The Barretts of Wimpole Street

The Barretts of Wimpole Street A family chronicle based on two romances that of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning and that of her sister and a soldier

  • Title: The Barretts of Wimpole Street
  • Author: Rudolf Besier
  • ISBN: 9780822200963
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • A family chronicle based on two romances that of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning and that of her sister and a soldier.

    One thought on “The Barretts of Wimpole Street”

    1. A book that belonged to my mother or my grandfather. I loved this when I read it as a teenager. It describes the courtship of Elizabeth Barret and Robert Browning while her controlling and disapproving father looks on.

    2. The story of the romance between Robert and Elizabeth Browning is one of the loveliest romances, much more heartwarming than anything silly and fabricated like Romeo and Juliet. The play, however, is more about the family, as the title suggests. The movie of the play made in the 1930s has a quaint charm to it. I read this after seeing the play and reading another book about the Brownings and of course their passionate letters.

    3. Just as "thwilling" as I remember it being when I last read it in high school. Makes me want to strictly narrow my reading to Victorian plays exclusively; the passion, dramatization, and enchanting characters are something to enjoy experiencing over and over again. All the characters are just so rich and colorful! I abominate Mr. Barrett with every ounce of my being, while I sympathize and empathize with all those poor people who have the misfortune of being his children. I remember being especi [...]

    4. This was one of the few books i've read in acts, but i can say that it was quite an interesting story. The little room of 50 Wimpole street wrapped me completely and made me live the life of Barrets as one of them themselves. I got to know each one of them and i felt every kind of emotion running through them, fear, excitement, passion, love, kindness etc. What I didn't expect was the marriage of Elisabeth, the fragile of all the siblings and the oldest, in fact I was expecting Henrietta to get [...]

    5. I think I was expecting a melodramatic romance. Instead I got a harrowing tale of familial abuse. We don't really get to see much of the blossoming of the most famous courtship of all time, but what is there is just as poetic (and yes, as melodramatic) as I wanted. I can see why Katharine Cornell took the role of Elizabeth and ran. It's a delicious, meaty part, and her father too is a carefully drawn abuser. Robert Browning is slightly underwritten, but I suppose we're meant to be already quite [...]

    6. "Robert, if we were to say good-bye to-day, we should have nothing but beautiful memories of each other to last to the end of our lives. We should be unhappy: but there are many kinds of unhappiness. Ours would be the unhappiness of those who have put love away from them for the sake of love. There would be no disillusion in it, or bitterness, or remorse."A rather commonplace dramatization. The fun of the family size is well conveyed, but the gravity of its despot insufficiently portrayed. No me [...]

    7. At first this seemed like a cute story, an invalid girl finds love when she thought she would be alone forever. On going further into the play you find that her father is very controlling the point of creepiness. Casey and I read this together and the end scene with the dad telling his daughter a few secrets and then him going nutswell, let's just say it was disturbing but very well written.

    8. At the tender age of sixteen I read and reread this lovely book. This is one of the most romantic stories in history. The romance between poets Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett and her fathers refusal to approve of their marriage. The edition I had was Published by Little, Brown, And Company, Boston , 1935. It contained photographs of the 1930's Broadway stage production.

    9. I found this book in a box in the garage one day; it was my mother's. I must have read it a dozen times since then. It's the script of a play about Elizabeth Barrett-Browning's life. I absolutely love it. It's one of my Top 10.

    10. Was totally surprised at how vastly entertaining this play was. Focussed on Elizabeth's sneaky courtship with Robert. Audience was very much the 4th wall. Biggest remembrance is how much I enjoyed reading it.

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    12. This was, in the words of Ivor Brown, "profoundly exciting." I read it in one sitting, and didn't even realize that I had until I reached the last page. Wholly engrossing.

    13. I adore this play. I laughed out loud in some places and trembled with fear in others. such a good read!!

    14. A play based on the story of how Robert Browning met, courted and eloped with Elizabeth Barrett under the eyes of her smothering, strict father.

    15. A play about the poet Elizabeth Barrett falling in love with the poet Robert Browning. Very entertaining. Somewhat enlightening about their poetry.

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