Conan the Invincible

Conan the Invincible Conan is ensnared by the charms of the wily and beautiful Karela who is secretly the Red Hawk fearless leader of a crew of brigands She leads Conan to face the awesome challenge of the serpentinely

  • Title: Conan the Invincible
  • Author: Robert Jordan
  • ISBN: 9780812542257
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • Conan is ensnared by the charms of the wily and beautiful Karela, who is secretly the Red Hawk, fearless leader of a crew of brigands She leads Conan to face the awesome challenge of the serpentinely evil necromancer Amanar.

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    1. Поредното много приятно парченце от огромната мозайка с лика на Конан. Симпатична загуба на време, не претендираща нито за епика, нито за сто хиляди незапомняеми герои, нито за каквото и да било от т.нар. „фентъзита“, дето заливат с помията си всичко от известно време насам. [...]

    2. Robert Jordan wrote this first Conan book in 1982, and it is a far cry from his later work on the Wheel of Time. That being said, I do think Jordan does a fair job of portraying the most famous sword and sorcery hero of all time. Conan represents an almost unstoppable force with a unique moral outlook, best described as an honorable thief. Jordan's battle scenes are bloody and quick, men are greedy and dirty, wizards are dark and sinister, and (best of all) women are sexy and usually naked.'Cona [...]

    3. This is the first time I've read a non-Howard Conan story in at least 10 years. "Conan the Invincible" is a Conan novel by Robert Jordan, from before he started his own work with the Wheel of Time series, when he was still writing stories about Robert E. Howard's character. When it was first printed in the 80's the cover said "No one alive writes Conan better than Robert Jordan" but he's gone now, and the book certainly isn't any better In this we follow a less than 19 year old Conan, already a [...]

    4. This book was a very refreshing read for me. It was a welcome throw back to the stripped down, raw style of fantasy that I haven't read in a while. Although I haven't read any other Conan books to date, Robert Jordan really seemed to nail the prominent barbarians character. The story is well written (of course, its Robert Jordan), fast paced and has an energy that will keep you turning pages, right up until the very end. There are other excellent characters in the book that I hope will make an a [...]

    5. Robert Jordan is best known for his Wheel of Time series, but recent bad press on that work plus his untimely death has cast a pall over that series for me. From what I understand it could have been a legendary fantasy epic, a Tolkien for our time (although there is no way he or anyone would be able to match Lord of the Rings). But I have heard much about Jordan's descriptive style and rhetoric. Plus I love Conan. Put 'em together and we have Jordan's first Conan novel from 1982, taking a tale f [...]

    6. Comme beaucoup d’entre vous le savent, je suis un fan du musculeux barbare sous la plupart de ses incarnations : le cinéma, les romans, tout ça ça me plaît bien. Alors, qu’est-ce qui pourrait m’empêcher d’apprécier cet assez court roman où, encore une fois, le barbare va affronter un mal innommable pour le renvoyer dans les profondeurs dont il n’aurait jamais dû sortir ? Si ce roman avait été l’oeuvre de Howard, rien, évidement, n’aurait pu m’empêcher de louer les for [...]

    7. This is my first Conan experience outside of the '80s films and whatever-the-shit that 2011 abomination was. I've put some time into the Age of Conan MMO as well, so I've got a little background in the world.I started here solely based on Robert Jordan's name, hoping above all that he'd gained his unintelligible never-ending cycle of generic crap trait after Eye of the World. Knowing a little about Conan, I came into this expecting blood, tits, and violence, along with some sorcery for good meas [...]

    8. This is not my first Conan, but it's my first Conan not in comics form. Howard created a fascinating character and world, and there have been numerous comics arcs over the years that I've really enjoyed, but I'd just never quite gotten into it enough to get around to the novels. Even at this point it was my completist streak as a collector that led to this novel as I'm a tremendous Wheel of Time/Robert Jordan fan and so I had to have everything he's written. I enjoyed the novel. It's a fascinati [...]

    9. Robert Jordanin Conan-sarjassa 18-vuotias muskelimies ja lyömätön varas seikkailee tällä kertaa arvokkaiden kaulakorujen ja tietysti nättien naisten perässä.Tarina alkaa Shadizarista, jossa paikalliset ylimykset käyttävät Conan palveluksia aiheuttaen toisilleen suurempia ja pienempiä rahallisia tappioita. Toisen kuningaskunnan mahtava velho Imhep-Atonin toimeksiannosta Conan saa ryöstääkseen arvokkaat riipukset. Yllätys yllätys eräs toinenkin taikuri on asialla ja saa pöllitty [...]

    10. This may be heresy, but I prefer Robert Jordan's version of Conan than Robert Howard's original. I think Jordan does an excellent job of capturing what Conan is all about. The style is visceral. Conan is a swashbuckling, womanizing, simplistic warrior who goes through life seeking adventure and smashing and bashing his way through problems. Despite his flaws, he has a strong sense of honor and justice.In Conan the Invincible, Conan is hired to steal a powerful talisman. In the process, he is tak [...]

    11. This was a lot better than the other Conan book I've read so far, "Conan of Aquilonia", but it still has that pulpy fantasy feel and shallow characterization. It is definitely feels a lot different from The Wheel of Time, and if you come in expecting that level of plot development you'll probably be disappointed. Still the book got better as it went along, and though I would give it 2.5 stars I will round it up to 3. I am eager to add all the Conan stories by Robert Jordan to my read list since [...]

    12. I'm really enjoying Robert Jordan's Conan stories. I've yet to read his adventures by other authors yet.I enjoyed the back and forth banter between Conan and the Red Hawk's brigands as they searched for the Necromancer and the stolen slave girls and pendants.Robert Jordan builds a great story and doesn't waste too much time being overly descriptive. In a way you can almost feel the urgency in Conan and his stress throughout the story. I could felt I could sense his irritation at the climatic bat [...]

    13. One doesn't have to love reading Conan adventures. This reader, however, does. This is what Game of Thrones would be like with 35 fewer characters and if it were also far more hardcore vis a vis swords, sex and magic in a fantasy world setting. One has to suspend disbelief when reading Conan tales, much like Conan suspends the man-high rock in his giant arms and carries in eleven steps to show up the giant lizard man who'd challenged him to demonstrate feats of strength. Bad bet, giant lizard ma [...]

    14. Este libro no es de Howard, es de Rober Jordan (La rueda del tiempo) y aunque es el mismo Conan de siempre, se nota que fue escrito en otra epoca, la trama es un poco diferente a lo que nos tienen acostumbrados los libros de Howard, pero igualmente interesante. Me descoloca que en la antología "Todo Conan" que estoy leyendo, este sea un libro sobre el Conan de 18 años ladrón en Shadizar, cuando el anterior era de un Conan pirata con casi 40 años, pero bueno, al ser historias independientes q [...]

    15. This was my first Conan book, and I can't say I was too impressed by it. The introduction of Conan was pretty cool, and the description of the bad guy was great, but after Conan is picked up by the Red Hawk's crew, the story gets too bogged down for me to enjoy. Also the treatment of "women" is horrendous. This is definitely a guy book, and I can see why many people have been enchanted by the character and adventures of Conan. It's just not for me.

    16. Me gustó mucho este libro, me gustó mucho mas que Conan el Bucanero, este libro es mucho mas violento, es mas aventura es mas CONAN.Muy recomendable para todo fan de Conan que aún no lo haya leído.

    17. This is a wonderfully entertaining, if somewhat idiotic, pastiche. Is it Howard's Conan? Not really. But we get a fairly light-hearted tale of wenching and slaying and evil wizards in something that looks more or less like the hyborian world minus Howard's somewhat iffy world-views.I think we're kidding ourselves if we ask for more from this sort of a book.

    18. Well-spun Conan yarn with plenty of action and an intriguing cast of characters. While no writer seems able to match Robert E. Howard portrait of the bluff and brutal yet honorable and wily barbarian, Jordan comes closer than most. Except for a flat and unconvincing climax, this is a nice addition to the Conan annals.

    19. Pulp fiction at its best. I always enjoyed the Conan mythos, and when I was down with high temperature this past weekend, and could not concentrate on anything more serious, I turned to Robert Jordan first attempt at the genre. It was predictable, filled with one dimensional characters, and a boiler plate plot. I loved it.

    20. კარგია, ჰოვარდისგან ხელწერით ძალიან მცირედით განსხვავდება. საერთო ჯამში ოდნავ სიმძაფრე აკლია. ამანარი კარგი ბოროტია, მაგრამ მე მაინც რეტ-ამონის გამოჩენას ველი. კარელას რომ რამდენიმე მომე [...]

    21. Jordan did a good job of writing a modern novel with the style of feeling of classic pulp fantasy. Conan is a brutal guy, who most people would consider to be a jerk, but he comes off as the charming hero in a world filled with sorcerers and damsels in distress.

    22. Good book. Just the right amount of cunning, ice blued eyed death bar bar action and fiery green eyed Red Hawk anger to fuel any fan of the Conan series. Evil sorcerers, lizard monsters, gods whom eat souls, buckets of blood and steamy naked dancing flesh.

    23. Jordan's Conan pastiches are the best of the extended Conan universe. Wildly different from REH's (definitive) take on the character, they keep the thrills and mayhem but with a more measured, less frenetic pace.

    24. If you like sword and sorcery, and Conan, then I suggest reading these over the Howard (think that was first author) originals. I do happen to like this genre, at least in moderation.

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