Angel & Faith: Women of a Certain Age

Angel Faith Women of a Certain Age Angel and Faith are forced into battle less by choice and by circumstance when two mysterious women from Giles s past call on the unlikely duo for help But that s only the beginning of Angel and Fai

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  • Title: Angel & Faith: Women of a Certain Age
  • Author: Christos Gage Chris Samnee Joss Whedon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 184
  • Format: None
  • Angel and Faith are forced into battle, less by choice and by circumstance, when two mysterious women from Giles s past call on the unlikely duo for help But that s only the beginning of Angel and Faith s troubles as the ladies settle in for the night

    One thought on “Angel & Faith: Women of a Certain Age”

    1. This book keeps getting more and more fun at each issue. All I can say is that Giles’ aunts, Sophronia and Lavinia are already my favorite Buffyverse characters to debut in the comic seasons! They’re awesome.I’m loving all the Giles background stories, this is the most love the old Watcher ever got since Buffy Season 5.

    2. This was a good one. We got some more Giles' back-story, which is always interesting and enjoyable. Plus who didn't always love when Willow crossed over to Angel? I am sure it will be just as awesome in comics as it was on TV! Really excited to see how this plays out!

    3. Wow the Angel and Faith series is really taking off, the last arc was great and this one shot was just as good if not better. full review here beware of spoilers!knitunpurldeux/20

    4. A really good, fun issue. I enjoyed the 'Aunts', it carried on the overall story while also being a bit filler, and then it set up for the next arc. Nicely done. The change in artwork was fine too, as Chris Samnee is really good and managed to 'get' A&F.

    5. I quite enjoyed this issue, we;re finally getting some good backstory for Giles, whilst nicely progressing Angel & faith's story along.

    6. I adored Gile's Aunts. I don't think I've ever felt as sorry for Giles as I did reading this comic and that includes the death of Ms. Calendar.

    7. "We're shallow, not stupid." Giles' aunts were great, I hope we get more of them *forever sad that BBC Ripper is most likely not going to happen*! But I'm really loving all the flashbacks.

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