El combate de los jefes

El combate de los jefes When the Romans persuade a Gaulish chief to challenge Vitalstatistix to single combat no one worries much But then a flying menhir hits Getaflix and he no longer remembers how to make his magic potio

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  • Title: El combate de los jefes
  • Author: René Goscinny Albert Uderzo
  • ISBN: 9788421687307
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When the Romans persuade a Gaulish chief to challenge Vitalstatistix to single combat, no one worries much But then a flying menhir hits Getaflix and he no longer remembers how to make his magic potion Can Asterix help restore Getaflix s memory

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    1. This could be an unpopular review. I feel this a weak Asterix comic book. I watched the cover, and I had bad feeling about it. 1. Seeing Asterix running with worried face is unsettling. In my imagination, Asterix is a confident, smart , sometimes angry person. But the afraid face person on the cover is a big no for me.2. Seeing Obelix so uncare is another minus. Obelix might be not the smartest person, but I never associate him as a cold-blooded person who crush an old guy with menhir. Okay, I w [...]

    2. So, the Romans did have psychologists28 September 2012 Well, after reading a very heavy book on the Vietnam War I decided that I needed something lighter, a lot lighter, to read so that my brain simply did not fry, so I grabbed the Asterix Omnibus from under my bed (I am progressively collecting them and reading these albums again because that are one of those books that I simply loved as a child and as a adult I still gain immense amounts of pleasure from reading them) and read this one (there [...]

    3. Kalo Asterix bacanya entah beberapa kali. Sampe bukunya lecek dan akhirnya di bundel supaya gak ilang2an. Komik terkeren sepanjang masa setelah Tintin.

    4. Nicht alle Gallier setzen sich der Romanisierung entgegen, manch einem Gallier gefällt die römische Lebensweise sogar ausserordentlich gut, wie beispielsweise dem gallorömischen Häuptling Augenblix.Auf der anderen Seite stehen diejenigen Gallier, die sich gegen die Römer stets zur Wehr setzen. Übrig ist jedoch nur ein einziges Dorf in Gallien, welches nicht erobert ist – für die Römer natürlich ein Dorn im Auge. So kommt es, dass sie einen neuen Plan aushecken: Der römerfreundliche A [...]

    5. Ein Schlag auf den Kopf erhöht das Denkvermögenoder auch nicht. Gerade, als man den Dorfdruiden am meisten braucht, erleidet er einen Unfall, der ihn in einen sabbernden Verrückten verwandelt. Durch einen perfiden Plan der Römer soll das nun geschwächte Dorf endgültig unter die Knute der römischen Verwaltung gezwungen werden, und ein Gallo-Römer soll dabei helfen.Goscinny und Uderzo schaffen es immer wieder, neue, verrückte und einmalige Charaktere in dieser Reihe zu erschaffen. Vom dau [...]

    6. Die verhaal waarin Asterix se dorpie byna-byna sy onafhanklikheid verloor, word in hierdie vertaling deur Sonya van Schalkwyk-Barrois net so kleurryk as die illustrasies. Haar keuse van karaktername is kostelik: ontmoet die hoofman-oor-honderd Sabbatsrus met die enorme stem; die legioensoldaat Gladnilus; die druïde Onthounix; en die Gallo-Romeinse hoofman Disvimygrix! Soos in die vorige vertalings buit sy die Afrikaanse taalidioom deeglik uit sodat 'n mens al giggelend voortlees. Die res van di [...]

    7. Hilarious and witty, with clasic band dessinnée art, this is one of Astérix and Obélix's adventures which I had missed so far. Of course, having the invincible Gauls being unable to resort to their magic potion was a classic gag from the series, but the way in which it's achieved in this issue is quite clever and allows for the Druid's less serious side to shine forth. Lots of menhirs, Roman-bashing, and sheer joy.

    8. It's highly unlikely that I'm going to rate any of Asterix less than 4 stars. It's not being biased, just honest. As I say, when I was little I enjoyed the cartoon pics and funny fights and all, now as an adult I enjoy the historical illusions, puns and the antics. For example, the name of the druid who specialize in mental cures: Psychoanalytix. :P

    9. Le décurion Perclus demande au chef Gaulois Aplusbégalix de défier Abraracourcix en combat des chefs. Mais pour qu'il ait une chance de gagner, reste à éliminer Panoramix.

    10. Ovelix as enthusiastic as he is, he threw a menhir at the Roman Guard but it hit Getafix on the head. After the accident Getafix has lost his memory and he is unable to prepare the magic potion and the village just ran out

    11. Appreciated this one mostly for the owl in love with the tree. The battle of the technicolor druids gets an honorable mention.

    12. The Romans want to take advantage of an ancient Gaulish custom--if a chief can beat another chief in unarmed combat, the winning chief becomes the ruler of the loser's village. They find the ambitious and tough Cassius Ceramix of Linoleum to fight another chief. Once he agrees they tell him he is to fight Vitalstatistix. Ceramix is afraid but the Romans decide to capture or kill Getafix, the druid whose potions make Vitalstatistix have superhuman strength. They comically fail but Obelix nails hi [...]

    13. This is one of my favourite Asterix books, mainly for the very broad, slapstick humour not only of Obelix's menhir repeatedly bashing folk but also for the multi-colour effects of Getafix's and Psychoanalytix's potions when they are addled because of being bashed by said menhir. The two of them laughing at the absurdity of th eother characters adds a nice almost meta level of humour, as well. Uderzo is in especially fine form with the art, notably in his depiction of the owl besotted with the Ro [...]

    14. Because of a discussion over on the To Be Read Mountain, I've been re-reading the Asterix books that I have. They hold up pretty well.I'm not sure why I gave this two stars, so I am changing it. Watch out for flying Menhirs!Asterix is great because (1) funny (2) adult level and a child's level (3) you can see him when you watch the French national team (4) Dogmatix.The books are laugh out loud funny.

    15. Asterix the Big Fight – the Romans have a Gaulish chieftain-collaborator challenge Chief Vitalstatistix to a winner-takes-all bare-knuckle brawl… and Getafix is out of magic potion! Terrific send up of proxy warfare (to say nothing of professional wrestling)

    16. The Gaulish village is threatened when a rival Romanised chieftain challenges Vitalstatistix to a boxing match, the loser of which will surrender his domain. Seeing as Obelix has clobbered Getafix with a menhir causing him to lose all memory of how to concoct magic potion could the heroes we know and love be in hot soup? (Sorry)

    17. This was a good one. There's real tension in the story as things escalate and the resolution is very satisfying. Be sure to check out these annotations to pick up on all the puns and references asterix.openscroll/books/a For example Cassius Ceramix - Ceramics can be made from Clay - ie Cassius Clay, ie Mohammad Ali

    18. One of what I consider to be proto-Asterix albums, as they hadn't found their top form yet by then. I believe this episode appealed to me the most as a kid, with all the potions and explosions. Pretty decent album.

    19. This was the first Asterix that I read as a kid so it was pretty fun revisiting it. The puns are so much funnier as an adult, historical context and all.

    20. Una storia molto divertente, in cui i nostri eroi si ritrovano in una situazione per loro completamente nuova: dovranno cavarsela senza Panoramix e la sua magica pozione.

    21. The Romans try to finally vanquish Asterix's village by reinstating the battle of the village chiefs. They persuade Aplusbegalix (French name) who calls himself a Gallo-Roman to challenge Abraracourix (Majestix). The problem is that Obelix has accidentally "dropped" a menhir on the druid who has now lost his memory and can't make the magic potion. Can the village win the challenge without the potion or is all lost to the Romans? I didn't find this story as amusing as most Asterix tales. It all e [...]

    22. Wer könnte nicht Asterix und Obelix lieben? Dieses Comicheft lautet witzig und amüsant - die Gallien empfand, wie es gewesen könnte, ohne ihren Zaubertrank zu leben. Ich mag die lustige Namen, und zwar 'Troubadourix' und 'Miraculix' und besonders 'Augenblix'!Es war mein erstes Asterix-und-Obelix-Buch sind ich habe es sehr viel genossen.

    23. A great comic book and time killer. I'v read it over and over again but if your looking for a more advance book, this is not what you want.

    24. Nyt oli kunnon menoa ja meininkiä läpi kirjan eikä pelkästään mätkitty roomalaisia vaan oli vähän juontakin. Alan lämmetä sarjalle taas.

    25. This seventh Asterix is the first that I have read, and it got me completely hooked. The story, according to Wiki:"The Romans have once again been humiliated by the Gauls. Felonius Caucus, right hand man of Centurion Nebulus Nimbus, head of the fortified camp of Totorum, suggests a Big Fight. This is a Gallic tradition where two Gallic chiefs fight and the winner becomes leader of both tribes.To fight Vitalstatistix, chief of Asterix’s tribe, the Romans enlist a Gallo-Roman collaborator, Chief [...]

    26. This is one of my favorite Asterix stories. It is the first one that puts a significant part of the action in the Gaul village, though it still doesn’t bring many of the villagers, other than Chief Vitalstatistix, into prominence. There is no adventure, but instead a sinister plot to use an Gaul custom “The Big Fight” to conquer the Gaul village. The Romans’ Plan A does not work as expected, but with a little accident from Obelix’s menhir, Plan B goes into effect and it seems that our [...]

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