The Hermitage House Miracle

The Hermitage House Miracle Selected as a finalist for Best Children s Book by West Virginia Writers Inc The Hermitage House Miracle starts with a deep hook I ve given you the last six years of my life and for what To alw

  • Title: The Hermitage House Miracle
  • Author: Malcolm Ater
  • ISBN: 9781470129361
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • Selected as a 2012 finalist for Best Children s Book by West Virginia Writers, Inc The Hermitage House Miracle starts with a deep hook I ve given you the last six years of my life, and for what To always be running from one town to another Never having a life of my own just so you could live As Jamie lay alone in bed, not knowing his mother had just been killed whilSelected as a 2012 finalist for Best Children s Book by West Virginia Writers, Inc The Hermitage House Miracle starts with a deep hook I ve given you the last six years of my life, and for what To always be running from one town to another Never having a life of my own just so you could live As Jamie lay alone in bed, not knowing his mother had just been killed while driving drunk, he was filled with disturbing thoughts His mother s last words to him before going out did not make sense He was even confused when she had added, in a drunken slur, If I had a lick of sense I d have let old Ernie do what he wanted Why had his mother said she had given him the last six years of her life when he was twelve years old After being sent to live at the Hermitage House for Children, Jamie begins to have a series of strange and troubling dreams Each dream is about a little blond haired boy who has a little sister and a mother and a father But the mother is not his mother who was killed in the car accident and he had never known his father Yet his dreams are always about the same family, especially the little boy and his dog And the father programs computers and makes games, even promising to build the boy a video game so lifelike the boy will think he s actually inside it

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    1. (A more detailed review of this book is found on my blog. The following is a summary of what I posted there.)Written for middle school children and older, the plot is simple and straight-forward. We know that the main character, 12-year-old Jamie, has gone through pretty traumatic events, but he keeps his childhood innocence and maintains hope to one day be loved. He is an inspiring little guy, easy to connect with. Topics such as bullying, abuse, and alcohol use are touched on as Jamie's story [...]

    2. I gave this story three stars because I am just torn. I enjoyed the story but it wasn't well written. On top of that, the story has some very unrealistic parts. I understand that this is a fantasy and a children's story but there were so many places I wanted to ask the characters why they didn't do xyz.The story follows Jaime whose mother is killed in a car accident and he is sent to a rundown orphanage. The orphange needs a financial miracle to keep housing children. That part is a really benig [...]

    3. Review of The Hermitage House Miracle by Malcolm AterReviewed via NetGalley“The Hermitage House Miracle” is an appealing mystery, aimed at middle-grade readers, but enticing to adults as well. A young boy, twelve years old, loses the woman he knows as “mother” in a one-vehicle driving-intoxicated accident, shortly after she flings accusations at him while simultaneously promising she loves him. Jamie cannot understand why she claims to have spent “six years” of his life dealing with [...]

    4. It's late May 1992 and twelve-year-old Jamie Wilson's life is a mess. All his life he and his mother have moved a lot, living in slum apartments. His mother takes low paying jobs and they never have enough, she drinks a lot and he is without the mother's love that a child should have. His mother is killed one day on her way to work and Jamie ends up in an orphanage run by nuns.Jamie meets Antonio and they become best friends. Antonio eventually gets adopted and once again Jamie is alone. He is d [...]

    5. I had mixed feelings about this book. I can see why it was free for kindle now. 2.5 stars. First, I liked it. I thought, well, that's nice, it'll be a book about him finding his family or whatever. (No, that isn't a spoiler--you get that it's going in that direction from his first night at Hermitage House.) Well, at the halfway point it started getting funky. I kept thinking, What the heck? The author took it into a completely different direction than you thought he was going, and I really disli [...]

    6. Another short review for a short but sweet book!This is another of the "my childhood!" books (I should create a category for that!). It's a short (seventy plus pages) book, but it has a rather interesting storyline. Although to be honest, the title is a little misleading, it's not really about a Miracle involving Hermitage House.Ok, the basic plot of this book goes like this: Jamie's a newly made orphan at Hermitage House. Unlike Magaret and the Moth Tree, this orphanage is really nice. But, Jam [...]

    7. 5 STARS I had to give it 5 stars because I got so emotional in a few places. Cried lots of tears, sad tears, joyful tears. So yes I got lost in the book and cared about the characters. I liked the characters. The children who opened their hearts to the new orphans. The Sisters who took care of the children and loved them and worried about them. Jamie is brought to the orphange after his mothers death and when they could not find any family for Jamie. Jamie loved having his own room. He never had [...]

    8. Ater, Malcolm. The Hermitage House Miracle. Blue Ridge Mountain Books, May 31, 2012. CreateSpace/Blue Ridge Mountain Books ISBN-10: 1470129361 ISBN-13: 978-1470129361 ASIN: B00881P756 178pp. List Price: Paperback $9.95 E-book $3.99.Jamie arrives at the Hermitage House Orphanage after his mother is killed in a car accident. Jamie could not remember her not being his mother, but he had no memories before he started school when he was six. Starting the first night at the orphanage, Jamie dreams str [...]

    9. Jamie Wilson is twelve years old. He is a lonely child, with very few friends, and a mother who seems to have no love for him. They have moved a lot of times, and the friends he made before each move, even though they promised to write, never did…he wrote to them, his mother posted the letters, but he didn’t receive a single reply. With his mother’s continuing dependency on drink, and his determination to make her love him, his life was an emotional mess. The night his mother was killed on [...]

    10. The story begins with Jamie trying to convince his mother not to go out, because she's too drunk to drive. She says strange things, like how she's given 6 years of his life to him (he's 12), and then she leaves. She dies in an accident, and Jamie is sent to an orphanage called Hermitage House. Once there, he starts to have dreams, about a small boy with a mother and father, and a dog. He feels like he is the little boy, but the mother in the dream is not the mother he knew, and he never knew his [...]

    11. See the full review at Short & Sweet Reviews.The Hermitage House Miracle is a middle-grade book following the journey of Jamie as he goes from orphan to withdrawn foster child. This kid has gotten a pretty raw deal in life: his mother is never home, is verbally and emotionally and probably physically abusive to him. She's more interested in getting drunk than spending time with her child. Jamie's forced to grow up very quickly, even before his mother dies. He doesn't really know how to relat [...]

    12. This book was just not my cup of tea, but I can see why others would enjoy it. Jamie, newly orphaned, finds himself a resident of the Hermitage House for Children. One of the last things his mother said to him before she died was that she'd given him the last 6 years of her life, which was puzzling because Jamie was 12.While he settles right in to life at the orphanage, Jamie begins having a series of strange dreams that hint at another life. He struggles to piece together what his mother's word [...]

    13. I was so excited for this mid-grade read, and unfortunately, my expectations were not met. I didn't have a hard time accepting the concept at all. In fact, this is the exact type of book I would have read in third or fourth grade. The mystery and the boy's discoveries, as well as the historical and regional details were well-done. Since I went to school in the Shenandoah Valley, that was a treat to read. The mysterious video game that sucks you in reminded me of a favorite mid-grade read, The Gh [...]

    14. Jamie is sent to the Hermitage House for Children when his mother dies in a car accident. His last memory of her is a drunken rant about how she should never have given him the last six years of her life. He doesn't understand why she says six years when he is twelve years old. The last six years of his life have been spent moving from town to town and living in dreary apartments. Beyond that, he has no memory.The Hermitage house isn't the worse place he's lived. Mother Catherine (who runs the h [...]

    15. To see my full review:wp/p1jhaj-3J6This is a novel that seems extremely realistic and true to life, but then takes on aspects of fantasy and the paranormal, giving it an edge that can be a bit jarring should readers not be ready for it. And yet, it’s a very well written story that warms the heart as it unfolds. Jamie, now living in an orphanage, only remembers the past six years of his life, but as he begins to make friends and interact with others, a luxury he hadn’t known while his mother [...]

    16. THE HERMITAGE HOUSE MIRACLE, by Malcolm AterA very short, sweet story of a boy who remembers nothing from before his first day at school, for a very good reason, which I will not ruin for you. He does not have a storybook life after that and ends up at The Hermitage House, a genteel but crumbling children's home that once housed many children. The home has lost financial backing and is deteriorating, but the original director, Sister Catherine, is still able to take in a very few children, but n [...]

    17. Jamie has always felt as if his life were a little odd. His mother doesn't seem to like him very much; his family moves every few months; he isn't allowed to have friends and even when he manages to make some, they never return his letters; he doesn't even know his father; and, strangest of all, he can't remember anything that happened to him before he was six years old.When Jamie's mother dies unexpectedly, he has no other family and must go to an orphanage, Hermitage House, that is on its last [...]

    18. Jamie Wilson's is taken to Hermitage House Orphange when his Mother is killed in a car accident. After arriving Jamie starts to have dreams of a family that he doesn't remember and he begins to question all that he knows about himself. I really enjoyed reading this book and following Jamie through the his discoveries about himself and those around him. You could feel his frustration with the adults around him as they tried to help but could never seem to find a way. The book is very well written [...]

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