The Virgin's Secret

The Virgin s Secret Leo Parnassus has returned to Athens to head the family empire A New Yorker since childhood he finds life is certainly different here with family feuds and expectations to marry and produce heirs Ami

  • Title: The Virgin's Secret
  • Author: Abby Green
  • ISBN: 9780263877793
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • Leo Parnassus has returned to Athens to head the family empire A New Yorker since childhood, he finds life is certainly different here with family feuds and expectations to marry and produce heirs Amid all this tradition, the beautiful girl who catches Leo s eye is a welcome distraction.She may be a lowly waitress, but Angel has her secrets Leo will be pleased to discoLeo Parnassus has returned to Athens to head the family empire A New Yorker since childhood, he finds life is certainly different here with family feuds and expectations to marry and produce heirs Amid all this tradition, the beautiful girl who catches Leo s eye is a welcome distraction.She may be a lowly waitress, but Angel has her secrets Leo will be pleased to discover she s a virgin, but not that she s the daughter of his adversary Or that, in nine months, there will be one secret revealed

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    1. Another great book from my favorite author, Abby Green.I was hooked from the first page until the last. An emotional story that had me turning page after page, wanting to know if the hero and heroine would ever get together and be happy.An amazing, and powerful and brilliantly written love story that has depth, family feuds, secrets, betrayal, anger, mistrust, murder, drama and the consequences of family sins have on their children. Leo and Angel, two complexed characters that you can’t stop f [...]

    2. The H/h come from warring families with a back-history of rape, murder, and suicide. However, they cant keep their eyes - and other body parts - off each other as soon as they meet. Since her family has done his family the most wrong, he blackmails/bribes her into becoming his mistress.This turned out to be a sexy Presents with a healthy dose of distrust on the hero's side. I was surprised by how much I ended up liking it since I was thinking of DNFing after the first 50 pages. The author initia [...]

    3. "A virgin didn’t go out to seduce rich husbands." If only this Hero could share this brilliant thought with the rest of HPs HeroesRead Vintage's and Dianna's reviews to know what I felt about this book.

    4. I was a little nervous purchasing this one because it seemed like the reviews were very conflicting. I was also a little leery given that I really don't like the super macho, arrogant, alpha, cruel, abusive Heros and heroines that have absolutely no backbone. I was afraid that these two characters might fall into that category. But they didn't. I really enjoyed Leo and Angel and was cheering them onto their happy ending almost from the first page. Both characters were strongd even though Angel s [...]

    5. This was a fairly typical mistress-o-blackmail novel. It's one of my favorite tropes and I thought this one was well done.Some readers may appreciate that this time the evidence against the heroine was pretty damning. She even admitted that she wouldn't have believed the truth. Of course, blackmailing someone into bed for revenge is skeezy. unless the blackmailer is a gorgeous HP tycoon with mad skills in bed ;)Also, hero doesn't immediately exonerate her of all blame the minute he realizes she' [...]

    6. I read this before I started reviewing so I'm going to toss out a quick review.Angsty Greek Romeo/Juliet story of revenge. Luc, the H, and Angel, the h, come from warring families. Back in the day, Angel's family set up someone from Luc's so the whole family was exiled from beloved Greece.Luc is, shockarama, a billionaire whose dad still wants him to doI don't remember do stuff, but handsome Luc is back in Greece as their family name has been exonerated. He meets Angel at a party where she is wa [...]

    7. Lots of great reviews! This is the one where the heroine is working for a catering company and ends up at her enemy's family villa serving drinks. Her sister is pregnant. Her father is abusive. She has had to put her dreams of being a jewelry designer to rest because the hero's family is bankrupting hers. She and the hero have Romeo and Juliet insta-lust before they realize the other's identity.The hero has vowed revenge and when the heroine is caught sneaking his father's will back into the vil [...]

    8. A blackmail/warring family/revenge plot. It is hard not to easily become involved emotionally with Angel and Leo. They are total opposites, one would do just about anything to protect her younger sister, the other a hard shell, jaded man quick to judge. While this story is emotionally intense, the pacing seemed to lag in places and the reason I gave this book 3 stars instead of a 5. I also wish there was more internal dialogue from Angel so we could really see how she felt and be able to relate [...]

    9. Once upon a time, Leo’s great uncle was accused of raping and murdering Angel’s great aunt, and his entire family was forced to flee Greece and emigrate to America to escape the shame. I think that it is important to note that I recognise Green’s allusions to classical Greek drama, because I want to now randomly mention that I have read Aeschylus, and feel that his works have given me a better contextual understanding of ‘The Virgin’s Secret.’ Through this lens, it is a perfectly rea [...]

    10. I had to laugh when one of the other reviewers complained about the icky title. I used to complain about the generic titles HM&B were using at this time and rejoiced when they moved away from that habit. Now I'm starting to feel a fondness for them because at least you know exactly what you are getting. YOu want a virgin, and I admit to being one of the longtime romance readers who really loves a story where the heroine actually gets it right first time, then if there is the word virgin in t [...]

    11. So I can't remember why I hated this one. It was probably because of the heroine. Everyone loved it, including my heroine-hater friends. So why didn't I?I'm so glad that I write reviews now, so I can remember what I thought of the books I read. I have such a horrid memory xD

    12. Surprisingly good for a Harlequin, real rating is 3.5 stars.OK, I'll admit it. I'm not always in the mood for a 6 course meal at a fancy restaurant, sometimes I just want a bag of chips, and Harlequin romance books are my chips.Soooo, yes, 3-4 times a year I pick up a Harlequin, but the thing is, I never put it on my bookshelves or review it. One of the reasons for that is that they're all variations on the same theme: rich tycoon (usually Greek/Portuguese/Brazilian/Russian/Italian) sees a girl [...]

    13. Blackmail-revenge-mistress story; well-written and quite an enjoyable little nugget but overall forgettable.

    14. The first time Leo Parnassus meets the beautiful waitress named Angel, he doesn't know who she is. The second time Leo sees her, he knows he won't make the same mistake again. Angel is the daughter of his families longtime enemy and part of a family feud that has been going on for years. Leo believes she is just another in a long line of treacherous Kassianides looking to betray his family.Angel has been estranged from her father since the beginning of time, when she finds him rejoicing over the [...]

    15. Plus point: One of the best first-time sex scene written. After reading an unsavoury forced sex scene in another book, I needed the balm of a tender Greek hero all wrapped up in dark skin, hard muscles and smouldering eyes.Minor irritant:Nice, steamy love scenes but really, some authors have to stop with the very willing heroine, ready for round two, soon after the hymen is broken. At the very least, qualify it with a walks-like-a duck for the next few days.It's a sweet love story. Abby Green is [...]

    16. Wow! I felt an emotional connection to angel, and Leo, and everything they had gone though. At first I wanted to dislike Leo, But the more I read the more I liked him. He was a rich, powerful, alpha male, which showed his gentle side. Angel’s story just touched my heart. No one should have to go through what she did, or what she was doing now, to save her family. This story was an emotional read, with some good hot, sex scene’s thrown in. If you’re looking for a good quick book to read, do [...]

    17. i usually dislike this kinda trope as the hero is usually cruel and i'm disgusted when a hero can treat a heroine no better than like a prostitute! however, leo was never cruel. he was mean at his worst but the reader cud still feel dat he cared deeply for angel. he did lots of things which depicted his growing attachment to her, though he thought the worst of her!

    18. Leo Parnassus has returned to Athens to take over the family business. His father has finally regained control after a lot of sacrifices. Leo wasn’t happy w/ the sacrifices and he is even less happy to discover the daughter of his family’s turmoil is at his home. Angel Kassianides truly didn’t go to the Parnassus house voluntarily and she isn’t feeling great about the difficulties that the Parnassus family endured because of her diabolical father! But she has some good reasons for doing [...]

    19. Everybody's got a secret BUT the beautiful girl who catches Leo's eye has BIG BIG ones Let's list them shall we :(view spoiler)[1e's "Angel Kassianides" the daughter of his adversary!2e's a virgin3.her sister is 3 months pregnant4e didn't steal his fathers will 5.her father used to hit her !6e LOVES "Leonidas Parnassus" who is supposed to be her enemy !!!7d she is currently pregnant with his baby !!! (hide spoiler)]So what would a girl do with all these secrets ???Wanna know what Angel did ? th [...]

    20. Another HP with an icky title, another virgin.t that there is anything wrong with that! I am more than ok with fantasies where the heroine's first time mirrors that of the model in K-Y Intense commercialLucky b**** What is funny/sad are the creative ways the h's virgin status has to be explained away by the one was certainly different from all other HPs!

    21. It's a 4.3*. like that the h isn't a doormat. has degree in jewel designing and plan to make a career out of it.

    22. Abby's novels are always so emotional (at least her 'older' ones) and this one was no exception. Worth the read.

    23. The Virgin's Secret was your typical blackmailed/mistress trope mixed with an arrogant, domineering alpha Greek hero and sweet, feisty, virginal heroine. I wasn't surprised by how much I ended up liking it. I was hooked from page one up to the last.I loved the relationship between Leo and Angel. The connection between them was palpable. It was hot and heavy right from the moment they met. I found myself totally invested in their relationship. I adored Angel. She's a real trooper and a genuine ki [...]

    24. Angel Kassianides is surprised to find that a family enemy, Leonidas Parnassus, is the man she falls for at the Parnassus home. Working as a waitress to help support her family, she is in the home of the family a relative had betrayed and accused of a horrific crime. A crime the accuser had actually committed. The ensuing fued drove the Parnassus family out of Greece, until the now triumphent return of Leo.Angel's father, an abusive alcoholic, sought to keep himself from bankruptcy by blackmaili [...]

    25. A great read.easantly surprised at what a well written sweet read this was this was the first book read by this author. A very charming passionate readYou come to feel for these two as they struggle to overcome their families' feud & misunderstandings so they can have a happy ending. A modern day "Romeo & Juliet" romance with a happy ever after.

    26. Oh my word! About once a year I get a "wanting" to read some mindless romance. And I was in good will and they have five for a $1 so I got five books. I've read two so far and this once is just ugh. Boringly predictablebut all these romances are I guessI think I needed a mindless book though after just finishing 4 heavy duty (make you think and pay attention) science fiction books.

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