Touch For Evan Holloway life is a series of careful routines and rituals For a man who can t touch any object or person without getting a flood of impressions that s the only way to live He s not exactly

  • Title: Touch
  • Author: Cassandra Gold
  • ISBN: 9781611242966
  • Page: 402
  • Format: ebook
  • For Evan Holloway, life is a series of careful routines and rituals For a man who can t touch any object or person without getting a flood of impressions, that s the only way to live He s not exactly happy, but he s content until a single, shattering revelation turns his well ordered life upside down Someone is trying to brand Evan a traitor, and they have evidence to pFor Evan Holloway, life is a series of careful routines and rituals For a man who can t touch any object or person without getting a flood of impressions, that s the only way to live He s not exactly happy, but he s content until a single, shattering revelation turns his well ordered life upside down Someone is trying to brand Evan a traitor, and they have evidence to prove it On the run, away from the shelter of the Delphic Institute, Evan is captured His only hope for survival is to escape To do that, he ll do whatever it takes.Elijah Wexler walks out of work one night and straight into the path of an unbalanced man who takes him hostage He soon discovers that the man isn t so crazy after all Everything Elijah thought he knew about his job and his life was wrong Together, Evan and Elijah must discover the truth.

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    1. This review you're about to enjoy is told in three parts:If you have a sense of humor read part one.If you prefer something more serious read part twoIf you don't like to read, but like pictures skip to part threeIf you are brave and like all of the above read one through threeRead at your own riskPart One: Explosive Sock PuppetismFabulous U should read this ASAPCreative Kick assIntense (like OMFG intense)New lovable characters Gooder (take that English) than the first book!AstonishingWonderfulE [...]

    2. Cassandra Gold never lets me down. Not once. With this book, she proves again why she is one of my favorite (and auto-buy) authors. By the way, you all might want to read Bubbles's review first. Mine is all letters (and boring); he has pictures!! :pEvan is being framed as traitor and when he runs away from The Institute, he is quickly kidnapped and tortured (with graphic impressions from other people being tortured and murdered). Evan manages to escape though, and in his attempt to run, he sort [...]

    3. Best Bubbles rec EVER!!! this series has been wonderful!!But this book was the best one so far i loved it so much i gobbled it up :)For an outstanding review go check out this review!!/review/show/anks B!!

    4. 4.25 StarsI liked this book much better than the first one, even though I really did love Cam and Tristan. But Evan, there is just something about him that makes you want to wrap him up and protect him. His life was horrible: his past, childhood, parents, no friends, locked up, etcyou name it, he's suffered.I could not think of a better partner for him then Elijah. What a good, kind soul he is, and exactly what Evan needed.The story starts off with a bang and doesn't settle down until it's over. [...]

    5. Wow, this was a fun story!d way much better than the first book. It was fast paced and I adored both Evan and Elijah; both were a little sad and geeky. Still, there was some insta-love, but it didn't really bother me this time because I felt like the characters really connected and cared for each other.  The plot was also better; faster paced with more twisty surprises.  I was really into it. There seemed to be some inconsistencies with Elijah's power, but that can be forgiven.  My biggest [...]

    6. 3.5 stars. Good paranormal m/m romance about a member of the Delphic Institute who gets captured by a rival organization. When escaping, he takes a hostage and everything starts to change.

    7. I really enjoyed the flow of the story but some elements of the plot had gaps that weren't satisfactorily explained away. The two MCs are adorable and a great match. I'll slowly continue this series ~ I love psychic books!***edit***Dang - no more books in the series yet, although it looks like Garris may have been the next story. Not sure if he will make it to 'print' though since CG's comment was two years ago :(

    8. Wonderful sequel!!!!My only complain is, Book 1 was Published October 30th 2011, and book 2 was Published July 1st 2012.Do we really need to wait that long to read the next sequelease, please can we have the next book release sooner? If you want to read a great review, here it is./review/show/

    9. X-Men Fun! ~This one starts off with a bang, I like that.ill lacks the full effect of superhero's of the 21st century.The couple~ Evan and Elijah are cute. Elijah's, I liked itcially when Cam (view spoiler)["lurked back" like he touched fire , when he found out (hide spoiler)] that was to funny.

    10. 4.5 starsExcellent plot: action-packed, clever, not over the top, great character and cute & sexy romance. There is a nice build-up before the sex and the end is not sirupy. This could be used as reference to teach how to mix romance and mystery.

    11. 4.5 starsI enjoyed this one even more than the first book. It started off strong and kept a fast pace that had me quickly turning the pages in fear of what would happen next. My heart immediately went out to Evan because of how lonely and isolated he was. He couldn't even have the comfort of a simple touch because of the often horrifying impressions and emotions he would pickup through those touches. The way he was set up and betrayed (which really made me want to kick a certain someone's ass), [...]

    12. 2012 Review:One of the absolutely worst things about good books is that you have to leave them behind eventually. Oh, I am not heartbroken the way I used to be in my teens (and even a bit later) when I finished a book I wanted to keep reading on and on because I loved it so much. This one I love, but these days my heartbreak is restricted to stuff that happens inside those books, and the real world.Anyway, getting off track.I knew I would most likely be enthusiastic about this one. For one thing [...]

    13. I enjoyed it. Touch is a good second release in the series. It starts off pretty quickly and maintains a steady pace, there's a smooth flow from one scene to scene, and the writing remain tight with good character development. I like Evan and Eli. These two guys are very different in all aspects of their lives--at least on the surface, but underneath, where it's important, they mesh well. Despite what looks like an initial mismatch the author has created a couple the gives exactly what the other [...]

    14. It'st bad?Parts of it were quite good. And then parts were cringe-worthy. And there was one party that was lather-rinse-repeat of bk 1. Almost word for word, if my impressions are correct.It gets a bit better, though.I like the way Evan's POV was worked, although sometimes it got a little melodramatic. Overall, though, this one was rather well-crafted. I think I rather liked it.

    15. This was a quick read. I really liked it as the second book to the series. It wasn't as suspenseful as the first one, but it was still exciting. I am glad that Elijah's identity didn't mess everything up for the couple. I would love to read more about other characters from the institution. This series is really good!

    16. The storyline is solidly written and pulling too. Evan is an interesting character and I'm happy he got an happy ending. I have to admit, Elijah is to reserved and to calm. He didn't have a strong impact on me, but I'm happy he was the one for Evan.

    17. 3.0 StarsI really liked Elijah and Evan was okay. This book was better than the first but once again, stupid parts of this story irked me to no end. Bottom line: Not smitten.

    18. I’m officially hooked on this series! It’s no secret that I adored the first book, but somehow Ms. Gold made me love Touch even more! What I loved about this book was: even though there were so many twists and turns in the plot that kept me on the edge of my seat, it’s still heavy on the romance. It’s honestly a perfect blend of mystery and romance that left me addicted to the story from the first page to the last word, and it left me with a big smile on my face. I don’t want to spoil [...]

    19. Trust is not easily won, especially when you've been given multiple reasons not to trust anyone. However, what happens when you have no choice? What happens if your life depends upon trusting a virtual stranger? Do you go by past experience or do you rely on what your instincts tell you? This is a question that both Elijah and Evan must face in 'Touch' by Cassandra Gold. What they decide will seal their fate.I really admire Evan. When he was introduced in the first book, 'Healer', my heart went [...]

    20. 3.5-4 stars. Sequel to “Healer,” which was #1 in Gold’s new “The Institute” adventure-romance series that involves people with special abilities. (Sort of like a more adult X-Men with m/m romance plotlines.) I really enjoyed the first book, and I recommend reading that one first before reading “Touch.” The characters of Cam and Tristan in “Healer” were interesting and sympathetic, and I really liked their chemistry and the relationship that developed. (I also really appreciated [...]

    21. This is definitely Cassandra Gold's best book yet. I really liked the first book in this series. I freaking LOVED this one. It's got plenty of action, but is still character and romance driven. Elijah and Evan are just amazing. I love everything about them. I love the story, I love the action, I love the world Gold has created. Even her secondary characters are amazing. I cannot wait for the next book. Cassandra Gold is definitely going on my list of all-time favorite authors, and I really hope [...]

    22. Oh it was great!I fell in love at first sight with Evan since the first book and I was dying to know more about him.I've read most of the book, And their interations were amazing, yeah I kinda a sucker for the kidnapper and kidnapped sort of situatio without the stckhom Sydrome my only complain was the lack of interation abot Eli and his father, I would have liked to know more about them and about the lack of continuation after they arrived the institute.While in the first book, showed so much t [...]

    23. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and it made me glad all over again that I didn't give up on book 1. I loved getting to know Evan better, and understanding more of his history and his reasons for being so closed-off from his colleagues. Elijah was perfect: sweet and patient and kind and understanding. I loved getting to see the two of them learn to trust each other.I still wish it had been explained where all of these abilities are coming from--why some people develop them, and how it's been kept [...]

    24. 4.25 starsI liked the story, but mostly the ending(so sweet). Evan was a little late figuring out(I began to get suspicions why pretty early) that it was Elijah making his power you know but I guess when it's you, you don't exactly see it unless it's in front of your eyes. Somehow it didn't add up to five stars. Overall, I liked both characters, but maybe they weren't strong(not literally) enough for me and their chemistry was there, but not potent.

    25. Although this book did not pull me in as much as the first on all levels, it did address some desires that I had from the first. The action was more frequent, and the use of talents increased. There was something off with the two MC, but once I gave up on figuring out what the problem was, everything went great. I think this is definitely a worthwhile sequel and I do hope the series continues. :)

    26. Why did I wait so long to read this book? It was really, really good. Kept me glue to my kindle to see what would happen next. Will they touch, can they touch.I'm not one who loves the crime plot books but this one just grabbed me from go.

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