Honour Thy Father

Honour Thy Father In a remote crumbling house in the Fens live four sisters Agatha Milly and Ellen and Esther identical twins so closely linked as to be almost one person They have lived there all their lives trap

  • Title: Honour Thy Father
  • Author: Lesley Glaister
  • ISBN: 9780689121296
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In a remote, crumbling house in the Fens live four sisters Agatha, Milly, and Ellen and Esther, identical twins so closely linked as to be almost one person They have lived there all their lives, trapped still by the fear of their dead father, who governs his daughters lives from beyond the grave.

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    1. It's been a hell of a long time sine I've given any book 5* Totally my problem, reading block, lack of concentration etc. But this book has hit so many of my admittedly odd buttons. I rarely love what others do and vice versa.There is something very compelling for me in the four sisters, quietly suffering from neglect after their mothers death and increasingly isolated from the village by their father. Really beautifully written, fascinating and very individual characters all of them. The siblin [...]

    2. This was my second Lesley Glaister book. My first on was Now You See Me. I consider that one of my favorite book. This book was similar to Now You See Me in its bluntness and immersiveness, but the similarities don't really go any further than that. This book just really had that creep factor, y'know? There were some scenes towards the end of the book that genuinely scared me and I'm not someone who gets scared easily by books. It was just so clear. I could picture it perfectly. I feel like I wa [...]

    3. This is another welcome reissue, by the Murder Room, of an out of print, or hard to find, novel by a classic crime writer – in this case Lesley Glaister, who was ‘discovered’ by no less an author than Hilary Mantel in 1989. This is her debut novel, which won both the Somerset Maugham and the Betty Trask Awards. Honour Thy Father is a dark and unsettling book about four sisters – Agatha, the eldest, Milly, our narrator and the twins Ellen and Esther, who exist very much in a private and e [...]

    4. I continued reading from page 60 today and ended up finishing it. The story was gripping and I couldn't put it down. I read it because many compare it to Cement Garden which I read before. I think both books are quite different. Cement Garden ends while the protagonists are still young. In Honour thy father Aggie Milly and the twins are old. The main story tells about the events of one day in the life of the old sisters. In between this storyline Milly remembers their childhood and adulthood aft [...]

    5. This is an unsettling read, a classic, i'd call it.Four sisters growing old in a remote crumbling house, old and neglegted living in filth.Narrator Milly tells their story, from their childhood when secrets must be kept from their Father who is not often home, through to their old age and how they are bound to the house and a life of spinsterhood, ruled still by their Father from the grave.Meet Agatha the oldest sister the beauty of the family, Milly our storyteller and the twins Ellenanesther w [...]

    6. I'm not sure why Lesley Glaister doesn't have more of a following here in the U.S but I think that will change as more and more Americans stumble on her work. A friend of mine who is a fellow Anglophile recommended this book to me, and I am forever in her debt because of it. Honour Thy Father is the story of four women who have been kept in isolation by their abusive father. Surprisingly, the daughters become twisted and warped as a result. If you grew up in a weird family, you may take comfort [...]

    7. Four motherless sisters, Aggie, Milly and twins Esther and Ellen are virtually imprisoned in their rural family home. Their father is dead and buried, but they continue to feel absolutely trapped by their fear of him. They grow old gradually, repeating the same routines day after day. Milly the narrator, recalls events from their past and describes their lives over the last sixty years. All the girls were terribly scarred by the death of their warm and loving mother, who after years of abuse, co [...]

    8. SO so good! I really didn't expect it to be so good I loved it, I was immediately intrigued and hooked from the first page! It's not really scary, not for me at least, but it is creepy in it's own way. It's also full with emotions I didn't expect this book to make me cry but there were a few parts where I just couldn't hold back my tears. Loved it, highly recommend.

    9. Where did I even find this book as an option? It's so different. So, the synopsis is pretty straightforward: four elderly sisters are living in squalor -- in the home they were born in -- and they watch everything around them crumble while recalling and lamenting all that could have been.There are so many layers to this story! It's obviously very dark. Grotesque. Unsettling. We begin in the decaying present and are transported back during the course of a single, stormy night to moments in the pa [...]

    10. I wish I'd finished reading this nearer to midday than bedtime because it contains things that have haunted me forever. In some way I am finding myself scared as if I were nine, eleven, thirteen. Not for the first time I feel the writing certainly merits four stars but it is hard to say I 'really liked' a book that was so uncomfortable on so many levels.The contradictory claustrophobia of Fen living permeates the lives of these four sisters, yet their ignorance is somehow not total, despite thei [...]

    11. This book can only be described as frightening and sad. The twins scared the hell out me from the start and my heart broke from poor Milly. I'm a big believer in happily ever after (even though reality is often not so kind) and I desperately wanted that for the four sisters in this book. The behaviour of their father was solely responsible for their oddness and that made me sad.It was a well written book and I've never read anything quite like it before. Although it was a good story (i'm not sur [...]

    12. Love Lesley Glaister's books as a rule and this one is no exception, really accomplished work for a first novel, felt very sorry for the narrator Milly, the second sister of four who have been living together in the family home since childhood, the story is being told when the 'children' are all now in old age but jumps back to tell the family's history - some really macabre and disturbing events are revealed as the book progresses. Only 150 pages but a great story crammed into such a short spac [...]

    13. Well I think Lesley Glaister is one of my favourite authors. My granddaughter introduced me to her books and I haven't looked back. This was dark and sad and interspersed with a strange humour. I loved it and I couldn't put it down. I love this writer so much.

    14. This book was a lot better than I was expecting. Exploring the connection that family members have with each other, even beyond the grave, it gives readers an eerie and frightening story with a lot of originality.

    15. I love everything Lesley Glaister writes. This was a little different, but still fabulous. Very eerie and put me in mind of The Cement Garden (Ian McEwan)

    16. This book was bizarre and slightly disturbing yet I couldn't stop reading. It is less than 200 pages so it's a quick read but definitely a bit of a head scratcher.

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