The Elephant Man

The Elephant Man Traces the history of Joseph Merrick called the Elephant Man because of a deformity from his birth in central England to his death in a London hospital in

  • Title: The Elephant Man
  • Author: Frederick Drimmer
  • ISBN: 9780399212628
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Traces the history of Joseph Merrick, called the Elephant Man because of a deformity, from his birth in central England to his death in a London hospital in 1890.

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    1. This nonfiction book is about Joesph Merrick, a man who suffered from the most extreme case of neurofibromas in history. His body was completely deformed, and this lead to all the horrible things Joesph Merrick (nicknamed The Elephant Man) had to endure through his short life of about 27 years. As legend it, when he was in the womb, his mother was nearly trampled by an elephant and this scare lead to the baby’s deformity. When Merrick was 7, his mother became ill and died. She was the only per [...]

    2. I got this for my daughter and ended up reading it myself in a couple of days. This was a well-written, short, YA nonfiction book about Joseph Merrick, a man at the turn of the last century who was called The Elephant Man because of congenital physical deformities. There is a short photo section, including a picture of his skeleton, that is very helpful since it is difficult to try to picture Merrick. His life is pieced together through documents, journals, and photos in a believable way. The wr [...]

    3. I am looking for more books for my eldest son that aren't just fiction and fluff. I found this on a book list for 6th graders. It was an interesting and not too difficult read, and in manys was very inspiring. I read it in a night. That being said, I will wait a couple years before I let my son read it. He is only 8, and there is much that is disturbing about genetic diseases. I would recommend it to kids 10 and up. The doctor was an amazing man, and what every doctor should aspire to be.

    4. Fictionalized biography of John Carey Merrick (1862-90), who was called the Elephant Man because of disfiguration caused by neurofibromatosis. This is a moving account of a young man who was an outcast in many ways because of (only because of) his appearance. The book makes Merrick come to life in a special way. It shows his feelings and humanity very well. The book does not "sensationalize" Merrick's life. There is a short photo section. The afterword tells about Merrick's disease, and how the [...]

    5. Well written account of a very interesting, and unfortunate life."Even the ugliest of us has some beauty in him." Page 27

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