One thought on “Ecology for Beginners”

  1. The author has the interesting talent of presenting ideas that I agree with, and yet making me want to disagree violently. Don't like his assumption of near messianic prescience, his apparent conviction that he knows the right way for everything and (almost) anyone who disagrees with him is selfish, if not malevolent. One thing to keep in mind is that this is quite an old book. I'd be very interested to know what the author thinks of the changes in industry and politics since he wrote this, and [...]

  2. Everyone should read this book. It's easy to follow, comical, and eye-opening (or reassuring, if you already know these things). I only gave it 4 stars because it needs to be updated to the latest statistics, etc.

  3. This is a comic-style ecology overview laced with wry british humor.In one breath, here's an overview. It sketches a grand sweep of the rise of life, ecosystems, the rise and fall of civilizations, industrialism, colonialism/imperialism, overview of basic science, the arrogance of science with a touch of gender politics, the emptiness and excess of modern life (for those in 'developed' countries), loss of resources due to overutilisation/erosion/ desertification/monoculture agribusiness, concent [...]

  4. نسخه فارسی شده کتاب یک ستاره هم زیادش است! اشکالات ترجمه از عنوان کتاب بگیر تا متنش، کیفیت بسیااااااااااااااار بد چاپ آن هم برای کتابی که این قدر تصویر دارد و کلا کتاب را حرام کرده ناشر محترم. در مورد خود اصل کتاب هم به درد بخور بودنش آن هم بعد از این همه سال که از تاریخ انتشارش [...]

  5. This is a great series. I have read Einstein and Frued for Beginners in the past and picked up Ecology for Beginners awhile ago. This series is basically a tongue-in-cheek approach, verging on a graphic novel. Amazing illustrations and to the point way of explaining complexities of the environment. My only gripe may be that it was written in 1982, and therefor facts an figures are out of date. It would be great if an updated version comes out.

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