Cuando todo cambió

Cuando todo cambi Un pueblo id lico una extra a visita una familia rota Cuando Natalie Ward recibe la noticia de la enfermedad terminal de su madre Nettie no duda en regresar a su pueblo natal en la peque a localid

  • Title: Cuando todo cambió
  • Author: Donna Milner
  • ISBN: 9788415120988
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • Un pueblo id lico, una extra a visita, una familia rota.Cuando Natalie Ward recibe la noticia de la enfermedad terminal de su madre Nettie, no duda en regresar a su pueblo natal, en la peque a localidad canadiense de Atwood, tras m s de treinta a os de ausencia En el largo viaje de autob s que emprende desde Vancouver, rememora su id lica infancia y los acontecimientos quUn pueblo id lico, una extra a visita, una familia rota.Cuando Natalie Ward recibe la noticia de la enfermedad terminal de su madre Nettie, no duda en regresar a su pueblo natal, en la peque a localidad canadiense de Atwood, tras m s de treinta a os de ausencia En el largo viaje de autob s que emprende desde Vancouver, rememora su id lica infancia y los acontecimientos que en 1968 le cambiaron la vida, y la de su familia.Entonces ella viv a en la granja familiar con sus padres y sus cuatro hermanos varones Pero un caluroso d a de julio, al entrar el joven River por primera vez en su jard n, comprendi que todo cambiar a River, que representaba un mundo libre de conservadurismos opuesto a lo que hab a vivido hasta entonces, entr a trabajar en la granja y se gan en poco tiempo el cari o de la familia y especialmente la admiraci n de Natalie Pero, a partir de ese momento, tambi n se empez a tambalear su estable vida familiar.

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    1. Još jedna kanadska autorka čiji debitantski roman "Posle Rivera", objavljen kod nas u izdanju Beobooka, zaslužuje vašu punu pažnju Sudbina jedne porodice oslikane u vremenu nama manje bliskom MUST READ! MUST READ! :)

    2. Venía todo muy bien hasta el final.- Me pareció que en definitiva hubo mucho drama, poco conflicto y un desenlace muy azucarado.- Supongo que como venía desarrollándose la historia me imaginé su fin con una dosis de realidad, fue como que todo el romanticismo se condensó en los últimos capítulos.-

    3. Impresionante, maravilloso un libro que te mantiene en vilo, que te devora y que llega al corazón. De lo mejor que leído en mucho tiempo, lo he leído en ebook pero voy a por el en papel, debe estar en mi estantería.Habla de familia, de amor en muchas formas, de errores, de arrepentimiento y de perdón

    4. Donna Milner es una autora de talento que demuestra con Cuando todo cambió que el pasado no puede ser cambiado, sólo asumido. Su personaje principal es Natalie Ward, una periodista feliz de 35 años que está constantemente viviendo a través de los secretos y pesares de su pasado. Un día recibe una llamada telefónica de su hija en la que le informa de que su madre se está muriendo. Natalie se ve obligada a regresar a su ciudad natal y a enfrentar los muchos de esos secretos que dejó atrá [...]

    5. Donna Milner is a talented author who proves in the novel After River that the past cannot be changed – only dealt with. Her lead character in After River, Natalie Ward, is a happy 35 year old journalist who is constantly harbouring secrets and regrets from her past. One day she gets a phone call from her daughter, informing her that her mother is dying. Natalie is then forced to go back to her home town and confront the many secrets that she left behind when she fled in shame years before.The [...]

    6. Me llegó sin esperarlo, me lo pasó una amiga que se lo encontró de forma casual y decidió compartirlo conmigo. Me alegro de que lo hiciera.La primera parte me enamoró. Luego llegó todo el drama, que me sobresaltó un poco, así en plan culebrón con muchas casualidades. Lo definiría un poco así: bonito, triste y doloroso, y luego de nuevo bonito. Me gusta la forma en que está escrito: natural, hermosa, que me enganchó desde el primer momento en su manera de narrar las cosas. Me ha llam [...]

    7. Even though this book wasn't the best I can't bring myself to give it less than a 3 star. I liked the writing style and the British Columbia backdrop to the story and it was definitely a fast read, but I think the author has been watching one too many episodes of Young & the Restless. Things started to get a little bit ridiculous toward the end. The first half of the book was slow paced, but still enjoyable and then in the second half BAM people are on fire, people are having sex with the sa [...]

    8. I didn't want this story to end. This is a beautiful coming-of-age story about Natalie, who lives on a dairy farm with her family in beautiful British Colombia in the 1960's. She is closest to her older brother, Boyer, whose love for knowledge and books mirrors her own. When a stranger shows up one summer day in 1966, Natalie's secure life is turned upside down, with feelings and emotions that she has never had before. The whole Ward family is taken with the stranger, and for awhile, things were [...]

    9. Donna Milner is a Canadian author and this was her first novel and an excellent one at that! I hope she writes more.Natalie Ward is 15-years-old and growing up on a dairy farm in the mountains of British Columbia two miles from the United States Border. She believes her life is perfect as she knows nothing outside her family and life on the farm. Her family is very close knit and one that is the highly admired and regarded by the folks in Atwood, the nearest town to their farm.Natalie is the onl [...]

    10. The book After River has been written in an intriguing manner. It starts off with the main character, Natalie Ward, as a young child that only knew of the world at her family farm and kept switching on and off in time line to thirty years later. This created a mysterious mood throughout the book. I was constantly wondering how, why, and what has caused Natalie to turn into such a different person. The arrival of Richard Jordan drastically changed not only Natalie`s life but also everyone her fa [...]

    11. I've now read both of Donna Milner's novels and I want more! 'After River' is a delicious read, I devoured every page.Milner's writing is wonderful, the reader almost feels as though they are living alongside the Ward family - there is so much love and emotion expressed on the pages. The story is about keeping secrets and the twists and turns in the plot kept me hooked, just as one twist is revealed, there is another one to cope with - usually totally unexpected and giving a completely different [...]

    12. I loved this book! I was born a year before the protagonist, Natalie Ward, and also grew up in the turbulent sixties. At fifteen, Natalie can't imagine a better life that the one she's living with her loving family on a working dairy farm in British Columbia, just over the US border. When River Jordan, a war resister from the US arrives to work as hand on the farm, the complex relationships among the family members change, until everything they have is lost. It is a book about love andfamily rel [...]

    13. There was a lot to like about this book: the beautiful British Columbia setting, the well-developed characters, the flawed but likeable narrator, and the slowly revealed story of the secrets and tragedies that splintered a formerly "perfect" family. It has a lot of similarities to We Were the Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates, but not nearly so melodramatic and much more hopeful. This was an enjoyable read--fairly predictable, but engrossing and worth recommending to someone who likes family storie [...]

    14. I loved this book, it is extremely rare for me to read something that brings tears but this one did.The writing is beautiful, mesmerising and perfectly formed. First comes the background so well defined that all the characters mean so much to the reader. Then the author leads the story slowly drawing out more and more elements of the secret. Allowing the reader to recover shocked from each little bit before adding yet more. It was truely a compelling and well thought out book.

    15. I had to start this book a second time because I gave up and read something else a few months ago but everyone who had read it said I had to read it too so I decided to take it up again. I'm glad I did. It was a a good story and very well written. I received an uncorrected proof from my bookclub Christmas favourite book exchange. I like the fact that it is set in my neck of the woods!

    16. Loved this book. FamiliesLove, secrets, heartaches & finally truth. One of the best books I've read & I look forward to Donna Milner"s next.

    17. This book was a really pleasant surprise. It is captivating, with very likeable characters, and a great setting (it's where I live, barely disguised).

    18. I was having my doubts mid book, but I'm glad I stuck it out. I used up a few tissues at the end. Good book and original subject material.

    19. Set in a tranquil dairy farm in Atwood, British Columbia, After River portrayed the flip sides of human nature and depicted the tremendous changes and tragedies of a family. The author used exquisite and expressive language to enrich this story. This book talked about the changes of a family after River Jordan burst into their lives. River was a stranger to Canada, to Atwood and to the Ward family. To avoid joining the troops in the Vietnam War, River escaped to this small town near the border o [...]

    20. Donna Milner’s After River Book Review Part B – Revised ResponseAfter River is about how Natalie Ward, a middle-aged woman, deals with the horrors of her past. As her mother is on the verge of death, she is forced to come in terms with the past. The majority of the book is written from Natalie’s perspective, but for brief parts in her mother, Nettie’s. A perspective change offers the reader a glimpse from another character’s views, leading to dramatic irony. For instance, Natalie had n [...]

    21. The story After River was written from the perspective of its main character, Natalie Ward. Although, for a couple of chapters the perspective alternates to Natalie's mother, Nettie's point of view. I liked how Donna Miller did that because Nettie plays a substantial role in the novel, and her thoughts and words are important. Not only are they important for understanding the dynamics of their mother-daughter relationship, it also shows the comparison between their personalities. I enjoyed watch [...]

    22. La quatrième de couverture dit tout ce qu'il faut savoir de ce roman, le premier de Donna Milner. En dévoiler davantage ne ferait qu'éventer les secrets bien gardés de cette famille si aimante et unie Dès les premières pages, on comprend bien que l'arrivée de ce jeune conscrit américan, réfractaire à la guerre du Viêtnam, sera l'élément perturbateur en bouleversant la vie et les habitudes bien huilées des Ward. Ce jeune River, beau comme un dieu qui prêche la paix, l'amour, la tol [...]

    23. I stumbled upon this book while searching for a novel about Vietnam (in preparation for a trip to Vietnam). I was hoping for something about the culture and history of Vietnam, rather than about the war. The book, however, was really well worth reading. An American draft dodger arrives in rural British Columbia in the 1960s to work as a dairy hand. The whole community is against conscientious objectors. Nevertheless, the American quickly becomes like part of the family, creating enormous drama.T [...]

    24. Growing up in the 1960’s on a dairy farm in the mountains of British Columbia, Natalie Ward is surrounded by her loving family. She is particularly close to her eldest brother Boyer. She does not know much about life outside her cosy somewhat cocooned family setting.In the summer she turns fifteen a stranger comes to work on the farm. An American draft-dodger called River; he would test the morals and beliefs of the family and community to breaking point. The series of events following that su [...]

    25. 3.5Termine el libro con sentimientos encontrados, para comenzar quiero separar el libro a la mitad, en cuanto a la primer mitad no hay mucho que decir, cuenta por medio de flashbacks la vida de una nena que vivia en una granja, feliz y contenta, con una familia super unida y conservadora, pero antes de que cumpla los 16 años llega a su vida un personaje nuevo llamado River, y es ahi donde decidi terminar la primer parte del libro, bastante densa y lenta de leer, sin mucho aporte, solo le da pro [...]

    26. This book is un-freaking-believable. I love it to pieces. I think it's safe to say this is my favourite book. I was aprehensive to read it, but a teacher of mine insisted that I read it , and am I ever glad I did. I would have never thought it would be possible to have so much drama and horrible unrelated events happen in one book with it coming together smoothly, but Donna Milner does exactly that. There are so many little details and dramatic event occuring throughout the book that it keeps th [...]

    27. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel set in a small town southern B.C. in the late 1960s. Natalie Ward lives on a dairy farm with her family of three older brothers. The family has been in her father's family for a few generations and everyone pulls their weight on the farm. When the hired man leaves, Natalie's mother takes on a young draft-dodger from the States to help out. River may dress a bit different than they are used to, but he knows about dairy farming and soon fits into their lives comfort [...]

    28. I hate it when blurbs or publicists tell you that a book is "just like" some other author's work or another book. This one says it's like Anita Shreve and Carol Shields. So there was a slight prejudice in my mind when I picked it up.Prejudice begone! I found the book interesting, and I could see where the comparisons were coming from. This is one of those quiet books, told in a "here now/flashback then" style. I found it also reminiscent of Haruf's Plainsong and Diamant's Last Days of Dogtown (s [...]

    29. Well done first novel! I did not want to put this book down, Milner's characters came to life. A strong, happy family until one day of mistakes and lies to cover their errors. One comment, though, the point is made that the difference between Vietnam and Iraq is that the soldiers chose to go to Iraq. The soldiers who I have known, choose to serve their country. They do not choose where to fight and many do not necessarily choose to fight at all, as the majority of military jobs are non-combat. O [...]

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