Dramatic Technique in Fiction

Dramatic Technique in Fiction The book approaches the problems of writing both fiction and non fiction

  • Title: Dramatic Technique in Fiction
  • Author: Robert Bahr
  • ISBN: 9781887650083
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • The book approaches the problems of writing, both fiction and non fiction.

    One thought on “Dramatic Technique in Fiction”

    1. Excellent guide to writing fiction or creative non-fiction. Despite the lack of flash in this little volume, the advice really spoke to me. Bahr has a unique approach - demonstrating how writing fiction is like creating for the "theater of the mind." While he gave some advice I haven't heard before, the chief accomplishment of Bahr's book is to readjust the way you look at what you are already doing so you can do it better.Bahr is totally not pretentious, and his love of writing comes through. D [...]

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