The Dreamer

The Dreamer Beginning with The Dreamer May McGoldrick s Highland Treasure trilogy captures the lives and loves of three Scottish sisters Now meet Laura The EnchantressFleeing persecution from the English king

  • Title: The Dreamer
  • Author: May McGoldrick
  • ISBN: 9780451197184
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beginning with The Dreamer, May McGoldrick s Highland Treasure trilogy captures the lives and loves of three Scottish sisters Now, meet Laura The EnchantressFleeing persecution from the English king, the three Percy sisters scattered to different corners of Scotland But when the level headed Laura found herself abducted by the fearsome Laird of Blackfearn, all herBeginning with The Dreamer, May McGoldrick s Highland Treasure trilogy captures the lives and loves of three Scottish sisters Now, meet Laura The EnchantressFleeing persecution from the English king, the three Percy sisters scattered to different corners of Scotland But when the level headed Laura found herself abducted by the fearsome Laird of Blackfearn, all her well made plans were torn asunder His reckless and wild ways left Laura burning in his wake and awakened in her a passion as untamed as his own.

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    1. We met John Stewart, Earl of Athol in Flame. Now he's back with problems of his own not only does his future bride cheat on him, he ends up marrying the person who had no entention of marrying,he also finds that he has a half-brother. It seems that things couldn't get any worse.or so he thought.Catherine Percy was on a mission and that mission was to stay away from those who wish to do harm to her, but when she finds herself in the arms of a man she has never met but is attracted to she knows th [...]

    2. I did not read these three books in order, but still found them all exceptionally good. Three sisters whose father had been murdered by the king are hidden by their mother in Scotland. Catherine perry goes to the Earl who has promised to watch over her, but ends up marrying him. She wants to start a school, and finds that her new husband is willing to let her try this. meanwhile, the same people who killed her father and from whom their mother is hiding are after her and her sisters to find a le [...]

    3. This is another of those books in which the writing is highly flawed and yet the storytelling is so good that I don't care. I absolutely devoured it and recommend it to anyone who loves a romantic, sexy historical adventure.

    4. AUTHOR: First time reading a book by May McGoldrick. I really did not like this book. WHY? I felt that I was the script of a play. While there was ROMANCE, it was pretty blazay. The book did nothing to make my romantic juices roarNOPSISStory takes place in Scotland. John Stewart is about to marry Ellen, but instead forces Catherine Percy who is only interested in starting a school. Catherine is a very proper and well educated English woman. John finds out he has a half brother, Adam of the Glen, [...]

    5. I loved the couple but felt it was rushed because of all the mischief that is jam packed in the book. Family secrets, sluts, bastards, virgins, villains, monks, bitter old woman, forgiveness and love are bulging from the pages. The love builds but the surrender comes sooner and in non traditional manner but variety is the spice of life. The couple marries early on which I liked as well as communication between the two. So there is not long drug out misunderstandings and although determined not t [...]

    6. As a romance/adventure, this novel was interesting, but since it was just part of a trilogy, it made a frustrating read as a stand alone book. It never quite gave the reader enough information on the "treasure" to appreciate what was going on, and it did not offer enough closure to make a satisfying ending.

    7. I was recommended this book by a woman I met in a used book store.I really enjoyed the pace and story line of this book. The characters actually grew and developed, you wanted to know more about them. I pan to read the two follow books as well. (I bought all three of the books that day in the book store.Just wish now I could remember the ladies name so I could Thank her again.) Catherine is from a well to do family but that all changed the day King Henry decides he is the leader of the catholic [...]

    8. Better than most of the genre, mostly because I wasn't distracted by laborious attempts to fake a Scottish brogue all the way through. The main characters were a bit crusty and set in their ways but their conflicts weren't so obnoxious that you couldn't believe they'd ever be attracted, and their attraction always defused their arguments in favor of better pursuits. Likewise, his family drama ended up nicely resolved. Yes, stories like this usually have conflict because of secrets or assumptions [...]

    9. Amazing a lady that knows how to keep the pages turningMy first book but not my last I'm am hooked I read this book in day in a half even knowing I had to go to work dealing with brokers on Wall Street but I could not put it down and didn't want it to end. But I realize that she has other books in her library so that is where I'm headed. I know a writer and she been gifted with that ability. I wish you continue success. And for those thinking of reading this book well if you don't then you will [...]

    10. Learning to trustlearning to love. This is another great story. Starting out with deceptive characters, that lead John and Cat into each other's bed unknowingly, the adventure of their love affair begins. This story is filled with suspense, holy greed, and the finding long, lost family and love. Highly recommend.

    11. Another great readThis isn't your typical romance. The characters are believable ,the action is fast paced ,there is a subplot to keep things moving, and all the ends are tied up nicely. The story is a riff on Shakespeare's taming of the shrew and it has wit and charm. A great read.

    12. Loved it!Complete joy to read. Loved the characters and their story! I read this in 2 days and if I had anything bad to say it would only be that I wish it was longer so I could continue enjoying it!

    13. Loved itChose the rating because it had many of the facets of a story that I enjoy. It had on mystery,history of highlands,the excitement of the love between a man and womane women are strong and cleverere was also a sense of humor that made me laugh.

    14. Amazing!Very well written and a great beginning to a fun trilogy. It has romance, mystery, a strong heroine, and a handsome laird. What more could a girl want?

    15. ENTERTAINING and DELIGHTFUL!I loved this story and so glad the brothers were united and their lives intwined. I hope two and three are as good as this one!

    16. LearnLearning to trust, learning to love, learning to be happy. A tale of multiple characters learning the truth and learning to accept the past. An amazingly enchanting story.

    17. Mixed feelings. Relationship initially very sexual, but it does develop. A lot left unresolved. But liked MC and a significant plot element is resolved. Low 3

    18. Loved the charactersI loved visioning John and Catherine in this book and to see their great love story unfold! A pleasant read.

    19. Nice readNice combination of love and minor tension to keep your attention. Keeps your mind busy and makes your heart happy.

    20. The DreamerI love stories set in the Highlands and this one does not disappoint. Very action packed with a touch of mystery and romance.

    21. Good story. Moved along nicely. The characters could have been fleshed out a little better. Catherine was always two steps ahead of John which made him look dumb. In reality she didn't share all the information she had. That irritated me. Story would have been just as good if they had worked in concert.

    22. I loved this book! When I read Flame, I wasn't sure if I liked the writing style of these authors, but I did like the story and I wanted to read John's story. I am so glad I did. The issue I had with the authors referring to the characters by different names was not a problem in this book. John Stewart, the Earl of Athol has his hands full. His lands are being ruthlessly raided by an outlaw named Adam of the Glen, his mother is "dying" and he is getting married. Catherine and her sisters are on [...]

    23. The main reason why I love this book, not just because it was well written, but the heroine is named Catherine, it's set in Scotland, and the hero resembles Sam Heughan.Set in the time of King Henry VIII, Catherine Percy is on the run. Escaping England, she travels to Scotland under the sanctuary of a Highland earl, John Stewart.A case of mistaken identity, on thing leads to another, and they are both quickly wed. At first I was curious as to how he could mistaken the identity of his betrothed, [...]

    24. **3.5 stars**I love a good Highlander romance and this one wasn't too bad. We have a laird who is about to marry a woman, who he does not love and has no plans to love, meet a womant his intended, in his bed. This leads to a slight change of plans. A different wife.This new wife of his is going to send him crazy. Catherine's always getting herself caught up in danger and he is starting to stress about her. She was supposed to be a good quiet wife who sat still and did what she's toldha ha. The c [...]

    25. With so many good books and so little time, don't waste it on The Dreamer. Where to begin? The dialogue is sophomoric, some characters are introduced or rather just appear seemingly from nowhere with no back story or real introduction, e.g. Sir Arthur Courtenay, the king's lieutenant something or other. Throughout all the so-called action I struggled to finish this book. It actually put me to sleep a few times. The contrived plot with all its machinations is just not believable. Also, the suppos [...]

    26. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and loved catching up with characters from Heart of Gold and Flame. It was well written and I love that the writers continue to build from characters introduced in earlier books. It is a wonderful chance for the reader to catch up with old friends while becoming attached to new characters as well. I can't wait to read The Enchantress to discover more about this mysterious highland treasure! I highly recommend these books to anyone who likes Scottish historical roma [...]

    27. Une histoire intéressante qui me donne envie de lire les deux autres tomes Ici j'ai plus été émue par l'histoire familiale des personnages que par l'histoire d'amour elle-même qui se perd un peu dans le récit Je suppose que c'est surtout dû au fait que ce livre est un Tome 1 et que du coup l'histoire doit se mettre en place pour la suite Disons que c'est prometteur pour les deux autres Tomes !

    28. Amazing read I had not read this yet. This story fair exceeds the quality of Bertrice Small's book Kadin! Ms Small who in my option is one of the best in the genre, but this was something new fresh and wow!So Now I have two #1 writers for this genre! I am speechless great job well written.otted aracters are realistic!The scenery description was vivid and I felt like I was there seeing it. It almost felt taboo. I will recommend this to my closest friends who like this kind of read.

    29. Strong, independent heroine turning her warrior husband 's life upside down. Initially wed to save the heroine's reputation, our hero ends up struggling to keep his headstrong wife safe and protect her life.

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