A New Leash on Life

A New Leash on Life When a hurricane blows through town and threatens the future of Olivia Clark s animal shelter she publicizes her desperate plea for help to the masses Aid comes from a surprising source Chloe Homeste

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  • Title: A New Leash on Life
  • Author: Suzie Carr
  • ISBN: 9780984937721
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a hurricane blows through town and threatens the future of Olivia Clark s animal shelter, she publicizes her desperate plea for help to the masses Aid comes from a surprising source Chloe Homestead, Olivia s ex girlfriend from thirteen years ago and the only girl Olivia has ever loved Chloe, a self made millionaire, offers to finance and manage the shelter s repairWhen a hurricane blows through town and threatens the future of Olivia Clark s animal shelter, she publicizes her desperate plea for help to the masses Aid comes from a surprising source Chloe Homestead, Olivia s ex girlfriend from thirteen years ago and the only girl Olivia has ever loved Chloe, a self made millionaire, offers to finance and manage the shelter s repairs and operations, a gesture Olivia is in no position to refuse Working intimately together to provide loving care to homeless animals, Olivia struggles to keep her composure in Chloe s fun and flirty presence As Olivia s walls start to crumble, the past catches up to them Chloe has a dark secret, a secret that she s been carrying around for thirteen years Will Chloe s secret threaten the future of the shelter and the relationship she has worked so hard to restore

    One thought on “A New Leash on Life”

    1. I can’t get enough of these novels featuring lesbians who work in animal shelters. Just! Can’t! Get! Enough! Almost immediately after reading Rescued Heart, I came across A New Leash on Life by Suzie Carr. You can tell almost immediately that this author is a die-hard animal-lover. If I was working for the HR department at ASPCA, you’d bet I’d be dialing her number. It’s heart-warming and gratifying to read and review well-written works of fiction that are not only great stories, but t [...]

    2. This is easily one of the worst books I've ever read. The writing is terrible. It's littered with excessive adjectives, cliches, and overwrought metaphors. The story lacks fluidity because the author frequently drops in previously unknown information from the past lives of the characters in order to support something currently happening in the plot. The best written stories, in my opinion, are ones where we are shown, not told, what is happening. That is absolutely not the case here. We are told [...]

    3. Annoying. that is the best word to sum up this story. The veterinary medical information was wrong. I know this is a romance story but the amount of time spent explaining the veterinary treatments and such, made it a larger focus of the story than it needed to be, on top of that the information was not accurate. Then there were the pages and pages about Reiki. It took me 10 days to finish this story when normally I would have finished a story this length in one evenings read but I would get too [...]

    4. The first thought that comes to mind after reading Suzie Carr’s A New Leash on Life is not the storyline in and of itself. It is the author’s writing style. As I read Suzie Carr’s work, I couldn’t contain the smile that continually crept upon my face. I thought to myself that this must be my time for reading lighthearted, whimsically written fiction as opposed to some of the darker subjects that I’ve become accustomed to reading.Maybe I needed a break from some of the subjects that I [...]

    5. I'm really shocked by those other reviews. This book is really horrible. It reads like a long drawn out summary & it had the most ridiculous metaphors. Actually it was packed with poorly written & unnecessary metaphors. It was just.absolutely horrible.

    6. I won this book from the giveaways. This was a wonderful story about love in all it's different forms. When it's love, it doesn't care about gender. that line was from the story and it is very true. She is a writer who weaves the characters into the reader's hearts.

    7. I don't have a pet, but I found the touching parts of book revolving what Oliver has done for the abandoned pets. I had a great time reading the book.

    8. Amazing book from an amazing author. Thanks for making me feel wealth of emotions. I love your books. They should come with a warning though: highly addictive and hard to put down.

    9. In the same novel you can find almost all what I love the most in that world :° beautiful and strong women who struggle hard for what it fascinates them and never give up no matter what° Deep and true Love which wins after plenty of difficulties and obstacles° No-kill animal shelters° Philanthropy° Family (and all its complexity)° Faith in Life and even ReikiAs a volunteer (for birds for now but I worked with dogs before as a foster family and trainer), I had no other choice than loving th [...]

    10. Mostly sad storyI enjoyed the novel, but even with the ending being happy, the overall balance was rather on the sad side. Some consistency issues, but nothing major. Enough to take me out of the story at one point, though, and wonder if I was miss-remembering. I think the biggest thing that keeps me from loving the book is Olivia. She seems too smart to be as emotionally immature as she is, but I suppose that is part of the point. Her emotional development was arrested at the point when Chloe l [...]

    11. This book was such a lovely read. I like books that jump between the past and present. Although I knew most of the ups and downs that were coming, I still couldn't put the book down. The main reason I am giving this book five stars because the actual writing was so good. Her descriptive passages about the feelings of love, loss, regret, and betrayal were like reading poetry. I really recommend this book.

    12. Veterinarian, Olivia Clark, owns and runs a no kill animal shelter. After a hurricane causes substantial damage, Olivia is at a loss to know how to fund the repairs. Although she does everything in her power, including public appeals, the whole town is hurting from the devastation the hurricane brought and no one has much to spare.At last there is hope. Chloe Homestead is Olivia’s ex girlfriend from thirteen years previously. Chloe is now a millionaire. She’s also the only girl Olivia has ev [...]

    13. I liked the idea of the animal shelter and enjoyed the use of the animals as characters in the book. I really liked Olivia, the main character and owner of the shelter, who had kind of withdrawn from life and thrown herself into taking care of animals after a bad relationship breakup and the later death of her parents. The shelter is badly damaged in a storm which is not described and is in financial difficulty.I was a little less keen on Chloe, who was Olivia's first love and the ongoing love i [...]

    14. Olivia works very hard as a vet who manages a no kill animal shelter. She love her job and she loves the animals. But the shelter is threatened when a hurricane sweeps through the town and Olivia finds out who the mystery donor is. She doesn't have the funds to make the repairs the shelter needs let alone keep it running. Chloe, Olivia's ex, moved away 13 years ago due to a big secret. After trying to reconnect with Olivia and being turned down Chloe decides to focus her life on her daughter and [...]

    15. Where does one begin with this book? WOW! So I felt for Olivia the whole time. Chloe did her wrong doings in life did some stuff to make her life better but then Olivia needed help. Chloe just about throws Olivia off the deep end making her unhappy and ever so happy. Just so many new plot stickers and amazing writing in this book. Yes, this book is one I would recommend to anyone! This book is a 5 in my book!As of this posting Suzie was having a sale on this book via ! So check it out to see if [...]

    16. A hurricane devastates Olivia Clark’s animal shelter. Chloe Homestead comes to Olivia’s aid. Chloe was Olivia’s ex-girlfriend. Olivia can’t refuse Chloe's help if she wants to save her shelter and she ends up working closely with Chloe with the rebuild plans and care of the animals.A New Leash on Life is a lesbian love story and even though this is not my typical read, I found the animal shelter aspect and the rebuilding of this shelter heart warming. A good beach read :D 4 stars.This co [...]

    17. A sweet and easy to read story, a summary-like writing style that sometimes leaves you wanting a little more.I loved the building of the story - their teenage years - as it hooked me from the beggining. However, the plot semed to lose its interest as it went along, and i wished that the womens feelings as they were reuniting would be a little more addressed. It felt too easy (despite the final moment of angst) for me.But all in all I enjoyed reading it and its nice for an uncomplicated, breezy r [...]

    18. Almost half through and keeping my interest which is always a good thing!Ok done! So it a lesbian love story and I guess I did not realize that when I got it as the underlining animal shelter story was of interest to me! It is ok though love is love and the story seemed honest and the characters were believeable! And the animal shelter is saved!!! A very nice story and happy to have brought it to read!

    19. If you know anything about veterinary medicine, shelter medicine, or animal shelters in general, don't read this.

    20. It had potential but never came through. The concept intrigued me and I was hopeful but the reality was just disappointing. It wasn't the worst book I've read but it wasn't my kind of writing

    21. I loved this book.Wow. What tear jerker. I loved the strong female characters. Add the great characters to a no kill animal shelter setting and you have a winner.

    22. Great bookIf you love animals and good stories then I recommend you buy this book. A very good read and a heartfelt story.

    23. Wow this one hit close to home and had me in tears several times. I love Suzie's books, because they are always very well written and very fulfilling.

    24. I always like Susie's books. I have not read a single one I don't like. She develops very likable, yet very human and flawed characters.

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