Toe Shoe Mouse

Toe Shoe Mouse After taking refuge in a grand old theater a charming and resourceful mouse falls in love with dance and wins the heart of a prima ballerina

  • Title: Toe Shoe Mouse
  • Author: Jan Carr Jennifer A. Bell
  • ISBN: 9780823424061
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After taking refuge in a grand old theater, a charming and resourceful mouse falls in love with dance and wins the heart of a prima ballerina.

    One thought on “Toe Shoe Mouse”

    1. The illustrator, Jennifer Bell, is local :-) Yay! And her illustrations for this book were so sweet. I really enjoyed them. It always makes me happy to see stories (and movies like Ratatouille) that make rodents sweet and adorable and not something we need to scream and kill. I love mice myself and think things like this are heartwarming. Just imagine if that's how mice were really thinking and feeling they just want to be loved and accepted. Well, I do little mice! Lol getting off topic here.Cu [...]

    2. I must first admit I love ballet so this story was to me very appealing. Before the story even begins, before the title page there begins on the inside front cover and is seen again on the inside back cover a beautiful illustration of roses on a pink background. This totally sets the mood for me. The beginning is full of suspense as the mouse is being chased through the severs to escape a cat and end up in a very old grand theater. The description of which and the illustrations that go with it a [...]

    3. A cuddly little mouse finds her way into a theater where she falls in love with ballet and befriends a ballerina. From the pink toe shoe and bows on the cover to the final floral end papers this is obviously aimed at little girls. Told in the first person, readers follow the mouse as she observes the ballet, runs from threats, and ends up in the ballerina's dressing room. The story has some excitement and suspense, but readers never doubt that it will end happily, as it does. Jennifer Bell's ill [...]

    4. All the tension and beauty of the ballet are magnified in this melodramatic mouse tale. Little Tendu (that’s “Stretch” for us English speakers) scampers gracefully through all areas of a beautiful old-fashioned ballet theaters as he flees a predatory cat, broom-wielding custodian, and gang of “ruthless rats.” The reader gets a mouse’-eye view of the theater’s murky back passages, costume workshop, and the chandelier-lit theater itself, with its velvet seats and ornate plasterwork. [...]

    5. Toe Shoe Mouseby Jan CarrPicture BookAges 2-7Quick Pick: Reluctant Girl Readers 2-7.Toe Shoe Mouse is the story of a little mouse that finds shelter in an auditorium where there is a ballet being performed. After being chased all around the performing house, the little mouse finds comfort in the toe of a ballet shoe. When discovered the little mouse is afraid, but winds up making friends with the ballerina. This is an excellent picture book for little girls or boys who are interested in ballet. [...]

    6. The Victorian end papers of this book will set the mood for a story that is enchanting, magical, and quite elegant. The sweet mouse in this story, who narrates all that happens between her living on the streets, and finding a safe haven at the grand theater describes in similes, metaphors, and beautiful vocabulary her harrowing journey. Readers will be cheering the little mouse on as they hope that the prima ballerina notices who is leaving all the presents on her dresser. With cats, rats, and s [...]

    7. Author Jan Carr has come out with a heartfelt tale of an unlikely friendship. Plot twists and turns keep the story edgy, while the payoff is touchingly sweet. The beauty of Carr’s writing is matched by Jennifer A. Bell’s gorgeous illustrations. Toe Shoe Mouse amounts to a luscious pas de deux between author and illustrator, ballerina and mouse. A great book to read aloud to kids.

    8. Age: Preschool-1st gradeAnimals: MouseArt: BalletSweet, soft illustrations give life to a little mouse who finds herself mesmerized by the ballet. Although the chase scenes are so repetitive that it gets tedious, the mouse's kind-hearted gifts towards a ballet dancer give this story a sweet ending.

    9. Very cute book about a mouse that stumbles into a ballet theater, establishes its abode there, pursues friendship with the resident ballerina, and the highjinks that ensue. I enjoyed the illustrations, as well as the narration by the mouse. A charming book.

    10. Beautiful illustrations accompany this sweet story of a little street mouse that finds refuge with a ballerina. The rodent's journey isn't easy nor is it without fear and danger. However, she ends up in a happy place as the pet of a dancer.

    11. Too long for story time, but I really enjoyed the art and the story. Perfect for kids who like ballet. I especially appreciate the intervals where they talk about how they had a horrible adventure, but you don't need to hear that part, made me chuckle.

    12. This charming story is about a little mouse who escapes from a hard life on the streets to a ballet theater where he finds refuge in a ballerina's dressing room. Little girls would enjoy this heartwarming tale!

    13. Dance your way into this book!! Toe Shoe Mouse is a must for every little ballerina. Tendu is adorable and inquisitive. Just the right amount of adventure for a little one, with a happy ending.

    14. This was a little bit textier at the beginning that I thought it would be before reading. However, it turns out to be a sweet story that young ballerinas would appreciate and love.

    15. This story is everything a little girl could want. Ballerina. Check. Fuzzy little mouse. Check. Surprise friendship. Check.It was adorable

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