Frontier Madam: The Life of Dell Burke, Lady of Lusk

Frontier Madam The Life of Dell Burke Lady of Lusk First edition first printing

  • Title: Frontier Madam: The Life of Dell Burke, Lady of Lusk
  • Author: June Willson Read
  • ISBN: 9780762744398
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • First edition, first printing.

    One thought on “Frontier Madam: The Life of Dell Burke, Lady of Lusk”

    1. Frontier Madam: The Life of Dell Burke, Lady of Lusk was not quite the book I thought it would be. I happened upon it when browsing the shelves of a used book store and figured "what the hey" and picked it up. Frontier Madam is supposed to tell us the story of Mary Ada Fisher later known as Dell Burke, Lady of Lusk, WY. Dell Burke moved to Lusk, WY in 1919 and opened her brothel, after some good business decisions she soon owned a couple lots of land with hotels. Her Yellow Hotel served as a bro [...]

    2. I read this as a young girl when it first came out. You think reading about a prostitute would have an adverse affect but on the contrary It gave me someone to look up to!Although you might not agree with her career path, Dell Burke was a wise business woman. The most impressive thing she did was use her earnings to buy Lusk's power plant. Every time someone threatened to shut down The Yellow Motel she'd threaten to shut down the town's power!I live down the road from Lusk so it's great to learn [...]

    3. Dell Burke, who owned and ran one of the most famous brothels-- the Yellow Hotel in Lusk Wyoming--for sixty years, is the subject of this entertaining biography. Dell was an intelligent, feisty, generous entrepreneur. Written in chronological order, the author has to imagine some of the dialog based on her numerous interviews, and her writing flow tends to stumble at times, but overall I found the book to be a quick, enjoyable read.

    4. It was such an interesting time period in America's history. Also, while some information may be missing regarding more personal aspects of her life, it says multiple times how Dell Burke was a very discreet person. So how would very personal information be available anyways? I found the book to be very interesting and well researched.

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