New Friends

New Friends Polly the new girl in town is lively and fun loving while Jillian on the quiet side is just the opposite but they may become friends even best friends

  • Title: New Friends
  • Author: Dorothy Haas
  • ISBN: 9780590415064
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Polly, the new girl in town, is lively and fun loving while Jillian, on the quiet side, is just the opposite, but they may become friends even best friends.

    One thought on “New Friends”

    1. This was my favorite series when I was a kid. Probably one of the first chapter books I ever read. Such great memories <3

    2. I admit I don't remember this book well but I remember staying up all night reading it and running to the library the next day for the rest of the series. I was 10 and thought I hated reading but I loved these books and they turned me on to a wonderful new world.

    3. this book is about a young girl who doesnt understand anything about grownups or her older siblings. She also has to leave everything she knows and move to a new town. They even find a surprise along the way. Although this was a cute story i didnt feel like it went anywhere, the plot wasnt my favorite, and even though its a kids book i think they deserve to have something with a captivating story line.

    4. buku yang cukup baik untuk dibaca oleh anak-anak dan saya memang masih anak-anak ketika membacanya. bercerita tentang pertemanan yang baru dibentuk antara Jill dan Peanut. well pertemanan tidak harus terjalin karena banyak persamaan kita tapi bagaimana kita mencoba memahami semua perbedaan yang ada.

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