Those Left Behind

Those Left Behind The ragtag crew take on a scavenger mission with the promise of a big payoff Only too late do they realise the gig is orchestrated by the old enemy eager to remake their acquaintance with the help of

  • Title: Those Left Behind
  • Author: Joss Whedon Brett Matthews Will Conrad
  • ISBN: 9781593078461
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The ragtag crew take on a scavenger mission with the promise of a big payoff Only too late do they realise the gig is orchestrated by the old enemy eager to remake their acquaintance with the help of operatives wearing bright blue gloves.

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    1. This is a companion comic book series to a tv-series, whose life span was too short.After this series was cut short, I wanted to cry. This is one of the most beautiful and thought provoking series out there, but instead of getting more episodes, I got another season of repetitive Vampire Diaries and Sharknado, a declining Glee, some horrid copy of The Walking Dead, and the end of the good storyline for Once Upon a Time. Okay, I am less angry now. This series has two extremes.The first one:And th [...]

    2. Well, we all know what happened to Firefly.After one season! Seriously?Thank god for small mercies.This arc bridges the gap between the TV Show and movie.The story answers questions such as what happened to "Two by two, hands of blue" guys (Which is kind of anti-climatic) and why Shepherd Books left the ship. The story also features last days of Inara on the ship and a villain from season one! The comic does a good enough job capturing the characters and their extraordinary chemistry, but the ve [...]

    3. LOVED. EVERY. PAGE.I doubt that I'll ever be able to pull of a critical review since I tend to get really emotional and extremely biased when it comes toFireflyso I will leave it to that. The Serenity is everything.

    4. What makes this comic fly is that it feels as though it is a genuine episode bridging the gap between Firefly and Serenity. I don't mean that it is merely a story that bridges the gap between television series and film, which it is, but that it actually feels like its very own live action episode. Now I imagine that I feel so strongly because I am a fan of Firefly / Serenity, but I am pretty sure that you're not reading Serenity Those Left Behind or my review unless you are a fan too (if you are [...]

    5. 4.5 starsIntroduction: Now, I will be honest here. Even though I have seen many of Joss Whedon’s works in the past, I did not know anything about the infamous cancelled TV series “Firefly” up until recently. What is even more surprising about this is that I had the movie “Serenity” for many years before I watched “Firefly” and I did not know that “Serenity” was a continuation of “Firefly” until I saw the movie again recently and realized that these were the same characters [...]

    6. I am a HUGE Firefly fan and just finished rewatching the series for, I don't know, the 7th time? Something like that. There is also a new comic book store within walking distance of my place (Escapist Comics on Claremont, check it out!). I was in there hoping to pick up The Cloud Searchers, but Mal and Book et al looked down at me from the shelf, so despite past disappointment with some of the Buffy comics, I picked some up. Unsurprisingly, kind of disappointing. This volume is a prelude to the [...]

    7. Whilst it felt good to have some way of revisiting the world of Firefly this was mostly let down by the fact that it can't ever BE the tv show. The storyline felt right but the artwork was constantly just a bit wrong because I know what the characters look like and, unfortunately, it's not this. If you can get past that then this is a nice, very quick, visit back to a wonderful world.

    8. Bridging the gap between the end of the TV series and the beginning of the movie, Those Left Behind is really very much like reading an episode of the show in comic book format. The art is pretty accurate as far as portraying the characters (one of my biggest pet peeves about tie in comics is when the characters on the page look nothing like the characters on the screen) and is overall nice to look at. The writing, especially in the dialog, is as solid as it ever was on the show. My one complain [...]

    9. I am new to the Firefly fandom but I am totally on board in calling myself a browncoat. And after marathoning Firefly and Serenity like there was no tomorrow I was thrilled to find while shelving that my library owned both Serenity: Those Left Behind and Serenity: Better Days, both of which I eagerly checked out. Now I was actually somewhat disappointed with Those Left Behind. For many people (including myself, comics can be the perfect extension of a show or movie and I was very excited to see [...]

    10. The Good: Those Left Behind is pretty much an episode of Firefly, just in graphic novel form. It comes chronologically after the end of the show and before the movie. It doesn't do much to move from A to B, especially in regard to where we find some of the characters once the movie begins, but it is a start in the right direction. The art is pretty impressive. The characters are immediately recognizable. Wash is a little weird, in an unexplainable way, but you definitely know who he is. Overall, [...]

    11. There's no place I can be Since I've found Serenity But you can't take the sky from me.Ahhhhhh Firefly how I miss thee (dang Fox!)! Thank God for Serenity the movie and for this graphic novel! Really there's not much to say, if you loved Firefly then you will love this graphic novel!If you took away all the words to this book you would most assuredly know which of the characters each of the drawings depicted. I was pleasantly surprised.Five Shiny Stars!

    12. I hate Sundays. I hate sunny Sundays even more.But you know what makes them almost bearable?Firefly!This covers some of the gap between the ending of Firefly and the movie Serenity, and it does an excellent job of it. And to see more of these characters is always a pleasure. It could have been a bit longer (as in it should just never end), but the length fits the length of an original Firefly episode, and I like that. I also like the art, something I forgot to mention in my review of The Shepher [...]

    13. I love Firefly. I love Serenity. I love graphic novels. I did not love Serenity: Those Left Behind. It was a pale imitation of the canon's greatness.What I didn't like: The back of the comic said this bridged the gap between the show and the movie, but it didn't. Apparently it is the first in a series that eventually bridges the gap. I don't need to buy and read multiple comics to get to the end of a comic series that leaves me at the beginning of the movie I've already seen (multiple times).The [...]

    14. I ended up reading these out of order because I've borrowed them from a friend who is in turn borrowing them from the library.I think I enjoyed this one more than The Shepherd's Tale. The art was better, and there was no jumping around (The jumping around wouldn't have been so bad in a longer story though).This story also felt too short. And it seems like it left off on a cliffhanger. I'll have to check out Better Days and see if it comes to a better conclusion. It's worth reading at least once [...]

    15. After a long time of wanting them I finally got my hands on the Firefly graphic novels. The first is set sometime just after the series finished and is a short but fun adventure that slightly foreshadows the movie.A great addition was the section at the back where Joss Whedon told the story of the Firefly universe including how the Browncoats started and how Mal, Zoe and Wash got together.The artwork was great and really brought me back into a universe that I haven't visited in far too long. For [...]

    16. Tolle Zeichnungen (vor allem die Charakterzeichnungen zwischendurch) und interessante Geschichten in Firefly-Manier. Macht Lust, die Serie noch einmal zu sehen!

    17. Somewhat disappointingly, this is not a story about what happens to Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of Serenity after the Rapture. It's an interstitial between the abrupt ending of Firefly and the Serenity movie, covering some of the difficulty the crew has getting work, as well as Shepherd Book and Inara's departures. We also see an old antagonist, Lawrence Dobson, return for revenge.In case you don't remember him, Dobson was an Alliance agent on the trail of Simon and River in the first episode. [...]

    18. *Book source ~ LibraryFrom :Here's how it is -- in a universe filled with hearts and minds as cold and dark as the reaches of space, one small Firefly-class starship named Serenity takes its ragtag crew of mercenaries, outlaws, and fugitives in search of a job, any job, that'll earn them enough cash to afford that most elusive commodity -- peace.I’ll admit that I’ve only seen half of the first episode of Firefly and I’ve never seen the movie. I started the show, got interrupted and haven [...]

    19. Of course I enjoyed this, as a Firefly fan, but, as a standalone for the uninitiated it would probably just seem okay. The art was a also a little funky at times (thought some of this is probably just that it's always a little weird to see real-life humans drawn as comic characters), although I liked the space scenes.

    20. This may only be a short adventure, but it's nice to have another firefly fix. I miss the show and I think its about time I rewatch the series. The artwork and writing all fit perfectly with my memories of this great series. I'm looking forward to more adventures.

    21. Edit 13/08/05I shamefully admit I overrated this comic the first time around, even by starry-eyed standards. Those were my first days on , still testing the waters of internet reviewing, and the fandom of this franchise is very intimidating. Fans will still love it, but the magic is gone from my affair with Mr Whedon. And objectively, the comic is in the lower quality tier. I rarely revise the ratings, but I was of two minds about this one from the start, and it really didn't hold up on the revi [...]

    22. I am such a fan of the series and the movie, which meant a mix of excitement and worry when I picked this up. Both were somewhat founded though the excitement definitely won :) The art is amazing and spot on, the dialogue captures each character just about perfectly. The story line seemed a bit bumpy but was true to Firefly. Overall I enjoyed it, though I wish it were longer. Looking forward to the next one!

    23. I think science fiction just isn’t really for me. Regardless, I found this story a bit difficult to follow with multiple characters.

    24. This is set after the Firefly series ends but before the movie Serenity. It feels like a mini segue episode in between the series and film; with direct and interesting links to both.

    25. This wast what I wanted. I'm not even really sure why. There was still the great dynamic between the characters that I had grown to love on the show. Zoe was still Mal's "follow you to the depths of hell" right hand man. Zoe still sassed Jayne, who sassed his shit right back. Zoe and Wash were still insanely in love, which breaks my heart to no end. (Zoe, Zoe, Zoe. For me, it's really all about Zoe.) Kaylee was still flirty with Simon, and still had no response. And Book was still just trying to [...]

    26. I will admit now that I was a latecomer to the Firefly fanbase as I only fell in love after having seen the movie Serenity. Since then it's been one of the best shows I've ever watched and features some of my favorite fictional characters ever. It had been awhile since I watched either but then my friends and I started playing the Firefly board game and now I just can't pull myself out of that amazing 'verse. Those Left Behind is a small but perfect taste of Firefly that just leaves you wanting [...]

    27. 3.5 StarsI wanted to like this so much more than I did. Quite frankly the extra 1/2 star is only because I have such a geek-on for this ill-fated tv series and the followup movie - and don't even get me started on Nathan Fillion.It's not bad - really - the artwork is beautiful, the dialogue pithy (thankfully written by Whedon himself), the story - well it wasn't on par with my all time fave series episode Objects in Space, but it was a good 2nd or 3rd tier type episode - not great, but solid. I [...]

    28. Although I've only watched Firefly twice, I've seen Serenity countless times. While Those Left Behind's dialogue and personalities match the original show, the story lacks substance and the artwork . . .Well, the individual comic covers are amazingly representative of the actors' looks as is the illustration of Shepherd Book in the introduction, but the rest is hit and miss. Mostly miss. Poor Inara looks nothing like the actress who played her. Facial features and expressions are sometimes obs [...]

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