Nihonjin No Eigo (Iwanami Shinsho. Shin Akaban)

Nihonjin No Eigo Iwanami Shinsho Shin Akaban None

  • Title: Nihonjin No Eigo (Iwanami Shinsho. Shin Akaban)
  • Author: Mark E. Petersen
  • ISBN: 9784004300182
  • Page: 499
  • Format: None
  • None

    One thought on “Nihonjin No Eigo (Iwanami Shinsho. Shin Akaban)”

    1. I read this because emmie-san recommended it. At first I felt quite discouraged realizing that I still had so many holes in my English. However, the further I read it the more interesting it got, and the last some chapters were full of good tips. Thank you so much, emmie-san, for introducing this book. If tadokers who want to improve their English read this after quite a volume of tadoku, I'm sure they'll find this very interesting and helpful, too.

    2. This book is written by an American professor himself in Japanese language to explain the nuance of English.This is helpful to all the Japanese learning or trying to improve their English.Even those who believe their level of English is alraedy at a very high level should read this book.I've read this book twice, but I still feel like consulting this book sometimes.

    3. aとtheのつかいわけ、複数形、関係詞の非制限用法 などが概念としてイメージとして染み渡る。

    4. 英語の感覚をわかりやすく書いている点で貴重。リーディング時により厳密な解釈ができそう。

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