Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures Vol. 2 (Myth Adventures, #7-12)

Robert Asprin s Myth Adventures Vol Myth Adventures Robert Asprin s Myth Adventure Series continues in this collection including M Y T H Inc Link Myth Nomers and Im Pervections M Y T H Inc In Action Sweet Myth tery of Life Myth ion Improbable and S

  • Title: Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures Vol. 2 (Myth Adventures, #7-12)
  • Author: Robert Lynn Asprin Phil Foglio
  • ISBN: 9781592221127
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Robert Asprin s Myth Adventure Series continues in this collection including M.Y.T.H Inc Link, Myth Nomers and Im Pervections, M.Y.T.H Inc In Action, Sweet Myth tery of Life, Myth ion Improbable and Something M.Y.T.H Inc Includes illustrations by Phil Foglio.

    One thought on “Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures Vol. 2 (Myth Adventures, #7-12)”

    1. Again I face the problem that this book is actually multiple books--in this case, volumes 7 through 12 of a series of which I have already reviewed the first six (in two-book sets). The appeal was to some degree uneven, but generally good overall.This volume was more interesting overall, though, because through the first four books it was closely tied from one to another which made it read more like a single novel. I had settled into that fairly nicely, but then at the beginning of the fifth (bo [...]

    2. a good collection but his story are more weak then in the beginning.I love book 11 and the antology-like Myth Inc is good as well with Gleeps Tale, love his citat there; "how fools those mortals be" - Smaug

    3. Truly a fun read. The humor is only probably liked by people who play D&D, but who cares. Some great sarcasm and puns.

    4. Wasn't reallly thrilled with this book. When I read the first Myth Adventures, the only thing that really got to me was the grammar mistakes. The style was great, and the writing was good. In this book, Asprin switches between characters' points of view, writing different characters' stories within the book. Not a fan, but it was okay.

    5. Fun, clever, imaginative, and entertaining. This series has been a favorite of mine for years. If you're looking for a well-written, entertaining read, look no further! I'm glad to see they've released them in this formatI may have to replace my old, tattered copies.

    6. This book, and its companion volume, have some typesetting problems, which is why I rated them 2 stars. The stories are great but paragraphs begin and end in weird places and other issues make these not great compilations.

    7. Read these as a tween and I LOVED them! I can't tell you how many times I read them. Wonderful books, wonderful!!!!Jenn BrinkAuthor of the Jessica Hart Series

    8. Another laugh out loud addition to the Myth adventures. If you enjoyed the first one, this is more of the same.

    9. Volume 1 contained 6 great books. Volume 2 continued that trend for 4 books. Unfortunately, the last 2 didn't live up to the rest of the series.

    10. Fewer errors in this collection than the previous, which enhances the enjoyment of Skeeve and co.'s adventures.

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