Wilde Thing

Wilde Thing SHE CAN T STOP THINKING OF HIMSerious bad boy That s what Liz Adams thinks when she catches sight of dark gorgeous Steve Wilde sitting at a table in her coffee house giving her a look of bold satis

  • Title: Wilde Thing
  • Author: Janelle Denison
  • ISBN: 9780758203595
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • SHE CAN T STOP THINKING OF HIMSerious bad boy That s what Liz Adams thinks when she catches sight of dark, gorgeous Steve Wilde sitting at a table in her coffee house, giving her a look of bold, satisfying appraisal that has nothing to do with her espresso skills Still, the man is the best P.I in town, and the only person who might be able to help Liz track down her irrSHE CAN T STOP THINKING OF HIMSerious bad boy That s what Liz Adams thinks when she catches sight of dark, gorgeous Steve Wilde sitting at a table in her coffee house, giving her a look of bold, satisfying appraisal that has nothing to do with her espresso skills Still, the man is the best P.I in town, and the only person who might be able to help Liz track down her irresponsible, free spirited cousinif she can manage to spend than two minutes in his company without surrendering to the wild fantasies dancing in her headHE CAN T STOP WANTING HEROh, baby That s what Steve Wilde thinks every time he comes into Liz s cafe and catches sight of her sexy figure behind the counter But a man can only pretend to be interested in the pastries for so long Now that Liz has opened the door to him, Steve intends to storm right through it, along with her defenses, and show the aloof beauty what she s been missingd what he intends to do about it, slowly, deliberately, deliciouslyNOW, THERE S NO STOPPING EITHER OF THEMNow, in a cat and mouse game where the thrill of the forbidden is never quite enough, a business arrangement is about to yield to pleasured the temptations that can only be found when hearts run wild

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    1. Reviewed for THC ReviewsWilde Thing is a super-hot contemporary romance that definitely touches on the erotic with a little mystery on the side. The book, without a doubt, focuses in on the steamy love scenes with the mini-mystery and relationship development taking a back seat, but all things considered, it was still a pretty good read. With the heroine working undercover as a phone sex operator in an attempt to find her missing cousin, she and the hero (a private investigator) tend to go throu [...]

    2. Oh, my Steve, "he lifted his head from the latest best-seller he was reading, and from across the room their eyes met briefly and she caught a glimpse of the to-die-for grin." I like a man who reads in public or who just reads something other than magazines. I mean Oh, my word, "yeah, you do, before you end up sprawled on my desk with your skirt up around your waist and me between your thighs." Steve is territorial when it comes to his woman, "she's a client, and someone I'm seeing, so I'd advis [...]

    3. If you overlook the complete absence of a plot it's not a bad little book. Sort of chewing gum for the mind. Something to help me unwind after a stressful day at the bank.

    4. Barely two starts. If you take the sex parts out of the story there's not a lot left. Both characters (Steve and Liz) have very little depth. Nothing beyond fulfilling each other fantasy. The whole finding her cousin who is off with a rich client from the sex phone/escort company she works with is the excuse to go into the sexual fantasy game for both characters. Disappointing.

    5. The ista-love was annoying and Liz seriously needed to get a grip. That girl had more issues that was entirely necessary. I need therapy just from reading them all. I wanted to tell Steve to run like hell.

    6. I really liked this book. I have recently discovered this author from the Brava Bad Boys book series. I enjoy her stories because so many of them are from the male characters' and this book follows in this same line. It was the male who helped the female back to her emotional wellbeing. This book is a play on the-all-a-bad-boy-needs-is-the-love-of-good-woman. In this book, its the good woman who needs the love of a bad boy.Our main characters are Liz Adams and Steve Wilde, older brother of Eric [...]

    7. 3+ starsWith the new release of Lover At Last and being in the middle of both Suzanne Brockman's Troubleshooter series and Elizabeth Hunter's Elemental Mysteries series, I did a lot of start-and-stop reading this book.It's a decent book, with plenty of steamy scenes and chemistry between the 2 principals, Steve and Liz. Problem is, all the action takes place within 1 week's time. And the two are in love somewhere in the middle of all of that. Now, I get falling in love hard and fast when you're [...]

    8. Liz’s feckless cousin, a phone sex worker has gone missing. Worried, she hires Steve Wilde the hunky PI who has become a regular at her coffee shop to help her track her cousin down. There is instant chemistry between them and they decide to have a no strings attached steamy affair for the duration of the case. Liz has to take a job at her cousin’s office to try and get some leads and Steve is more than willing to listen to and act out her wildest fantasies.The positives: This is pretty sexy [...]

    9. Somewhere between 2 1/2 and 3 starsThe second in Denison's Wilde Series introduces Steve Wilde, the oldest Wilde brother. He's a PI with a healthy sexual appetite. Six years divorced and not looking to get involved with any woman. Liz Adams is his current desire and he is her fantasy as well.She hires him to help find her "missing" cousin. They get involved in the world of phone sex and ultimate sexual fantasies.This book is all about sex. When the characters aren't involved in sex, they are thi [...]

    10. Pretty decent contemporary romance. I felt that the main guy was pretty standard hunky bachelor Gary Stu who of course falls in love with the sweet and sexy Mary Sue. A couple of good things about this Mary Sue was that she was no innocent virgin, and was managing her own coffee shop, and was willing to work (view spoiler)[ as the phone sex operator(hide spoiler)] to help try to find her cousin.The sex was fairly steamy. I thought that Steve was a smidgen dominating/aggressive, though he mellowe [...]

    11. Spoilers below*************First off, this is a fantasy. The action takes place over one week where on day one they agree to sex-only-for-the-duration-of-their-working-together to love and a proposal of marriage by the end of the week.Liz owns a Starbucks-like coffee house and Steve is a patron. They've noticed each other but each have had their reasons for not making a move. Liz finds herself in need of Steve's P.I. services to find her missing cousin. Liz takes a nighttime job as a phone sex o [...]

    12. This book is great but don't get it if you can't handle explicit sex scenes. Liz Adams has a coffee shop and a cousin that goes missing. One of her customers is a gorgeous bad Harley driving man named Steve Wilde, and boy is he. He also a P.I. Liz hires him to find her cousin and the chemistry is there between them from the start. They get very involved in a sexual relationship but neither of them wants anything more serious. Liz was married to a bad boy that really hurt her and put her in debt. [...]

    13. Per essere un romanzo prettamente erotico, devo ammettere che la parte sentimentale è abbastanza presente e non campata in aria.Certo, è affrettato il loro primo approccio sessuale, in cui dal parlare del caso della cugina scomparsa, in un batter d'occhio passiamo a lei che gli salta addosso; altrettanto repentino è l'innamoramento di lui che, in tre giorni, da scapolo impenitente si trasforma in uomo pronto all'amore eterno.La storia è però ben scritta e sviluppata in maniera semplice, ma [...]

    14. I almost stopped reading this one in the beginning but forced myself to stick with it. It was barely an ok read for me, but nothing very exciting really happened in the story. I think this could have been a really good series if the PI guys had been more interesting (maybe like Kristen Ashley's Hot Guys), but there just wasn't all that much to this book other than sex scenes that I found myself skimming through after the first couple. In all fairness it is an older book, and was an cheapie.I ha [...]

    15. “Sort of chewing gum for the mind. Something to help me unwind after a stressful day.” When I read this in one of the reviews I thought, “Huh. Sounds like just what I need right now. A stress reliever type of read.” OK, so there really isn’t much of a plot to this one. It’s there, but it’s buried amidst the erotic scenes. Much of the book is “skimmable.” The entire story happens over a week’s period of time, but there is a lot that happens within that time frame. It’s OK. S [...]

    16. This was a 3.75 star book for me. I loved the concept of the book. It was a well told story with characters that were real, with real problems and real baggage. I did have some issues with Liz being weak willed, but she turned that around for me. Steve was a nice alpha male type, but with that soft underbelly I like to see in the alphas. The sex was hot, but got slightly repetitive in spots. But there was a lot of sex, so it can't be easy to say it that many different ways!I am looking forward t [...]

    17. It was hot and a good book, but I keep thinking the book could have been amazing if it were just a bit more direct. There were inconsistencies, like him leading the phone sex and her boss not catching and similar items, but maybe this is just my perception. It need just one more read-through, in my opinion.

    18. This was a steamy read with Steve Wilde, a hot biker private investigator who has no problem telling a girl just what he wants. Liz is a expresso shop owner who has had the hots for Steve even before she needed his help. Her niece has gone missing and Steve is right there ready to help. I enjoyed the story.

    19. Liz Adams is looking for her missing cousin. Enter sexy PI Steve Wilde, and wild he is. There is A LOT of sex in this book, very descriptive and damn hot sex. The storyline is good and the writing is great but I would have liked a little more action from the duo's investigation. A good read and I will be checking out other titles from the author.

    20. 3 starsThis was just an okay read for me. Nothing special doubt I work remember it in a Couple of days. It was filled with a lot of sex some of it was very HOT some of it was very bland and boring. The story was okay but not exceptional.I read this in less than a day so it was not very longere you have out my opinion which it was better I had high hopes for this one.

    21. This is the first I've read by Janelle Denison, and it was pretty good. (I'd actually give it 3.5 stars, if I could.) The characters were likable and the quantity/quality of sex was enjoyable. My biggest problem with the book is that the story was on the line between not fantastic enough, and not realistic enough. I think I would've preferred if she'd gone one more step in either direction.

    22. I loved this first book in the Wilde series. Janelle Denison always writes super sexy, alpha heroes that are easy to fall in love with. I don't read a lot of contemporary romances, but when I do I tend to go to the same people (ie Jill Shalvis, Janelle Denison, Lori Foster, and Stephanie Tyler.).

    23. The first book in the Wilde Series by Janelle Denison. Hot Romantic Suspense with an emphasis on HOT. It was a decent read but I think the story suffered some with the main focus being on the sex and not the plot.

    24. Non una gran trama, nè un gran lessico ad essere sincera (in certi momenti, per me, un pò troppo volgare). Poteva essere sicuramente migliore, ma mi riservo un giudizio definitivo con il prossimo della seriedato che i voti e i commenti sui seguiti sembrano far ben sperare. ;)

    25. Wow! This book is steamy! Liz has a missing cousin and she asks Steve to help her. She takes a job as a phone sex operator to find out what happened to her cousin. Steve is her regular caller and they work together to find her missing relative. Good book and love this series.

    26. Something about this story didn't quite gel for me. Steve had a lot of potential but the ability of Liz to all of a sudden be a sex kitten phone operator was far fetched. Overall a bit ho hum and I skimmed a lot to get to the end.

    27. Great read! It's the first in series of 5. I actually got out of line and read #3 first. Which was alright it didn't get me confused. Can't wait to read the rest. If u r a e reader #3 was free. And def worth it.

    28. It took me longer than usual to finish this one because of real life stuff which I think took away from the sensual punch of the book but overall I enjoyed it a lot. Continuing with the "Wilde" series.

    29. I think I could have given this 4 stars because i really liked the characters but the storyline was pretty weak. Her looking for her adult cousin that hates her. It was just too cheesy, but the rest was good.

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