The English General

The English General A second revised edition of The English General will be released in spring

  • Title: The English General
  • Author: LynAlexander
  • ISBN: 9781014953439
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • A second revised edition of The English General will be released in spring 2014.

    One thought on “The English General”

    1. I’ve been enjoying Alexander’s brilliant historical series ever since discovering it last year. It does everything right: lovely prose, superb historical research and verisimilitude, conflicted characters, and interesting plots. The English General is the series’ main attraction, in a sense, both since it was the first book the author wrote and because it features what the series has been building up to since the start: World War II.As always, what I love about this series is its unique ta [...]

    2. History superbly taught through fictionThe English General is the third book in Lyn Alexander’s excellent Schellendorf series. The first book, The Officer’s Code, set the stage for a young man who was ostracized by his British family when his heart was won by a German woman while he was studying at Heidelberg University. As a consequence of that romance Erich von Schellendorf joined the German army as a cavalry man only to find himself embroiled in the First World War fighting against his pr [...]

    3. Erich von Schellendorf, English born General in the German Army, is conflicted in 1939. Estranged from his deeply troubled, baroness wife, immovably devoted to duty, filled with hatred for Hitler and blackmailed by British Intelligence, he finds himself smitten by a visiting Englishwoman. In the last days before the outbreak of war their impetuous affair is broadcast across Berlin and to Heidelberg, his wife’s ancestral home, and does not escape the attention of the SS. When they are inevitabl [...]

    4. When this book opens in 1939,Erich von Schellendorf, English by birth, is a General in the German army. The story traces the path of WWII from a German viewpoint as Erich battles to find a balance between duty and doing what is right. Along the way, Erich battles his personal demons and political pressure as the war takes a turn for the worst for Germany.Although it took me a chapter or two to get into the cadence of this story, I ended up really enjoying it. The author does an amazing job with [...]

    5. Books of indie authors usually are left unnoticed or at least looked at with suspicion, and there are reasons for such attitude. But sometimes you stumble upon true gems, and this is one of such a kind. Professionally written, pleasure to read, and the plot is great.What's surprising - instead of usual good guys vs bad guys, this is very personal, bitter story of a bad guy with a human face. The story from the 'other side'. Caught up in a moral dilemma, General balances between the barbarous reg [...]

    6. In The English General, Erich von Schellendorf's career peaks while his life and the world around him crumbles. In this compelling story, Ms. Alexander explores the complexities of love, life, and war using the character of a high-ranking officer in the German general staff set in the moral turmoil of World War II. Schellendorf is at once a husband, a professional soldier, a lover, and a traitor to his country. He is a complicated and very human character well drawn by the author. Similarly, Ms. [...]

    7. This book had my heart racing. I am interested in the second world war and have read a lot of different books. So I knew about the assassination attempt on Hitler by the German generals and that most of them were killed in the horrible ways. In this volume of Ms. Alexander's saga of Erich von Schellendorf, he is part of the conspiracy and barely escapes with his life. I have never really thought of the war from the German perspective before, so this was fascinating.

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