats have trapped millions of black students over the years.Also, if you learned "history" from a public school curriculum, you would do well to read this book. It is, as Paul Harvey was fond of saying, "the rest of the story" (but told correctly this time).

    10. This was a fantastic read! Mr. Barton begins at the civil war, (and slightly before) and proceeds to present day with a detailed account of how African-Americans have achieved political equality. This is vividly different from what we are told by minority leaders, but Mr. Barton presents documents to back up his claims. I especially enjoyed the reproductions of old cartoons and op-ed pages.

    11. This is a must read for anyone desiring to understand black history. David Barton presents some surprising facts and uses original documents and newspaper articles to support his points. Want to know who has fought for civil rights? Read this book.

    12. Amazing book. There is so much American History we are never told. WHY?? When was the first Black judge? Have we had a black Speaker of the House? These are questions you will find the answers to plus so much more. This is a book everyone should read!

    13. This book should be read by everyone! This is a wealth of history that has been forgotten. It is a short quick read. Almost a third of the book is the documentation of where the facts came from. There are some issues of the book that I feel the need to research further.

    14. The author is one terrible writer. The book has no chapters and the real purpose of the book is exposed by page 40. The title should read, The Truth About Civil Rights History and The Awful Role the Democratic National Party Played. I hate when the author sneaks in his true motive behind the book, I feel like I was lied too. Further it felt like I was reading the lecture of a 500 level history class where the professor keeps going off on rants. The author would be addressing the history and then [...]

    15. There was so much history in this book that I had never learned from any of my history of America classes. It is a great and easy read and makes one a little frustrated at how those in power have tried to erase our great American heritage.

    16. WOW, it's so amazing to learn about what isn't in the text books. Some of this stuff is crazy!!! It's good to know someone out there is willing to put the time and effort in finding all this information and giving it too us.

    17. Grew up in Detroit. Lived through the civil rights era and riots and all. WHERE WAS THIS HISTORY???? I can't believe that the vast majority of this history was completely knew to me!!! Great book that gives some perspective.

    18. It's hard to believe that after all the bad things the democrats have done with civil rights. They claim to to be a friend to minroities.

    19. “As man today have lost their knowledge of the black political history known so well by previous generations of black Americas, and as black Americans have in recent decades become solidly aligned with the [Democrat] Party, many [black] Americans today have picked up the Democrats’ long-standing hatred for Republicans without understand its origins; yet the racial issues behind the generations-long [Democrat] hatred for Republicans is well documented. Also well documented is the fact that [b [...]

    20. Mr. Barton has an agenda and it comes through from the first pages of this book. He wanted to set the record straight on which political party has furthered the civil rights of Black Americans throughout our history. He did exactly that. The last quarter of this book is footnotes and supporting documentation of what he has put forth in the preceding pages. Mr. Barton does not like what the Democratic Party historically did in regards to civil rights and Mr. Barton is obviously a Christian. If ei [...]

    21. What an eye-opening read. Amazing facts about how African Americans are so woven into America's founding, and also about their fight to be given a chance to live freely in the U.S. It sobered me to read about the many atrocities done to black Americans and those white people who supported them-- all the way up to the 1970's! I must say, however, that it got to be a little irritating when the author continued to call down the Democratic Party for their actions against black Americans. I fully und [...]

    22. This book provides much valuable information and many items and citations of authentic history. The value of that information is largely diminished by the author's agenda. It is clear by the first 20 pages that Barton's mission is to rehabilitate the modern Republican Party by aggrandizing it's early days and leading the reader to believe the party came into existence to defeat the institution of slavery.There is no question that the Republican Party championed abolition, emancipation, and civil [...]

    23. This book is a must read for all those who love to know the truth about America's history. I know I was neglected to be taught many of these facts about black history. The author brings to light many things that transpired in the early days of this country and how there were many black people who attained positions of prominence, even against many odds. However, the other side of this book seemed to be an indictment of the Democrat party. I think the author was just in pointing out how the party [...]

    24. Another book purchased because of the promises made by the seller,all of which were as full of lies and misstatements as the book itself.In my 73 years, I have thrown away less than 20 books, this is one, 8 others were all written by this author. The only hopeful news I can give is that, in this day of easy fact checking, it will be so much harder for someone to get away with distortions, omissions and willful lying in order to rewrite history to his own twisted point of view.Double check everyt [...]

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