Anger Management

Anger Management The events of this story occur after BITE CLUB Book of the Morganville Vampires This is a free short story hosted on the authors website It occurred to me post Bite Club that Shane might need som

  • Title: Anger Management
  • Author: Rachel Caine
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 305
  • Format: ebook
  • The events of this story occur after BITE CLUB Book 10 of the Morganville Vampires This is a free short story hosted on the authors website.It occurred to me, post Bite Club, that Shane might need some counselling for his anger issues It s common knowledge he has them, but they made an epic appearance in that book, and surely if he didn t seek some help, someone wouldThe events of this story occur after BITE CLUB Book 10 of the Morganville Vampires This is a free short story hosted on the authors website.It occurred to me, post Bite Club, that Shane might need some counselling for his anger issues It s common knowledge he has them, but they made an epic appearance in that book, and surely if he didn t seek some help, someone would seek it for him leading to this Amelie mandated counselling session with Dr Theo Goldman, who is the closest thing the Morganville vampires have to a mental health professional.I didn t do right by Dr Goldman and his family when I introduced them, and I apologise for that my first attempts were clumsy and awkward and painfully badly drawn, and I hope that their characterisations improved in later books But this portrait of Theo is, I think, somewhat flattering, if not where I d like to take the character someday.But mostly, it s Shane being Shane, and maybe growing a little bit from his experiences Baby steps, Shane Baby steps.

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    1. Very short story, not even novella status. Great to see a side of Shane after his brain washing and times of pure rage in the last one. He trying to follow the doc's recommendation and try to stop and think before temper gets the best of him. We see him get tested and realize when a little violence could actually help when protecting, but still a chance to think about it, and give people a shot to get it right.

    2. I’m not a Shane fan at all, if I’m honest. I could rant and rave about why I dislike his character so much but I will not.With that being said, this is probably the best of the short stories that surround Shane. It’s nothing more than an attempt at him holding back on his anger, but the whole psychological approach that Doctor Goldman goes for makes an interesting Shane read for once.I’m sure Shane fans will adore this short story yet for me it was nothing more than a nice surprise.

    3. Anger Management is book 10.5, a short story in the Morganville Vampires Series by Rachel Caine. This story takes places after Bite Club, from Shane's Point of View. Shane is in therapy and the vampire doctor is teaching him to recognize and let go of his anger. I really enjoy the Shane stories and loved reading about him.

    4. Read for free here - morganvilletexas/index/angThis was an okay short story about Shane trying to not punch anyone for 24 hours. It was certainly more interesting than book 10.

    5. “Evil must be fought, or what does it matter if we’re good? Goodness can’t be weakness, or it ceases to be good.”"Anger Management" is a short story in Morganville Vampires Series which follows the tenth Book "Bite Club", so its place is #10.5 or between "Bite Club" and "Last Breath".In "Bite Club" we saw what anger can do to Shane. And how it affected the entire city. Shane as a guilty party should have been sentenced to death and/or with a lot of torture included. That is certainly wha [...]

    6. Foram quase dois anos sem pegar nessa série. Quando descobri que um grupo voltou a traduzir esse livros, eu sentir o chão faltar e já adicionei todos! Quinze livros, pessoal! Será que cansa? A mim não, pois sou super fã dessa série da Rachel e mal via a hora de voltar e ver o fim disso tudo. Como já se nota, isso aqui não é um livro e sim um extra. Para quem não sabe, o Shane no livro passado quase ‘fode’ toda a vida dele (como sempre) e por causa da Claire, ele tem uma segunda (a [...]

    7. This was better than some of the other extras as it seemed more complete and well rounded.I am a HUGE Shane fan - always have been. Not sure why; I'm certain some of my book club friends would think I'd be all for Michael. Don't get me wrong, Michael is awesome too; Shane just came by his goodness through a whole lot of stuff that would have killed most.This extra comes after Bite Club and gives us a more thorough glimpse of what Shane is challenged to do by the Founder to redeem himself. His se [...]

    8. Source: This novella comes in the back of book #11.Cost: Free Title:Anger Management Series:The Morganville Vampires #10.5 Author:Rachel CaineThis is just a short little novella set between book number 10, Bite Club and Book number 11, Last Breath. It follows Shane in an Anger Management class after the events of book 10 and how his shrink challenges him to not act on his anger for a day and the different things in that day that make him angry. It's a nice little character insight but it has no [...]

    9. Huge disappointment, I get how this was supposed to be a filler and provide an insight on Shane and how Shane works but the more I see of Shane the more disappointed I'm becoming. It seems to me that he's either a boyfriend, a friend or an angry young man. I understand that some people have anger issues but this chapter was hugely unrealistic. He was set a target of 'not getting worked up' for twenty four hours. In the space of an hour, four separate incidents occurred, each one becoming more an [...]

    10. This short story was meh. I don't like Shane. He's whiny, irritating, aggressive, and generally a bit of a dick most of the time. I really don't get what Claire see's in him. So, seeing as this short story comes from Shane's point of view, it really didn't do anything for me. I just read it because it was there and it was short, not because I enjoyed it. So I think a 2* rating is me being generous, and that's only because I do like the Morganville Series as a whole. But, I'm sure with fans of Sh [...]

    11. I love every single Morganville vampires books, they are my all tie favourite books and I never get bored of them, I have read the whole series apart from Daylighters which I cannot wait to get, im happy that its finally out, but gutted that its the last one in the series, I have read all the short stories online and I was wondering if you can buy them online? because I would love to get every single story together, could someone comment back because I would really love to find out? thanks and l [...]

    12. I'm kind of frustrated with ShaneTo me, in this series, he seems to be the most inconsistent character of them all.Sometimes he seems really great. and other times, I can't figure out how the sweet guy can be the same one I read in these shorts. Being inside Shane's head makes me like him less every time.I think I like Claire's rose-colored version of him better.

    13. I think I needed this little novella from Shane's POV after the last book. I was having serious trust issues with Shane as a character and I think this novella doesn't necessarily give him a get out of jail free card, but does go some way to making amends for how he behaved in book 10. I'm very curious to see how it goes for him in the next full length book.

    14. Interesting to see how Shane is dealing with his rage fest in Bite Club. Though, once again, because it is purely Shane, it wasn't as good as the actual novels. I was never a Shane girl. Myrnin girl forever!

    15. I enjoyed reading about Shane and his challenges in trying to over come his anger. I would like to read more about Shane as he attends more required anger management sessions. Theo Goldman seems to fit his roll in this short story well.

    16. I actually loved this one, it made me a little sad because of all the anger Shane has but it made me smile too because this short is so Shane and well, you have to love Shane. Plus, I think he will win the battle that rages inside of himeventually. He really is one of the good guys.

    17. This short story in these series was an interesting one, because it was in Shanes POV and it had both action and the fact that how Shane felt after bite club which was a bit left out in the later book and needed to be resolved.

    18. Anger Management is a short story in Shane's POV.Amelie ordered him to have anger management therapy after what happened in Bite Club.

    19. It was good to see Shane work on his issues and I think he will manage to pull it off, for Claire and for their future together.

    20. Interesting little story about Shane and Theo Goldman, that might explain a few things, but I would have to re-read the book before and after to be sure.

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