Le Bal; And, Snow in Autumn

Le Bal And Snow in Autumn Le Bal depicts the life of the Kampfs who having recently gone up in the world thanks to luck with the stock decide to throw a ball in order to launch themselves into society Snow in Autumn pays hom

Le Bal Official Site LE BAL Books is a bookshop specialized in photobooks, with contemporary, self published, out of print rare books Its catalog proposes references and a careful and international selection of classic books and reprints, together with rare books and limited editions. Bal des dbutantes Le Bal des Dbutantes, also known simply as le Bal or, previously, the Crillon Ball , is a debutante ball and fashion event held annually in November that brings together girls aged to from about a dozen countries. Le Bal Snow in Autumn by Irne Nmirovsky Le Bal is the one I liked the most It was written in and I felt impressed by how . I read a book written by Irne Nmirovsky for the first time many years ago, and I vividly remember that I Le Bal Feb , Directed by Ettore Scola With tienne Guichard, Rgis Bouquet, Francesco De Rosa, Arnault LeCarpentier The year story of a ballroom in France, from the s The people who go there is always the same, even the musicians You can see all kind of people dancing all the fashion dances depending on the age. LE BAL Home Facebook LE BAL , Impasse de la Dfense, Paris, France Rated . based on Reviews I absolutely adored this space It was my first time there Haute Couture le Bal Paris Although many of the girls who participate in le Bal arrive already acquainted with Paris, fine jewelry, and French cuisine, the Bal for each debutante serves as an initiation into the mysteries of haute couture. Le Bal film Le bal Italian Ballando ballando, French pronunciation , meaning The ball is a Italian Franco Algerian film without dialogue directed by Ettore Scola that represents a fifty year story of French society by way of a ballroom in France. Inside Le Bal The World s Most High Profile Debutante Le Bal was started in by French publicist Ophlie Renouard as a modern take on the traditional debutante ball Renouard explains that the girls who are invited to be presented are good students, concerned with charity and, of course, they love fashion

  • Title: Le Bal; And, Snow in Autumn
  • Author: Irène Némirovsky Sandra Smith
  • ISBN: 9780099493976
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • Le Bal depicts the life of the Kampfs who, having recently gone up in the world thanks to luck with the stock, decide to throw a ball in order to launch themselves into society Snow in Autumn pays homage Chekhov and chronicles the life of a devoted servant following her masters as they flee Moscow and emigrate to Paris.

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    1. This book is comprised of two novellas. The first, Le Bal, is about a 14 year old girl's revenge on her narcissistic and overbearing mother. Its an absolute gem. It is just one of the most satisfying stories ever, at least if you happen to be the daughter of a cold and unloving mother. The writing, characterisation, pacing and ending are all perfectly executed. A five-star story without a doubt. But 10 stars for the schadenfreude of the delicious denouement. Ooooh I wish I'd been there!`The seco [...]

    2. Come mosche d'autunno presenta, oltre al racconto omonimo, anche Il ballo. In questi due racconti in cui le tematiche familiari sono il tema centrale, la Nemirovsky ha fatto centro ancora una volta. Nel primo racconto veniamo trasportati in una famiglia russa rappresentata dalla figura di Tat'jana, la balia, che si trasferisce in Francia. Qui fa fatica ad adattarsi alla nuova realtà, rimpiangendo la neve dei rigidi inverni russi, mentre i giovani, proprio come le mosche che in autunno hanno del [...]

    3. 'El baile' es un libro perfecto con todas las letras. No le sobra ni le falta nada. Es una pequeña obra maestra concentrada en menos de 100 páginas. Despierta mi envidia hasta límites insospechados.Antoinette es una niña de 14 años, hija de un matrimonio que gracias a un golpe de suerte en la bolsa ha conseguido situarse en la alta sociedad del París de antes de la segunda guerra mundial. Por eso deciden celebrar un gran baile e invitar la flor y nata, pero no tienen pensado que Antoinette [...]

    4. from The Book Hooligan"A kind of giddiness took hold of her: the wild need to do something outrageous and evil. She clenched her teeth, crumpled up all the invitations, tore them into little pieces and threw them into the Seine. For a long while, her heart pounding, she watched them floating, caught against one of the bridge's arches. And then the wind finally swept them deep into the water." - Narrator, from Le Bal"Back and forth they went, between their four walls, silently, like flies in autu [...]

    5. The first story in this collection of two long short stories or short novellas was impossible for me to read - I quit about four pages in, feeling like I had been locked in a room with a bunch of awful people and then realizing I could just escape by closing the book. The second story, however, is both beautiful and beautifully written, offering insight into the very strange world of someone who had served generations of Russian nobility and followed them into exile.

    6. 3.5I read a book written by Irène Némirovsky for the first time many years ago, and I vividly remember that I was struck by her writing style. I found it well developed and compelling, I felt immediately attracted by it. It is like it has the ability to speak directly to me in a way that it's not always easy to find in books.These two short stories were the final confirmation that my first impression was right.Le Bal is the one I liked the most. It was written in 1928 and I felt impressed by h [...]

    7. 11. Le Bal and Snow in Autumn by Irene NemirovskyThese two stories are both rather depressing. In Le Bal, a precocious fourteen year old exacts a cruel revenge on her social climbing nouveau riche mother and father when they plan an elaborate ball that will not include her. One can feel some sympathy for Rosine, the mother, who is hiding her earlier lower class origins, even though she is a snob. I liked the second story, Snow in Autumn, better. An elderly Russian servant, Tatiana, guards a fami [...]

    8. Snow in Autumn is a minor piece - one note and precious - but a look at a family, and their servant, destroyed (or improved, depending on your perspective) by the Russian Revolution and by emigration.

    9. A book with two short stories written by the same author of 'Suite Franchise'. I quite enjoyed the first story in the book but found myself wanting more from the second, which I felt didn't have quite as much of an impact.

    10. The book has two parts, which are completely different stories, which I did not know at the beginning, because the blurb on the cover of the book only really talks about the first story in the book -Le Bal. The text cover was a bit negative in the sense that it blames the daughter and calls the daughter vengeful and a bit evilHaving read the story, I understand the girl's behaviour. The mother, Roisine Kampf, and her husband, Mr Kampf are planning to host a ball in their home, to mark their asce [...]

    11. I have read the first novella in this bind-up of two, "Le Bal." I hope to read "Snow in Autumn" soon, then review them both.

    12. These two stories are quite different, one the story of family of nouveau riche and the revenge taken by an unhappy teenage girl on her nasty, selfish mother. The second tale tells the story of a faithful Russian family servant, who in her advancing years follows the family she has served, as they emigrate to Paris.In La Bal, we meet the Kampf family. The Kampfs have recently become very wealthy, and Madame Kampf in particular is keen to join the ranks of Parisian society. She is very aware of h [...]

    13. This a short book, two short stories, each about fifty pages long. Le Bal tells the story of an over-bearing mother and her 14 year of daughter. The family is nouveaux riche. The mother decides to throw a ball for the elite of French society. Her daughter desperately wants to attend but her mother won't have it. The conflict between the two is skillfully drawn. Nemirovsky is a master of crisp and revealing dialogue. She has a keen insight into the way people think and gets into the heads of her [...]

    14. Both of these short novellas were wonderful! Filled with Némirovsky’s beautiful, elegant style of writing and her ability to draw the reader into her stories, as if they were really there does not fail her in both short stories.Le Bal, as a great story, filled with emotion, I felt so sorry for the poor little girl, who never felt love from her mother, the emotion pours of the pages, and you feel so much for her. Némirovsky was able to create such real and believable characters for this short [...]

    15. Antoinette grows up under the oppressive and strict discipline of her wealth Jewish parents (made so by the stock market) in Parisian, France society in the 20’s. Upon her parents deciding to throw a dance to build their reputation among their fellow aristocrats, she isn’t allowed to attend (and flaunt her beauty) but is instead scolded to sleep quietly in the closet. Compelled into a state of self-pity, youthful angst and maliciousness towards others she throws her parents invitations into [...]

    16. [So this book was actually called La Symphonie de Paris, but I couldn't find it on the search]I really enjoyed this! This is the second Irene Nemirovksy I've read, and it still gives me this kind of spooky feeling knowing htat I'm reading an unpublished manuscript. These short stories, according to the preface and my own powers of deduction, were written in a very cinematic style- that is lots of detailed visual description and even some weird "scene" changes in one story. I LOVED the title sto [...]

    17. A compact and poignant story about a family who try to enter the cream of the Paris socialites by throwing a party. The engineer of the event is the mother of the family, and the night of the party is being depicted through the narration of her teen aged daughter, who is denied even an appearance in the ball in fear of social embarrassment.Iréne Némirovsky’s writing feels very modern even after 80 plus years, and the conflict between a superficial mother and her bitter daughter turns into pr [...]

    18. glad that I've came across with this book, its such a delicate and insightful reading about immature mind and feelings of a girl and a smart revenge and brilliant way she get her revenge on life. it was exactly what I was looking for, easy but complex, delightful and enjoyable. it is a short story to read in such a busy days but so rich! its a story about a girl and her world and an event about to happen, which is a ball, such a social event for rich people to interact which her mother is really [...]

    19. The Ball is a short story about a nouveau riche family in France. The parents decide to have a lavish ball, but the mother, who generally treats her 14-year-old daughter Antoinette rather badly, refuses to allow Antoinette to attend. Antoinette exacts her revenge in a terrible and yet funny way.Snow in Autumn is the story of the Karine family and their exile to Paris during the Russian civil war. The story is told mostly from the point-of-view of the family's loyal and elderly nanny, Tatiana Iva [...]

    20. These two novellas are strong stories,with most of the story within the protagonist's head. In Le Bal, a nouveau riche couple plan to hold their first ball, but don't include their young teen daughter in the invitations. As we look at things from young Antoinette's point of view as she exercises revenge for her mother's dismissive attitude, we see the desparation for acceptance of Madame Kampf, the relationship between the Kampf's and their social situation.In the second story, we look at things [...]

    21. My second Nemirovsky. This one consists of two novellas. The first, Le Bal, concerns a nouveau riche couple who attempt to give their first ball, inviting all the movers and shakers of Paris in order to cement their social standing. However the wife has a very fractious (emotionally abusive?) relationship with her 14 year old daughter, whom she will not allow to attend the ball. Consequently her daughter decides to take revenge. If you tend to get embarrassed on behalf of others in socially awkw [...]

    22. Le Bal and Snow in Autumn are two novellas by Irene Nemirovsky, the author of Suite Francaise.I didn't care much for Le Bal. It's the story of a nouveau riche family desperately trying to be accepted into high society. The mother . . . a crude, harsh, woman intends to hold a ball, but refuses to allow her daughter to attend. The language reflects the mother's character. I found it distasteful and jarring. Moreover, the mother's character was so one-dimensional! I rated this two star, nothing mor [...]

    23. "It was at this moment, this fleeting moment that their paths crossed 'on life's journey'. One of them was about to ascend, the other to plunge downward into darkness. But neither of them realized it."This collection of two novellas features some sharp psychological insight in a toxic haute-bourgeois setting. Check out the spinster piano teacher who immediately checks to see if her invitation to a ball is printed or engraved amazing little details like this really sell the story.I preferred "The [...]

    24. Le Bal tells the story of a young girl, Antoinette Kampf, who lives with her parents in an opulent apartment in Paris. It wasn't always like this; the father had to work hard to amass his fortune, but he was determined to succeed. She has a difficult relationship with her mother, Rosine. Rosine has had a rather shady past, and is equally as determined as her husband to be "accepted" into French high society. To this end they plan a Ball. They invite all the titled and the rich of Paris, they spe [...]

    25. These two contrasting novellas make perfect bookends.Le Bal is a snapshot of a family which should never have been.Its total dysfunction is revealed in its preparations for a shallow Parisian ball in the 1930's when its outsiders attempt to make their mark in a society which is obviously not worth joining.The disaster which ensues is deliciously horrible.Snow in Autumn is a languid but no less gripping tale of a family's escape from the Russian Revolution into outsider status in Paris, as seen t [...]

    26. When I finished reading Suite Francaise, I told myself I was going to read everything and anything Irene Nemirovsky had written. With Le Bal & Snow in Autumn, I'm starting to make good on that promise. This book consists of two short novellas. The first one, Le Bal, is about a young teenager name Antoinette and her selfish, abusive mother. When her mother organizes a lavish ball to flaunt the family's new-found wealth, Antoinette makes a choice which will forever alter the family's destiny. [...]

    27. While lacking the punch of Suite Francaise or Fire in the Blood, these two novellas provide a snapshot of the lives of their characters. The family in "Le Bal" is certainly not sympathetic, but the story makes you feel like you've stepped into their living room to watch their atrocious behavior. "Snow in Autumn" looks quite empathetically at the travails of a Russian family fleeing the Revolution. There is little discussion of whether they were really part of the problem (ruthless Barines who mi [...]

    28. LE BAL contains two short stories; 'Le Bal' and 'Snow in Autum.' 'Le Bal' was a fabulous short story, I loved the envy between mother and daughter and how it was resolved by a disastrous party - great! the latter half of this book contains a hard-to-top short 'Snow in Autum,' it was hard to relate to the characters as it was a bland story with nothing to offer, I realy wouldn't recommend this book to many people unless they were looking for a quick read without much to offer. Because of the 'Sno [...]

    29. Two slight but vividly told novellas, which stick in the memory long after the book has been read. The titular story is a believable yet grotesque tale of humilation and revenge as a young girl comprehensively flattens the ambitions of her overbearing social climbing snob of a mother. The second novella is a moving account of an elderly woman's disrupted life during and after the Russian Revolution, building almost inevitably to a tragic end. These are dark stories, but there is a beauty and a s [...]

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