Magdalene, la Mujer que camina con Jesus

Magdalene la Mujer que camina con Jesus Poderosa evocaci n de una Mar a Magdalena que fue a su vez fil sofa viajante maestra y profeta Esta Magdalena fue m s que una esposa m s que la seguidora preferida m s a n que la Amada Disc pula

  • Title: Magdalene, la Mujer que camina con Jesus
  • Author: Ki Longfellow
  • ISBN: 9781937819019
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
  • Poderosa evocaci n de una Mar a Magdalena que fue, a su vez, fil sofa, viajante, maestra y profeta Esta Magdalena fue m s que una esposa, m s que la seguidora preferida, m s a n que la Amada Disc pula Mariamne Magdal eder entendi el Todo.

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    1. Mariamne. Queen Bee. John the Less. Magdal-eder.Daughter. Prophet. Student. Apostle.Woman. Man. Heart. Rock. Beloved.Many names, many roles, many titles.Only one human being.Mary MadgaleneThis book is wonderful, and I am so glad of being able to read it. I am always being a "fan" of Mary Magdalene, and here I was able to read the story that I want to read about her life. Definitely it's now one of my favorite books.I am not saying that this is the truth. However, if you really believe that Mary [...]

    2. I'm not a Christian so I had no idea as I began this book what I "ought" to think about it. I read it because of its reviews and I am so glad I did. It probably seems to be all about the Bible and Christianity and religion, but it isn't. It's about the teachings of real mystics, people who have transcended this world we think so important and so real, and causes us so much pain. It's about what Jesus Christ probably really taught, and you won't find much of that in your Bible. But for me, it's a [...]

    3. To tackle this particular story takes chutzpah. But there's so much more to this book than a completely compelling reworking of what the writers of the gospels retold so long ago. There's the missing historical background the Bible doesn't give you, and the depth of the philosophical sources (Hellenistic, Persian, Gnostic) that went into Christianity at the very beginning, and then there's the incredible understanding of what Jesus was trying to teach us. Plus, it's all done in story, no preachi [...]

    4. The best. Finished it a week ago and it stays in my head so I find myself mulling over everything. If this keeps happening, I'll have to read it again sooner than I expected to. A wondrous work of beauty. Not religious. Not preachy. Not new age. A novel of huge importance.

    5. Tough one to review. A little slow in spots but so interesting. This is basically the philosophy of Jesus Christ and his rise to being the messiah. This story certainly differs from the gospels. A.) it's told from a woman's perspective and B.) the God, Man, Son relationship is very philosophical! C.)If you believe in everything the gospels say then read this as fiction, which is what it's labeled as anyways.

    6. Liberates the woman Mary Magdalene, gives her the history, wisdom, and power we wish she might have had. I delighted in the rich and beautiful esoteric presentation of Christ and his teachings. This is a love story on several levels; there is the love of wisdom (present in the philosophy woven throughout the entire book), the love held especially for a man (in its most devoted form), and love for the divine (in essence, the purest love of all.)I've reread this twice and will read it again. I don [...]

    7. Mark my words, a classic in the making. Read it! What an adventure of mind, body and spirit. Laughed sometimes, and cried my heart out twice. Left with the need to read it again.

    8. This book could open your mind.  This book is not Christian.  It's not Jewish.  It's not Gnosticism, although it's about Gnosis which is the Greek word for what we think of as enlightenment.  This book, if you don't care about any of that, is a great read written really well.  It could have happened in this extremely clever well-researched way.  But it doesn't matter if it did or it did not.  It left me breathless and so hungry for more.  I hope Longfellow is planning on more.

    9. For my money, this ought to be an award-winning book. It ought to chosen by Oprah so all sorts of people who would love it would find it. It's phenomenal. The characters, the philosophy, the theology, the setting, the historical insight, the WRITING! To walk with Jesus and the Magdalene and to feel them for the first time as people struggling with their times and their place in that time, to meet them in all their pain and sorrow and joywhat a trip, man!

    10. This is a great book! OK, I'm a bit of a freak for ancient cultures, religion, and the like - but it's excellent. A bit along the lines of The Red Tent - follow Mary Magdalene during the times of Jesus.

    11. Would love to have time to review all I bother to read, but so busy and so tired. But this time, just wanted to say a few words. From 1 to 10 I'd give this a 10+. It was incredibly wise and wonderful.

    12. I finished the whole book, and then began again to savor not only the story and the wonderful writing, but the lessons to be found here. As a lapsed Catholic, I lost my feeling for such things. But in this book I found it all again. I don't know if it's true, but if this book is read by only religious people or by seekers of spiritual wisdom, that's a loss to readers looking for fully realized characters and great tragedy and exciting adventure. The grounding of the book in real history, and act [...]

    13. one of my favorite reads this year. it is a well written and new version/take on the story of jesus and mary magdalene. refreshing, actually. you might say a more "enlightened " version. comes with a recomendation if you a) enjoy novels & b) are open to versions of jesus outside of the bible. it is truly an amazing book.

    14. I should have paid more attention in religion class. I don't know much about Mary Magdalene. She is one of the most well-known, yet most mysterious Catholic figures. Who was she really? This book offers an interesting insight into a complicated woman. It may be fiction, but it's entertaining.

    15. I am a healer. This is the only novel I can think of that could heal if the reader so wished. The spiritual teachings here are profound.

    16. If you would like to read a different interpretation of the story of Mary Magdalene's life and the life of Jesus (Yeshua) then this is a must read. The historic research that Ki Longfellow has done must have taken a lifetime, and the story sounds entirely possible, perhaps probable. It drags in some places, but there are also parts that sound so true that they gave me goosebumps. Longfellow includes insights into the hidden truths that run throughout all religions and spiritual paths and sound a [...]

    17. It's been some time since I read this book, but I picked it up again the other day and this time I like it better than I did before. I liked it a great deal on the first read, but now I love it. I've done a little research about the period since and I find the more the reader knows, the more you discover this book knows. Most of the time you reread a book to revisit how it made you feel. And this is true of this book. But you also reread this book to find another layer and another layer of profo [...]

    18. A mind bending life-changer. This one may not sell like Dan Brown, but it will be around longer. Beautiful language, profound thoughts, thrilling adventure, and intriguing answers to ultimate questions. How much more could a book offer?

    19. I read this because of its ratings here and on amazon and blogs, and I have to say, what a surprise. This isn't my usual book, or so I thought. But it turns out I don't have a usual book, just those that keep me turning the pages, excited and involved. What's going to happen next? How did this writer learn all this stuff? How long did she have to research? Has anyone read the selected bibliography at the back of the book? Damn. I am so impressed. And then to read what she's made of all those boo [...]

    20. I could be wrong but I can only think any one or two star ratings come from offending the reader's beliefs. I can't think it has anything to do with the book itself. The story is thrilling and page turning, the character fully real and human, the events can break your heart, and the the writing is fluid and poetic. Not difficult at all unless you like your reading so easy you never have to pause for any sort of thought. This is a book for lovers of literature, writing, and profound spiritual tru [...]

    21. No point in detailing the plot. Every point in speaking of the effect this book had on me. Things that confused me, seem cleared up. The path I've been seeking seems straight before me. And a bonus, this book is beautifully written, amazingly imagined, and speaks from a mystics understand. I was, and am, in love with it. More, please more, from this author

    22. I've spent years trying to make heads or tails of humanity's need to create religions. I've shaken my head at the childish concepts they come up with to make themselves feel better and a class called "priests" richer and more powerful. I've wondered how people could allow their own minds to be controlled by the minds of, sometimes, lesser men (or women.) This book has been like standing under a waterfall of reason and understanding. Not only is the story an adventure from beginning to end, writt [...]

    23. This is become my favorite book. I've read all my life. I think of myself as a discerning reader. All the classics: English, Russian, German, French, Americand more and more. And some of these books have never left me. This is going to be one of them. I notice it's not on any bestseller list and it's not not mentioned by the professionals as brilliant, and yet it's the most brilliant thing I've read in years. It has it all: great writing, a great idea, profound research, profound ideas, and a co [...]

    24. I've just finished this book and half a box of hankies. Of course we know how it ends, but who has ever explained how it began? To enter the possibly true heart of real people in a setting the New Testament barely hints at, is fascinating and eye-opening. A wonderful book, wonderfully observed, and beautifully written. A slow boiling classic. I think this book is going to stick around.

    25. As a German and a lover of German literature, I do make an effort to find the best from elsewhere. This book I would count as one of the best. I now await more from this writer. I have looked and this seems to be the first in a trilogy? I think this is so. The second book is also at heart a search for meaning but is about Hypatia of Alexandria. I say that I champ at the bit.

    26. A book to read and read again, to savor and thrill to and learn from. A book to cry over and gnaw off your fingernails too. In short a great read. It also, without trying, teaches you all that stuff other books preach about in the most intriguing and involving way.

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