Ten, Nine, Eight

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  • Title: Ten, Nine, Eight
  • Author: Molly Bang
  • ISBN: 9780688149017
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Board Book
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    One thought on “Ten, Nine, Eight”

    1. A gentle rhyming bedtime/counting book, with colourfully expressive illustrations, Molly Bang's Ten, Nine, Eight is a soothing lullaby for young children (about their various bedtime routines), whilst also counting down from the numbers ten to one. For an adult, the author's presented and featured text might feel a bit lacking in substance (and the first rhyme sequence really does not seem to work all that well either), but for the intended audience, for toddlers just learning their numbers, it [...]

    2. We've tried to pick up some Caldecott books, because I've heard good things about them, and this was our first. Although I wasn't that impressed, it did have some merit. The counting goes backwards, like the title suggests, which is an important skill to learn when learning numbers. Many books just focus on counting forwards and not backwards. The reading level probably wasn't even a level 1, not enough words. My 5 yr old who is doing first grade work wasn't interested, but it held the attention [...]

    3. One of the 1984 Caldecott Honor books is this bedtime story. In it we see a countdown, that is shown backwards, beginning in ten and ending in one. This backwards countdown takes place in the room of a little girl, whose father is preparing her for bed. First shown are ten toes;. second come nine toys; third come eight squares on the window panes; fourth come seven shoes; fifth come six seashells; sixth come five buttons; seventh come four eyes; eighth come three kisses; ninth come two arms; las [...]

    4. I like the book because it is promoting number sense. The ability to understand quantity of a set of objects and numbers to name quantiles. The story of this book is illustrating the process of sleeping time between an African American father and he’s daughter. The father helps he’s daughter before sleeping the both bond by doing a process of number naming with numerical objects. The author does not only write the number the author illustrated using different objects that represent the numbe [...]

    5. 1. Book summary, in your own words (3 pts)Ten, Nine, Eight is a Caldecott Honor Book. It is a poem that the author wrote for her daughter while she was away. It is a counting book and it is about a child getting ready for bed.2. Grade level, interest level, lexile (1 pt)This would be a great book for Pre-K, maybe Kindergarten, students. It is a really cute book and is super easy to read.3. Appropriate classroom use (subject area) (1 pt)I would use this book when teaching counting in class.4. Ind [...]

    6. Ten, Nine, Eight by Molly Bang is a picture book. It is a Caldecott honor book of 1984. The age group this book is intended for is nursery. The book is a countdown to bedtime.I thought this was a good bedtime story and I like that each time you look at the pictures there is more to find. If the child is a little older, he/she can count the number of items on each page, some more difficult to spot than others. The good thing is the numbers go down so as you are trying to get them to sleep they do [...]

    7. I'm obsessed. Why is Molly Bang the greatest woke white lady in kidlit? This book--FIRST PUBLISHED IN 1983--features a black dad and his daughter at bedtime (!!!). That's an amazing dismantling of the stereotype that black fathers are "absent" and "unsupportive" right there. It's also a great counting and going-to-bed book for toddlers, really it's a countdown to bedtime book. There are so many easy-to-name items (shoes, cat, ball, etc) to look at, name, and track throughout the spreads. Coupled [...]

    8. Ten, Nine, Eight A sweet bedtime story and counting book. I actually wasn't a big fan of the illustration style though I really loved what the illustrations depicted -- I hope that makes sense. I think my favorite illustration was of the cuddly creatures in the room (plush animals and a very real kitty cat) ;-) I, too, appreciated the fact that the book featured an African American family and that the father is in the nurturing role, putting the daughter to bed. Nice to see that any time, but I [...]

    9. Ten, Nine, Eightby: Molly Bang1. Genre: Picture Book/Counting2. Summary: A young girl gets ready for bed by helping her father count all of her cherished items that can be found in her bedroom. 3. Critique:a. One of the greatest strengths of this book is the use of adjectives by the author.b. Molly Bang helps her readers get ready for bedtime by taking them through a young girl’s bedtime routine of counting the items she loves in descending order. “10 small toes all washed and warm” (p. 1) [...]

    10. A short, sweet counting book (counting down from 10 to 1) perfect for bedtime for little ones.It's hard to believe that this is written and illustrated by the same woman that wrote and illustrated The Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher. The two books are completely different in tone, length, illustration style, etc.

    11. A very short phrase on the left-hand page is accompanied by a lovely painting on the right-hand page, with a black cat in several of the pictures. Another nice feature is that it is Dad putting the child to bed, thus acknowledging the importance of dads in a child's life.

    12. 1984 Caldecott Honor - Favorite Illustration: 3 kisses on the cheeks and nose - it is so sweet!This is a tender little bedtime story as well as a counting book. I love the way each page is illustrated with a daddy tucking his kiddo into bed.

    13. Reading Log Title: Ten, Nine, EightAuthor/Illustrator: Molly BangGenre: Counting BookTheme(s): Counting, Family/family relationships, nighttime/getting ready for bedOpening line/sentence (type directly from text): “10 small toes all washed and warm.”Brief Book Summary (2-3 sentences in your own words): This book features a young girl getting ready for bed, but does so very subtly. The book counts down from 10 and shows the girl putting her stuffed animals away, reading with her dad, and givi [...]

    14. Reading Log #1:Title: Ten, Nine, EightAuthor: Molly Bang, 1983Genre: CountingTheme(s): Preschool, Board books, Counting books, Bedtime Opening line/sentence: “10 small toes all washed and warm”Brief Book Summary: This book is about a little girl and her father reading their own version of a bed time story. The two count down from 10 to 1 depicting different things around the household.Professional Recommendation/Review: This board-book version of Bang's Caldecott Honor-winning countdown to [...]

    15. I really liked this cute book, and I thought it was an effective bedtime book.The colors were soft and made the feeling of a calming goodnight sink in because there wasn’t any sharp imagery. Each [age and subsequent thing includes a piece of the other page to connect them. For example, there are nine stuffed animals, and in the next page the stuffed animals are in the background. One of the seven shoes is shown on the next page too. The lines aren’t aggressively outlined, providing a calming [...]

    16. Ten, Nine, Eight by Molly Bang is a great bed time story to read to young children that are learning to count. I enjoyed the illustrations and the storyline. Many children are able to relate to the book and all the objects on each page. The book starts with 10 small toes all washed and warm. This sets the scene for the rest of the book- the little boys bedroom. Each number is represented on the right side through pictures, which makes it perfect to practice counting those items individually. Alt [...]

    17. diverse picture book (toddlers 18 months-3yrs; counting).* Book prominently features diverse characters: Yes, an African-American boy and dad.* Would work for a toddler storytime (18mos-3 years): Somewhat. Yes, the text is short and sweet and the interactivity is provided by the counting if you want to stretch it longer. The pictures are a bit detailed/small for a storytime crowd though, I'd like to see this in an enlarged format (and there would still be places where the reader will really need [...]

    18. SummaryTen, Nine, Eight is a short counting book for children's book about going to bed. The book is set around a child's bedtime routine and it is a countdown to the child actually going to bed. EvaluationThis books is relatively simple and it is a great counting book for younger children. I like the multicultural element the book includes and the child's bedtime routine is something that every child can relate too.Teaching IdeasI would use this book to teach counting to younger students (prek/ [...]

    19. Ten, Nine, Eight by Molly Bang is a very simple story that would be best when trying to put a young child to bed. The pictures are simple and well donned they depict the story of a young girl who is getting ready to go to sleep and a dad trying to help. This would be a good book for pre schoolers and kindergartners and could really help them appreciate their nightly routine with their parents. It is not book I would suggest for an older reader because they will most likely find it unchallenging [...]

    20. Ten, Nine, Eight is a wonderful picture book, that can be used to assist students in counting. I believe it can be read either one on one with a student who may be struggling or with the entire class. It's a great book to have call and response with students to get their participation. The illustrator does a great job at including numbered counts on each page. Wethers its 8 windows to help students count to eight or 5 buttons on a shirt. When reading the book I thought about little kids who need [...]

    21. Sweet and simple story that follows a little girl and her father as he helps her get ready for bed, counting backwards from ten until one big girl is ready for bed and falls asleep. The pictures are critical to the story and convey a feeling of familiarity, warmth, and safety, and are the perfect accompaniment to the soothing text. They also add additional information to the story, as we wonder where the child's sneaker has gone--oh, there it is! Love it. Perfect for little ones.

    22. • 1984 Caldecott Honor Book •This is a sweet book! A father is putting his daughter to bed, and counting down things in the room from 10 to 1. My favorite part is that there are "7 empty shoes" and a few pages later we see the cat playing with the missing shoe. Very sweet, and I like the art a lot - especially the facial expressions on the little girl!Materials used: unlistedTypeface used: unlisted

    23. This easy reader picture book is a wonderful lullaby to be read for children before bedtime. The text is short, sweet, and slow. The art is simple with an old-timey feel, somewhat like the Little Bear series. The illustrations include items on which to count such as toes and stuffed toys. This would invite interaction between readers and the book.

    24. This book is a counting book that counts down this little girl going to bed. This would be a good story to read to kids who are learning to count. The pictures and graphics make it easy for the reader to count each thing on the page. I like how the book counts down from ten instead of up like many books do. This book is a Caldecott Honor book and the sentences and pictures go together perfectly.

    25. This informational math, Caldecott Honor book delights children with counting everyday objects backward from ten to one. This book is set in a home with an appearance from a dad, a little boy, and objects from around his room- the colorful realistic illustrations serve this story well.

    26. This book is simple and short. It is an easy read and good for those young children who are learning or have recently learned their numbers. This book counts down from ten and uses real life objects. It's also a good bed time story.

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