My Grandfather's Coat

My Grandfather s Coat A rollicking rhyming fun rendition of a favorite folksong about a many times recycled coat by the award winning bestselling team of Jim Aylesworth and Barbara McClintock When my grandfather came to

  • Title: My Grandfather's Coat
  • Author: Jim Aylesworth Barbara McClintock
  • ISBN: 9780439925457
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A rollicking, rhyming, fun rendition of a favorite folksong about a many times recycled coat by the award winning, bestselling team of Jim Aylesworth and Barbara McClintock When my grandfather came to Americahe made himself a handsome coat Then he wore it and he wore it and he wore it until it was all worn out So what did he do He snipped and he clipped and he stitchedA rollicking, rhyming, fun rendition of a favorite folksong about a many times recycled coat by the award winning, bestselling team of Jim Aylesworth and Barbara McClintock When my grandfather came to Americahe made himself a handsome coat Then he wore it and he wore it and he wore it until it was all worn out So what did he do He snipped and he clipped and he stitched and he sewedd out of the still good cloth of his coat he made himself a smart jacket How many things can Grandfather makeout of that old frayed coat Jim Aylesworth s satisfying retelling and Barbara McClintock s heartwarming pictures celebrate how Grandfather cleverly recycles his beloved coat through four generations.

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    1. My Grandfather's Coat is a beautiful story based on the Yiddish folksong,"I Had a Little Overcoat."The story starts with a Grandfather coming to America and getting his start. He then makes himself a coat. "How many wonderful things can Grandfather make out of that old coat?" Read along in the story to find out! It's such a heartwarming story with beautiful illustrations. Children will love it. I especially loved the author's and artist's note in the back which tells their own stories.5*****

    2. Based on a Yiddish folksong, this picture book celebrates the thrift, hard work and skills of immigrants to the United States. Told in the first person by the grandchild, this book looks at one man who came to the US and worked hard as a tailor. He met a woman and they got married and he made his own coat for the wedding. He wore it everywhere until finally, it was worn it. So then what did he do? He made it into a jacket. He wore that everywhere and eventually wore it out too. So then he made i [...]

    3. This is a sweet folktale about a man who comes to America and makes himself a coat. It's a story that has teaching moments for so many topics.Lessons on immigrants coming to America and making a good, solid life for themselves.Lessons on repurposing and upcycling.Lessons on not hoarding things but, instead, using them with love.ntially loving them to death.Lessons on how not to be sad when material possessions are gone.Lessons on family and storytelling and chain of events.The illustrations are [...]

    4. This beautiful picture book retells the story found in an old Yiddish folk song, I Had a Little Overcoat." The sweet story focuses on an immigrant who uses material to make a coat. As the years pass and generations are born, the coat becomes a suit coat, a vest, a tie, and many more necessary items. There is a rhythm to this story that will make it an excellent read aloud. The lovely watercolor illustrations will catch the eyes of young readers and tell as much of the story as the lyrical text. [...]

    5. Based on the Yiddish folksong of "I Had a Little Overcoat" this re-telling puts the story squarely in America and teaches a lot about what it's like to come to a new country and have very little - and then to build a dream. I loved the way the pictures reflected the changing of the times - in clothing, hairstyles, and the world around our characters. They age and still carry on with a story to continue though the generations - which indeed is the point of the song. I think this is my favorite pi [...]

    6. A great story enforcing my grandparents teaching of "waste not, want not". I loved this little story and the illustrations.

    7. This book is great picture book for young children. The book describes the cycle of a piece of cloth that grandfather had been made into a coat, a smart jacket, a vest, a tie, a toy when finally it could made into nothing else. The illustrations show each step grandfather took to make these things. They are simple yet very intertaining for the reader to view. This book is fun and easy for young children to read. It shows the many different things a tailor can make out of cloth.(non-fiction pictu [...]

    8. With its roots in a Yiddish folk song, this lively immigration story tells about how the narrator's grandfather, a talented tailor, sewed himself a coat for his wedding day. Eventually he wears the coat out, and he fashions it into a jacket, a vest, a tie, and a toy. I love the ending and how the text uses some of the same words as the garment is reduced each time as well as the recycling theme that runs through the story. Showing how the family members age over time, the illustrations, created [...]

    9. Text to text connection: Tell how this remind you of another book you have read. How are two books similar or different.In "My Grandfather's Coat" the grandfather's makes a coat. It keeps getting so tattered that Grandfather must make something smaller. First he sews a jacket then a vest, a tie, and finally a toy. The toy gets tattered and a mother mouse takes it for her nest. soon there is nothing left. All his time, Grandfather doesn't get mad or frustrated, he just uses his imagination and cr [...]

    10. I am going to have to let this sit for a while, because I like Joseph Had a Little Overcoat so much.I sort of liked the repetitions, but I didn't like the ending as much. Someone pointed out the nice inter-generational aspect. So maybe a 3.5, but I still think Taback's book will be more popular with the cut-outs, and I like the ending better.

    11. A lively retelling of the Yiddish folksong "I Had a Little Overcoat." The text has a flowing rhythm that makes this ideal for reading aloud. Young readers will appreciate the illustrations that show the passing of time for four generations. A lovely celebration of family and culture!

    12. Nothing is ever wasted. Sentimental retelling of a traditional story that just might have you sniffling; just a little.

    13. Non-fiction Book #1My Grandfather’s CoatJim AylesworthOpening“Today we are going to start exploring a new genre with this book, My Grandfather’s Coat. (show cover of book and illustrations from inside the book) Based on the illustrations, what do you think the genre might be? (children respond) Listen to what the author says: ‘My grandfather loved the jacket, and he wore it, and he wore it. And little bit by little bit, he frayed it and he tore it, until at lasthe wore it out!’ You wil [...]

    14. My Grandfather’s CoatBy: Jim Aylesworth(Flip to the page with the Statue of liberty in the background) Does anyone know what this is? Do you know where this is located? (Wait for response) That is correct! The statue of liberty is in New York. This book follows the journey of an immigrant coming to America. My great grandpa Rerucha made the same journey to America all the way from Czechoslovakia. This was how many immigrants traveled to America. Now, let’s look at the title of this book, My [...]

    15. This book is so sweet on so many levels.  I love hearing about people's most well-loved items, I love seeing books with dog ears and broken spines, I love seeing where sewing kits have done their jobs.  And, I love stories.  My Grandfather's Coat combines all of those things.  With Aylesworth's story and McClintock's illustrations, this is the perfect book for a child.  Thanks to the illustrations, the story reads as though it's your own well-loved memory.  This is definitely a picture b [...]

    16. Absolutely adorable story. Makes me think of the older generations and how nothing went to waste. Sweet story and beautiful illustrations.

    17. Sorry to anyone who reads this review, I'm writing this for a class I am taking.Text-to-text connection: While I was looking for Caldecott Award winners the librarian that was helping me pointed out a book called “Joseph Had a Little Overcoat” I read through it and really liked it, but ultimately it did not have a new enough trademark date to use in out class. Thankfully, I did read it though because it is the perfect connect to “My Grandfather’s Coat”. I believe both are based off the [...]

    18. This is a very well-done retelling of a Yiddish folksong, "I Had a Little Overcoat."My Grandfather's Coatretold by Jim Aylesworth; illustrated by Barbara McClintock Press, 2014ISBN 978-0-439-92545-7Picture book, fiction, folksong32 unnumbered pages : color illustrations ; 29 cmDewey: 398.2Interest Level: K-3; Reading Level: 2.4Lexile measure: 9104 out of 5 stars My Grandfather's Coat is a retelling of a Yiddish folksong, "I Had a Little Overcoat." The story begins with a young man coming to Amer [...]

    19. Text to Self: I really connected to this book because I spend a lot of time with the older people in my family and grew up hearing stories about different family members’ journey to America. Because my grandparents grew up in the years immediately following the Great Depression, they have a similar mindset to the grandfather in the story. Re-purposing something so that it lasts for decades is something I remember hearing over and over. Overall, this story sounds like a great family memory that [...]

    20. This is the standard Joseph had a little overcoat story, but it’s done in such a touching way following the family through the generations that if feels very fresh. It might be one of those books that appeals a bit more to adults for the sentimentality of the story and pictures, but the fresh spin and details still make it a book for children.I love the illustrations in the book, probably even more than the actual text. McClintock repeats layouts throughout the book that visually connect the f [...]

    21. Categories/Genres for this class fulfilled by this book: Traditional literature, picture bookEstimate of age level of interest: grades K-3Estimate of reading level: grade 2Brief description: In this retelling of the Yiddish folksong “I Had a Little Overcoat”, a young tailor comes to America and makes himself a coat for his wedding day, which, as it wears out, he turns into a jacket, a vest, a tie, and finally a cat toy for his great-grandson. In the end, all that’s left is the story.Identi [...]

    22. This book focuses on a man who came to America and becomes a tailor. He creates a coat for himself. We watch as the coat starts as a trench coat and changes so many times that it ends as nothing. The story being told from the perspective of the granddaughter. For a text-to-self connection I would ask my students if they have something like a blanket or a coat that they have had since birth. I would explain that I have a blanket that I have had for as long as I can remember, which started off as [...]

    23. A young immigrant lad arrives in America and becomes a tailor; for his wedding day, he crafts himself a handsome blue coat. In this skilled retelling of the traditional Jewish song, he wears it until it frayed and tore and then refitted over the years as a smart jacket, a snazzy vest, a stylish tie, and finally a toy for a great-grandson! Even that is eventually reused−when in tatters, it becomes a nest for a mouse and her family! McClintock’s pen and ink and watercolor illustrations beautif [...]

    24. This story is a Nebraska Golden Sower nominee for 2016. I did not find it on any of the Caldecott nomination lists but thought I'd add it to my reading this week since it is a book that fits into my personal reading challenge for this class. This story tells about a man who came to America and became a tailor. He worked very hard and made himself a coat. Through the years, the coat became worn and eventually, he made it into a jacket. Through the years, the jacket became worn so he converted it [...]

    25. Based on the traditional Yiddish song, the tale of a thrifty immigrant who makes a coat, then when it is worn continually remakes it into other smaller pieces of clothing until it is completely used up.I’ll be honest. I actually wasn’t really interested in reading this book. I’ve read Taback’s Joseph Had a Little Overcoat based on the same song and thought this would be too similar. But this came in a recent book order and I thought I might as well glance at it. And guess what? I like it [...]

    26. Although not as great as Caldecott Winner "Joseph Had an Overcoat" by Simms Taback, renowned author Jim Ayelsworth's version of this folktale is a great multi-generational read-aloud for all ages. Ayelsworth tells the tale of a young immigrant's and how over the years his hand-tailored overcoat became countless renditions of different pieces of clothing, each one wearing a bit down with each generation.This wonderful rendition of the Yiddish folksong "I Had a Little Overcoat" tells of the thrift [...]

    27. The story of a man who designed, wore, and wore out his special wedding coat. He then redesigned it over and over into something smaller and smaller as he grew older and older, wearing it to special family events like his daughter's wedding, the birth of his grandchildren, the day his granddaughter first walked, rode a bike, graduated, and was married. The granddaughter narrating the story tells her son that finally, her grandfather gave the reinvented coat/vest/tie to him as a toy for him and h [...]

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