Lulu and the Rabbit Next Door

Lulu and the Rabbit Next Door When Lulu s nextdoor neighbor doesn t seem to be looking after his rabbit properly Lulu and her cousin Mellie devise a scheme to make him pay attention to his pet

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  • Title: Lulu and the Rabbit Next Door
  • Author: Hilary McKay
  • ISBN: 9781407131993
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Lulu s nextdoor neighbor doesn t seem to be looking after his rabbit properly, Lulu and her cousin Mellie devise a scheme to make him pay attention to his pet.

    One thought on “Lulu and the Rabbit Next Door”

    1. I just love Lula. A funny book that shows Lula solving problems, and dealing with friends. I can't wait to read more of the Lula series. I am sure that my tutor children will love her also.

    2. Funny, sweet and smart. This is one of my son's favorite series of books, and one of mine as well - there's so much for adults AND kids in the character interactions and humor. I really loved this book in particular - it's now tied with Lulu and the Dog From the Sea for the (much-coveted, I'm sure ;) ) position of My Top Favorite in the series.We took it away with us on our week of vacation, and Patrick and I had to read it out loud 6 times, all in all. Considering it's a 100-page book - and con [...]

    3. I love this early chapter book series. The star of this series is Lulu, who loves animals. She also happens to be black and I think it is so important to offer books to our students with main characters that are not white. Usually I make it my rule to buy books where the main characters are people of color from authors of color but this book breaks the rule. Still, it is a charming story of friendship. A new boy moves in next door and Lulu and her best friend are beside themselves wanting to mee [...]

    4. Lulu has five rabbits of her own (like me, almost), and one of them doesn't get along with the other four, because rabbits can be jerks. Lulu houses her rabbits outdoors and feeds them sweet potato, so she's not a champ on following House Rabbit Association recommendations, but she does what British rabbit owners do and we can't all be perfect.A little boy, Arthur, moves in next door to Lulu and he has a rabbit in a hutch. Arthur feeds George the rabbit and waters him everyday, but never gives h [...]

    5. First reviewed on Redeemed ReaderLulu is a true animal lover; her new neighbor Arthur is not. Lulu has quite the menagerie at her house; Arthur has one lonely rabbit. When Lulu and her cousin Mellie try to encourage Arthur to take better care of his rabbit George, they are met with outright hostility. Arthur would much rather be playing his Xbox. Plans to win over Arthur, or at least rescue George from rabbit boredom, range from rabbit-napping George to kid-napping Arthur himself! Then one week, [...]

    6. Although I liked the earlier titles in the Lulu series, this one just might be my favorite one so far. In some respects it reminds me of The Little Prince since the two friends, Lulu and Mellie, must tame their new neighbor Arthur and help him learn to be a better friend to his rabbit George. He's more interested in playing with his X-box than spending time with George, but slowly, the two girls convince him that George has much to offer. One of my favorite passages involved Mellie wishing that [...]

    7. Funny and warm. Lulu and Mellie are great characters, as is Arthur. As always, Hilary McKay has given them wonderful dialogue and powerful imaginations. The animals are very real, too. These are very engaging rabbits, and the drawings are perfect. I'm always so impressed by Hilary McKay, and am so glad to see such a great new series of early chapter books. This is sweet and warm without being precious, which I'm always so happy to find in a book for kids this age.

    8. This might be my favorite Lulu book yet. Lulu has a new neighbor. The new neighbor is a boy her own age. And that boy has a pet rabbit. That should make them instant comrades. However, Arthur doesn't treat his rabbit like a friend, only a chore. Lulu and Mellie set out to teach him what's what with wonderful results for all.

    9. Another sweet entry in the adventures of animal-loving Lulu and her cousin Mellie. This time a new boy moves in next door with a pet rabbit who he doesn't care for well enough. Lulu figures out a way to make friends and teach him how awesome his pet is. Love this series. Especially love that it's a biracial family, and that it's a total non-issue. Diverse and wonderful.

    10. Spectacular kudos to Hilary McKay, one of my favorite children's novelists, for successfully tackling the early chapter book. Hooray! It's sweet without being twee. Use this book for teaching letter-writing.

    11. Ah, that Lulu. She sure knows animals and people, too. Very clever girl. In this episode, Lulu teaches her new neighbor how to take care of his pet and he never knows she is teaching him. Love the Lulu books.

    12. A family is moving in next door. There is a boy called Arthur that owns a bunny that is not very happy.Lulu tries to make the boy let the bunny out and be happy. What can she do? Read the book to find out!I love this book a lot! This book is really good for kids.

    13. Lulu's neighbor isn't really paying attention to his rabbit Lulu gives the rabbit things like a carrot mobile.when she gives the rabbit those things he starts paying attention to ite end

    14. I read this with my six year old. She enjoyed the story and was motivated to finish it. It was cute and a pleasant read. My daughter would like to read the other books in the series.

    15. I enjoy this series so much. Lulu and her friend Mellie use cleverness and kindness to win over the new boy next door (and teach him how to properly take care of his pet rabbit as well!).

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