The Cat Who... Cookbook: Delicious Meals and Menus Inspired By Lilian Jackson Braun

The Cat Who Cookbook Delicious Meals and Menus Inspired By Lilian Jackson Braun Inspired by the marvelous meals in the Cat Who novels these recipes will make fans feel like they re visiting the best restaurants and attending the most delightful dinner parties in Moose County

  • Title: The Cat Who... Cookbook: Delicious Meals and Menus Inspired By Lilian Jackson Braun
  • Author: Julie Murphy Sally Abney Stempinski
  • ISBN: 9780425176740
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Inspired by the marvelous meals in the Cat Who novels, these 200 recipes will make fans feel like they re visiting the best restaurants and attending the most delightful dinner parties in Moose County.

    One thought on “The Cat Who... Cookbook: Delicious Meals and Menus Inspired By Lilian Jackson Braun”

    1. What's not to love about recipes from the author or character you love. And to top it off, it's from a cozy serial mystery. Cute idea. Must buy/read for a fan. Fun times. All the names are very funny and remind you of the books. I haven't tried any tho perhaps that's something to do in the near future.About MeFor those new to me or my reviews here's the scoop: I read A LOT. I write A LOT. And now I blog A LOT. First the book review goes on , and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at thi [...]

    2. I love The Cat Who mysteries and got this at a garage sale a few years ago for a buck. It's a great little cookbook with some interesting recipes. The recipes are easy to follow and even turned out well. My Rating: 5 stars

    3. As an addition to the other Cat Who books, this is cute. Many of the recipes are somewhat standard, but there are a lot of quotations from the various books and there is the novelty of cooking something from a novel you've read. I got the book mainly for the kabibbles, which are actually really good, but haven't made much else from it yet (again, partially because many of the recipes don't really stand out much to me, but they don't look bad).

    4. Still reading it and loving it! While reading the Cat who Mysteries I wanted to eat the food that was described. I have tried several recipes so far and have only been disappointed with one. (and that was my cooking) I want to try a new recipe each week. the book includes comfort food, ethnic food and new taste experiences. Cant wait to try a different recipe.

    5. A fun accompaniment to the Cat Who books! The recipes are tied into food that has been mentioned in the series. I found the recipes easy to follow, and we have enjoyed all of the ones tried so far.

    6. Very disappointing. The 2 stars are for the concept -- compile foods and meals mentioned in a popular series, then provide recipes and menus. Lilian Jackson Braun's books are each given their own chapter making it a nice companion-book to the series. Maybe this is petty, but the cat illustrations are very annoying! A major basis for "The Cat Who." books is that there are 2 cats (OK, one at first, but two for the most part). These 2 cats are very specifically Siamese. Not miscellaneous various ki [...]

    7. This is a cookbook with recipes inspired by the events (and restaurants) in 23 of the Cat Who… stories. Plus there is a short chapter on “Feline Fare” recipes. Published in 2000 the book features the recipes, with some charming black and white illustration of cats (uncredited, probably stock photos) and no color illustrations at all. Includes an index. Primarily for fans of Braun’s mystery novels.

    8. This is a fun book to have if you have read the Cat Whories of books. You can make these recipes and imagine you are in Moose County or Pickax with Jim Quilleran himself.It is sectioned by book in which each recipe appeared. It also gives menu combination suggestions.I don't like a lot of recipes in this book. Some because I just don't like the specific ingredients (no fault of the author), some because I don't like the particular version of the recipe (definately the fault of the author.) I tri [...]

    9. You never know what you are going to get with a cookbook based on novels but this one gets it right. It is arranged by book title with one complete meal and several A La Carte dishes from each book. All accompanied by quotes from the book where they are mentioned. It includes Iris Cobb's Meat loaf, Macaroni and Cheese, and Coconut Cake. [return][return]The last chapter is called Feline Fare and is the weakest part. There are no recipes in this part just lists of things that the cats were fed.

    10. This is a great cookbook that has easy simple to follow recipes. The book also has quotes from the Cat Who book series as well as some dish names that will remind you of the books. The recipes I've tried have been good with the Strawberry bread becoming a staple of my church bake sale that almost always sales out. My cousin and uncle have even gone as far as asking where it is if I don't make it!

    11. So excited when I got this book! all the recipes that we have read about in the series. Gave it a 4 star at this time because I have yet to actually make any of the recipes. Once I do so, I will update this review. Also wish there were pics of what the food should look like, but if the descriptions in the book match my imagination and the outcome then I will be very happy indeed.

    12. Each of the "cat who" books talks about food a lot. This cookbook share recipes for the foods mentioned throughout the books. The cool thing is that the cookbook was put together by fans of the series. The recipes seem to range from the everyday to gourmet, but none seem to be overly complicated. I think I might add this one to my collection.

    13. I loved the mysteries and was intrigued by the recipes. I haven't made anything yett really sure what I'm waiting for. I know my own kitty would love it if I would cook some gourmet treats for her!

    14. This cookbook has the recipes for Qwill's meals as they appear in the series. Many are very high in calories (Ida Cobb's Macaroni and Cheese has three cups of cheddar as well as sour cream!) but the baked pork chops was very good. Fun to read, as there are snippets from the books throughout.

    15. The Cat Who Series by Lillian Jackson Braun are a great series. The protagonist "Quill" and his two Siamese cats Koko and Yum Yum are easy to befriend. This book is great because it contains recipes and little tidbits that are written about in the series. The recipes are fantastic!

    16. I'm not sure I'll ever make any of the recipes, but it was fun reading through it and remembering when Qwill ate those things.

    17. tons of yummy looking recipestally surprised to find out what Mrs. Cobb's "secret" ingredients for her famous mac and cheese and meatloaf REALLY were! this book makes me wish i was a cook.

    18. Many of the recipes were much to fancy for our taste, but it was a fun read. I liked the way there were recipes for each The Cat Who ok.

    19. If you like The Cat Who series and want to try some of the recipes this is the book for you. I have not tired any yet, but I am looking forward to doing so.

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