Immoral In a riveting debut thriller that has drawn comparisons to masters of the genre like Dennis Lehane and Michael Connelly Brian Freeman weaves obsession sex and revenge into a story that grips the re

  • Title: Immoral
  • Author: Brian Freeman
  • ISBN: 9780312340421
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In a riveting debut thriller that has drawn comparisons to masters of the genre like Dennis Lehane and Michael Connelly, Brian Freeman weaves obsession, sex, and revenge into a story that grips the reader with vivid characters and shocking plot twists from the first page to the last.Lieutenant Jonathan Stride is suffering from an ugly case of d j vu For the second time iIn a riveting debut thriller that has drawn comparisons to masters of the genre like Dennis Lehane and Michael Connelly, Brian Freeman weaves obsession, sex, and revenge into a story that grips the reader with vivid characters and shocking plot twists from the first page to the last.Lieutenant Jonathan Stride is suffering from an ugly case of d j vu For the second time in a year, a beautiful teenage girl has disappeared off the streets of Duluth, Minnesota gone without a trace, like a bitter gust off Lake Superior The two victims couldn t be different First it was Kerry McGrath, bubbly, sweet sixteen And now Rachel Deese, strange, sexually charged, a wild child The media hounds Stride to catch a serial killer, and as the search carries him from the icy stillness of the northern woods to the erotic heat of Las Vegas, he must decide which facts are real and which are illusions And Stride finds his own life changed forever by the secrets he uncovers Secrets that stretch across time in a web of lies, death, and illicit desire Secrets that are chillingly immoral.

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    1. Wow! I just loved this. It had suspense all the way through it. What a page turner, and the ending, I was not expecting that. There was no question or doubt in my rating. I would of given it more stars if I could. It definitely isn't for the faint of the heart. If you can handle Karin Slaughter you can handle this one. I cannot wait to read the rest of this series.This is the first book in the Jonathan Stride Series. This is a legal thriller mystery. Jonathan and Serena get together hunting for [...]

    2. This was one of my Dominican Vacation reads. As I read so many books this week, I will be doing a more compact review so I can catch up. A Killer Debut - 4 Stars The novel is set in the cold and quiet streets of Duluth, Minnesota. These are not the mean streets of Detroit and major crime is not an everyday occurrence. A year after the mysterious disappearance of a teenaged girl, the Detective Jonathan Stride is faced with another disappearance that is eerily similar. The investigation reveals se [...]

    3. wowis is about as compulsive a read as I've ever read.At the core of the book we have Detective Stride. He's not perfect. He's not a macho super cop. He's got flaws and his own emotional baggage, but he's a good cop and he does the best that he can. In other words, he reads like a real person.a year prior to the book's events, as they unfold, is the disappearance of a local girl named Kerry McGrath. Stride was lead detective on that case with his partner Maggie. That crime was never solved. As t [...]

    4. Another great read from Brian Freeman.It is nice to read his first book, when you are introduces to three of his main characters, Jonathon Stride, Maggie and Serena.Three great powerful and strong characters, as Brian let's you get to know their personalities throughout this powerful and gripping book.One of the first books that has taken me through a serial killer/murderer, a court case to more even more story.So many twists and turns, with for me no glues at all to how this was going to end, a [...]

    5. IMMORAL (Police Procedural-Duluth, MN-Cont) – ExFreeman, Brian – 1st bookSt. Martin’s Minotaur, 2005- HardcoverLt. Jonathan Stride, is investigating the second case of a girl who has disappeared without a trace. The first girl was sweet, well-liked and never found. Now a second girl has disappeared, but she’s hard, promiscuous, has a very adversarial relationship with her mother and there’s something not right about the relationship with the step father. Are the cases related? Are the [...]

    6. Not quite 3 stars, but it's the first of a series & has possibilities. The murder mystery & the overall way it played out was excellent. The characters were very well drawn & believable, quite often adding to the story. Ditto with the love interests & the realism of the police work involved. I can't say that I have any great feelings for the main character. I didn't dislike him, but he didn't excite me the way some do.The execution was a little rough. The book was long, although [...]

    7. This was my debut novel in 2004. It was selected as International Book of the Month and sold in 17 languages. The book won the Macavity Award and was a finalist for the Edgar, Dagger, Barry, and Anthony Awards for best first novel. Write to me at brian@bfreemanbooks or visit my web site (bfreemanbooks) or Facebook page.

    8. Well told story, likeable characters, twists and turns. Very good book and I'll be reading more from this author!

    9. Immoral: Brian FreemanAs you hear the voice of the killer in the prologue an image begins to form within the reader’s mind as to who would do such an evil thing to a young girl. Several teens are missing and one dead as Rachel Deese disappears but finding her will not be easy. Rachel is not the most wonderful teen nor does she endear you to her as you get to know her better. Listening to her two friends when questioned by the police, you hearing their conflicting accounts of her character, whe [...]

    10. I'm conflicted in writing this review for this book. I like Brian Freeman books. He can write a great story with lots of twists and turns. I feel that is true with this book. It was a great story.It is with some of the details in the story that have me arching my eyebrows. The main "detail" was the characters. I love the MC. He is flawed but strong. Personality wise, he is similar to other MC's in this genre. I guess the women come across as a stretch because they are all vying for his attention [...]

    11. In this first book of the series, Minnesota Detective Jonathan Stride investigates the disappearance of a teenage girl and he thinks her stepfather may have murdered her to cover up an affair. The stepfather swears the girl is alive and manipulating the case. Another teenaged girl went missing a year ago, although Stride hasn't uncovered evidence that the two are related. Readers get to meet Stride's cop partner Maggie Bei and another great detective from Las Vegas, Serena Dial.This past month, [...]

    12. This is the debut novel of this author and what a debut!It's the first book with detective Stride although I read the third book in the series (Stalked) first and that was before I knew it was a series.Lieutenant Stride and his partner Maggie have been investigating a missing teenage girl's case for over a year with no luck and then another teenage girl goes missing.No signs of running away are detected and no clues to where she could be All the evidence points that she was murdered.So are they [...]

    13. #1 in the Jonathan Stride series. 2006 Macavity Award for Best First Novel; Finalist 2005 Edgar Award for Best First Novel; Finalist 2006 Anthony Award for Best First Novel; Finalist 2006 Barry Award for Best First Novel; Finalist 2006 New Blood Dagger Award.Duluth, MN Police Lt. Jonathan Stride is searching for missing teenager Rachel Deese. The media is putting on pressure by comparing the disappearance with that of another teenager a year earlier. Evidence mounts, however, that Rachel had bee [...]

    14. Have you ever done something immoral? I bet you have, I have but it’s not something we like to admit. Is doing something immoral to protect someone we love ok? Eye for an Eye? This book unraveled that for me especially at the end. Because this is a series I bet that will come to full circle on Jonathan Stride the detective in this first book. I’m poised and ready for it. Great book fast moving which I love. I love great flowery worded book also but this is not that. It’s fast and suspensef [...]

    15. I devoured this book! Didn't figure out who was responsible until the very end it was that well scripted. Love Jonathan Stride!

    16. I have been going back and forth between 4 and 5 stars (Likely would go 4.5 if that was an option), but leaned towards the 5 because it has been a while since I have read a crime suspense thriller series that I have enjoyed quite as much as this one. For me, and my reading preferences, I would put this on par with Michael Connely (Harry Bosch), Ridley Pearson (Boldt/Matthews) & John Sandford (Lucas Davenport) as one of my favorite series. I had never even heard of freeman untill one of my f [...]

    17. One thing I always look forward to in a book, is not being able to anticipate the ending. Because of that, I have become a real fan of the thriller genre with it fast pace and high amount of plot twists. In fact, I was beginning to think that no amount twists could be to many, but I have to say, in this book Brian Freeman accomplished it. There were so many plot twists in this story, that I actually had trouble keeping up with them all. Not really, but almost. That is the only thing that I could [...]

    18. This had a good premise though the story jumped all over the place - space and time - which I found irritating. I didn't really like Jonathan Stride though I did like his partner Maggie. I didn't feel the romance between Andrea and Stride. It just felt flat and forced. (view spoiler)[I figured there was something off there because everything with Andrea was just too fast which seemed odd. (hide spoiler)] Heck in one paragraph Stride is thinking how he understood how her ex could have called her [...]

    19. Brian Freeman is a hell of a writer. The setting, Duluth, Minn is such an important factor in the book that it's like one of the main characters. The reader can almost feel the bite of the fierce wind blowing off of Lake Superior, can see that hill littered with old houses battered by harsh northern winters. Another thing Freeman does well is he creates back stories for characters even if we only see that character for one chapter. I loved how he just fills in these blanks and really fleshes out [...]

    20. My favorite story. Lt. Stride, a Deluth,MN cop trying to solve the mystery of two missing teenage girls. He gets help from Serena, a Las vegas cop as the case has some connection with a case Serena is working on from Las Vegas. They team up to solve the cases and takes them from Mn. to Las vegas. They also become lovers and sometimes this causes some problems. Stride and Serena are my favorite two persons in the fictional world of books. They both are featured in all five of his own novels.Merge [...]

    21. This isn't my typical genre, but I picked up this book because I grew up in Duluth, MN and was intrigued to read a book set in this city. Even better, the investigation leads to Las Vegas, my current city of residence! The beginning was a little slow, but as we learn the back stories of many of the characters, it picks up quickly. The courtroom scene ended in a shock and the action continued through the rest of the book.Jonathan Stride is a detective investigating the death of a rather unlikable [...]

    22. Brian Freeman's debut novel "Immoral" is a suspenseful thriller in the Dennis Lehane/James Lee Burke mold. The book introduces detectives/lovers Jonathan Stride and Serena Dial in a murder mystery that has as many twists and turns in the plot as it has characters. When a young girl goes missing in the Minnesota woods without a trace, Detective Stride and his partners are left with an unsolved case. Several months later, when another young girl disappears under similar circumstances, Stride now f [...]

    23. It's very, very rare that I don't finish an audio book once I've started it. I did manage to finish this, but only just. One of the more annoying things about it was the sex. It's not that there was sex in it that annoyed me, it was the way the writer described it. His sex scenes were very detailed--detailed in an almost clinical way that seemed to go on forever and ever.There were other bodily functions that were described in far too much detail. BUT! The one thing he didn't explain is how he w [...]

    24. I have seldom read a mystery as complexly plotted as this one, and for a debut novel, it is simply amazing. (It would be astounding if produced by an accomplished, prolific author). The layers of mysteries, secrets, covert possibilities (where is she? where are they? did he do it? who might have? were they really? type of questions abound) keep the reader quite literally guessing what is going on, who did what to whom, and most of all: why, why, why? The ending is beyond anything this reader cou [...]

    25. Two teenage girls have disappeared without a trace in the space of a little over a year in Duluth, MN, and the media are stoking fears of a serial killer. Lt. Jonathan Stride, still dealing with the death of his beloved wife from cancer, must seek out the tangled connections that bind the two girls, discover whether they are dead or alive, and bring the killer, if there is one, to justice. In a brilliant debut, Brian Freeman manages to keep the strands of his complicated plot from confusing the [...]

    26. Read the first two parts ofthis series, but that's it for me. Competently written, but I feel that there's so much better offerings in the genre. My main gripe is with the characters being so unbelievably good, beautiful, sexy, cool and much much more. Key word being unbelievably, distracts me from the story.

    27. O que dizer sobre este livro Apenas que andava há muito tempo pela minha estante, mas que não me tinha despertado muito interesse até ver por aqui alguns comentários bastante positivos.Resolvi "dar-lhe uma oportunidade" e fiquei bastante surpreendida (pela positiva claro!)Um policial muito bom, com um enredo espectacular e muito bem desenvolvido. Uma escrita simples e nada monótona, com capítulos curtos que dão um óptimo ritmo à acção. A juntar a tudo isto, o livro divide-se em quatro [...]

    28. Lieutenant Jonathan Stride is suffering from an ugly case of déjà vu. For the second time in a year, a beautiful teenage girl has disappeared off the streets of Duluth, Minnesota—gone without a trace, like a bitter gust off Lake Superior. The two victims couldn’t be more different. First it was Kerry McGrath, bubbly, sweet sixteen. And now Rachel Deese, strange, sexually charged, a wild child. The media hounds Stride to catch a serial killer, and as the search carries him from the icy stil [...]

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