The Reading Group

The Reading Group From the publishers of Rosamunde Pilcher and Santa Montefiore comes a sparkling new voice in commerical women s fiction A group of friends a few bottles of wine and a good book What could be better T

  • Title: The Reading Group
  • Author: Elizabeth Noble
  • ISBN: 9780340734704
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the publishers of Rosamunde Pilcher and Santa Montefiore comes a sparkling new voice in commerical women s fiction.A group of friends, a few bottles of wine and a good book What could be better The women who form the Reading Group are as varied as the books they choose to read But each has secret hopes and fears for a new lover a straying husband an ailing mothFrom the publishers of Rosamunde Pilcher and Santa Montefiore comes a sparkling new voice in commerical women s fiction.A group of friends, a few bottles of wine and a good book What could be better The women who form the Reading Group are as varied as the books they choose to read But each has secret hopes and fears for a new lover a straying husband an ailing mother a tearaway teenager Can they find the answers to life s problems in the pages of a good book

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    1. I really need something light and fluffy now, but this book is giving me ADD. I just hope it turns out to be better than "Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons"Update: OK -- now I must rant. Complaint #1: I have nothing against middle-aged or any other kind of chick lit. However, I feel that chick lit by definition should be both light and short. This book was neither. I found the process of reading it slow, and the book was way longer than it needed to be. Complaint #2: This author tried to take on [...]

    2. Ex Bookworm group review:I tried to like this book, but I didn't. I tried not to be prejudiced against the sort of women who live in Surrey and who have the luxury of enough money and time to agonise at length about how miserable they are, but I was. I think this was Elizabeth Noble's failure not mine. I wasn't the one to keep mentioning Agas. If "Surrey women" are portrayed as caricatures, as cardboard cut outs, you can't blame me for not caring a damn about them. And I didn't. I didn't care a [...]

    3. It did take a bit for me to get into this book, but once I did, I became very invested in the characters. The characters of the book are of all ages and at different stages in their life. I liked that aspect, and that the issues they dealt with were so different.The book also made me want to be a part of a reading group and read all the books that they discussed.

    4. i wanted to throw this book across the room several times while forcing myself to finish it. i am a little bit mad at myself for wasting hours of my life reading it, and am pretty sure i've developed new scowl lines from actively giving the book dirty looks while reading it. i should have followed the sage advice of nancy pearl and quit at 100 pages minus my age. i will stop short of listing all my grievances and move on with my life.

    5. I enjoy reading stories from a feminist view. This novel is written by an English author in an English setting, but it could have been an American setting without any problem. Five women meet monthly to discuss one book each month. These five women are of different ages, background, and contrasting dilemmas -- transform themselves through the shared community of a book group and become a forum for each of the women's views, expressed initially by the book. As the months pass, these women's lives [...]

    6. Read this one for, of all things, a book club. It's about several women who form a book club and follows each of their lives through a year of book clubs meetings and much personal drama.I had a hard time reading and finishing it because it's just no mytype of book. It's British Chick Lit, and well, now that I'm married and a mom I just have a hard time relating. Then again, most of the characters were married moms so you'd think I could relate to at least one. The problem was I couldn't relate [...]

    7. This was an easy read. I listened as an audiobook - lovely British accent(!) - it kept me company on a drive up and back from the coast, and while walking and crocheting. I loved the conversations around the books each month - I may have to add some of those books to my TBR list(!) - and then the way we were given glimpses into each woman’s life throughout the rest of the month - and how the book storylines sometimes played out in, or were in direct opposition to, the dramas in their own lives [...]

    8. I was interested by the book, because the text on the back side of the cover intrigued me.The book itself was good, but for me not more than the 3 stars I gave it initially. Somehow, in the course of the story, it became more and more predictable. The daughter of one having an affair with and having the baby of another friend that is unwantedly childless is one. But, if it is a book about LIFE, why does there have to be a happy or good ending to everything in this book? I think that is too const [...]

    9. It took me a while to get this book, and I was attempted to abandon it early on.I liked the idea of the book group and sharing the stories of the main characters, but I found it confusing in parts, especially during the book group as there was a lot of dialogue between more than two characters and I couldn't work out who was talking when.The stories of all the characters were quite complicated and could almost have a whole book for each of them to get deeper into their stories as they were all d [...]

    10. Once I got into this "chic lit" novel, it kept me interested. The quibble I have is that all the women in the novel are either a) mothers or b) soon-to-be mothers. The one character who doesn't have children (but, of course, she wants to) is banished to helping children at an orphanage in Roumania. Come on. Not all women want or have children. It would have been nice to read a novel that didn't make the assumption that all women do.

    11. I was sure this book would be a favourite, given my fondness for book clubs, smart chick lit, and British books in general. This bestselling novel revolves around several women who are all members of a reading group, and in each chapter they discuss (briefly) a different book before the action turns to their personal lives. However, for me it just felt flat. For the most part, the women were self-absorbed and I just didn't feel connected to any of them. Now, if Elizabeth Noble had chosen to writ [...]

    12. I rarely write reviews but this book needs one to warn readers expecting a story about a reading group, as suggested by the title. Yes, there is a reading group, but the story is only very loosely based around it to allow for them to get together to gossip about nappies, motherhood (oh the wonder! oh the miracle!) and what adorable thing Little Chloe said today. There's barely a couple of paragraphs each month referring to the books chosen and read and why, and one month they don't even bother w [...]

    13. A group of women of varying ages and backgrounds form a reading group. Throughout the year they each experience joys and sorrows that bring them closer together as a group. The premise is good and the book is entertaining enough, I just thought the author could have done so much more with it.

    14. This book was painful to read. These characters! I've met them a thousand times before in other chick lit and frankly I've never met a set of characters that I could care less about. Especially Polly! I'll just leave this right here and move on to something new and hopefully better.

    15. This one lost a star from me because of the presentation of abortion. I understand that it is the author's book and they have a certain perspective on abortion, but it felt a little as though only one side of the story was presented.

    16. This is an entertaining beach read. Some might call it chick lit, but I don't like that term. I took it on my trip to Europe and it was perfect--not too taxing, enjoyable, a light read.

    17. I would have said simply, that this is a book best for a summer read, when you've run out of the books that are "serious literature," and that it would be an escape. There are a few laugh out loud moments - a wife desiring that her husband be shanked while he waits outside a gas station bathroom for her. But the other jokes, I don't think are actually intended to be funny - like the way grown womyn over 35 behave and the now cliche dramatization of harried housewives of a certain means. Let me s [...]

    18. Oh, I so wanted to just love this book! There was even a point, once I could keep the various characters and spouses straight without having to refer to the author's "cheat sheet", where I started to care about some of them and looked forward to how their stories each unfolded. But that was short-lived. At page 216, I had to make a decision to either suck it up and finish the book, or cut my losses. Frankly, I couldn't bear another 200 pages. It just didn't matter to me how things turned out, I [...]

    19. First, this was written by a Britsh author she uses the word leant instead of leaned and other interesting British grammar.That bugged me at first, but then I got used to it.OK, I really wasn't expecting much from this book. I mean, just look at the cover. It really looks ridiculous! I've read some other reviews that complained that this book took cliches to the next level, but I really didn't feel that way. For some reason this book gripped me and I kept reading. I wasn't looking for something [...]

    20. My biggest issue with this book is that Miss Noble took it upon herself to give away some pretty big spoilers from the books that are discussed in the reading group. So if you have any desire to read any of the books on the list (which I did) and don't like spoilers (I don't). Don't pick this book up until you've read them. And yes, I know that this is a book about a book club, but I've read three other books about book clubs and the other three authors managed to have thier characters have very [...]

    21. So, I actually really loved this. The book switches perspectives often as it explores the lives of the women in this book club. Though some of the women were not previously friends, they become very close over the year in which the book takes place, mostly thanks to the book club. Nothing particularly earth-shattering happens, but the difficulties of real life definitely hit home: infidelity, frustration with kids, unplanned pregnancies, complicated relationships, infertility, aging parents, sib [...]

    22. My opinions on this book changed as I read it. At first, there were too many characters to keep straight in my head. Fortunately there is a cheat sheet at the beginning of the book that helped a lot. The layout of the book bothered me in the beginning also. It seemed like really long chapters with few clear stopping places and choppy stories. After a while I got used to changing story lines and could see how it benefits the story. I also realized that the choppiness created many stopping places, [...]

    23. This book took me forever to finish. It was such a slow read for me. I enjoyed the stories, but there were so many characters right off the bat that I had a hard time keeping them all straight. Fortunately there is a character guide in the front, so that helped.I enjoyed all the subplots. I think that it is a very cleverly written book. It was interesting to read about their reviews of the books that they chose for their book club. There were several books that I'd like to read because of their [...]

    24. If you liked Angry Housewivesyou will LOVE this book! Couldn't put it down. Sad, but triumphant and so very believable because the characters were so flawed! Good read for sure! :)

    25. Yawn. Snore. I kept waiting for this book to get more interesting. It did not. The one character I was most interested in was shuffled to the back of the book and forgotten about. Yawn indeed.

    26. where the books end, the stories begin . follow a womens' reading group as each chapter begins with that month's books followed by their discussion on the same. events r then played out and these and their thoughts or words r reflected in the passages of the book quoted. concentrate to begin with as there were a lot of characters! a funny and touching novel about a group of women learning to read between the lines i would have preferred more from the mens' points of view though this did appear a [...]

    27. It was droning. I thought I would like to see the interactions between the women of the book club, but this isn't it. The book droned on about the lives of these women. They weren't interesting to me. I suppose the marital games turned me off. I suppose I can understand why some married couples might stay together when they don't want to, but this was getting a little silly. I guess I don't play those games, so watching them go on and on becoming intolerable. I got through half of the book, and [...]

    28. It started out slowly for me, mainly because I was trying to keep the different characters straight after reading the list at the start of the book. I should have ignored that and just jumped into the book. The characters sort themselves out after awhile, and the interconnectedness makes sense. I found myself really feeling the emotions of the different women and wanting to have things work out. I particularly related to Susan since my mother also suffers from dementia. I have joined two book cl [...]

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