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  1. I spent the better part of High School buried in a Danielle Steele novel. They are all about gorgeous women and handsome men with loads of money. All the women have beautiful hair and legs for miles. They all blow the men away by wearing summer dresses with espadrilles. They all have happy endings. For a High School girl they are a grown way to continue to play with Barbies. For a grown woman with kids and a mortgage they're fluff I simply don't have time for anymore.

  2. Changes is yet another of Danielle Steel Novels I have liked immensely. This novel is something each and every one of us can relate to at one point of time. It depicts human emotions nicely. Even though the end is predictable, in order to enjoy this one you need to read in b/w the lines.Changes: As the Title of the book suggests this novel is all about “THE MOMENTS OF IMPACT” which can change our lives forever:)There are two center characters in this novel: MELANIE ADAMS , a HOTSHOT TV ANCHO [...]

  3. I've read this many times in Portuguese. Of all the four of five books by her I've read, this is my favorite and still has a special place in my heart.

  4. I don't know why, but this is one of the few Danielle Steel novels I was able to read all the way through. I loved the way Mel has two girls and she thinks both of them are wonderful, even though one is a straight A student and the other is sort of a clueless babe. And I liked the way Dr. Peter Hallam was so straight ahead about how his first wife was cold and perfect and how he's almost afraid to love anyone as warm and spontaneous as Mel. The thing about Danielle Steel is that her writing has [...]

  5. Once again, it seems like Danielle Steel wasn't sure she knew what she wanted her characters to think or feel. The characters would go from being happy about a situation to being depressed and unsure within a one page span. It was all over the place. And Steel's "foreshadowing" was so predictible she might as well have just said right out what was going to happen four pages later. To top it all off, there were so many constant conflicts and issues arising one after another for the characters tha [...]

  6. I almost forgot how much I love a good Danielle Steel novel. I haven't read anything of hers in a year or two- so I decided to come back and read another one of hers. I wasn't disappointed. It started off a little slow, but picked up steam about halfway through. I finished the last half in two days. I love the characters Steel creates- independent Mel and her beautiful twin daughters, intelligent and heartfelt Peter the heart surgeon, and his headstrong daughter and loving sons. Between the loca [...]

  7. طبيب القلب هالام ومذيعة الأخبار ميل بعد ألتقائهم معاً ووقوعهم فى الحب وكل منهم مرتبط بعملة بشدة وتبدأ سلسلة التغييرات فى حياة الطرفيين من أنتقال ميل للوس أنجلوس والتضيحة بمهنتها لمستوى أقل مع أبنتيها التؤائم.تستقر حياة ميل وبيتر الجديد مع خمسة من الأبناء وتمر العديد من الم [...]

  8. what can i say i couldnt finish it . the story line /Characters keep repeating things through out the percent i did read. So i just DNF the Book. Maybe i try and read it again later. just not feeling it. Life to read a book just to finish it if you are not enjoying reading it.

  9. I’m guessing this is one of Danielle Steel’s early novels. The storyline is entertaining enough but the style of writing is annoyingly repetitive. Her constant use of run-on sentences makes the novel read like a children’s book. Scenes have very little detail and there is a lot of “telling” as opposed to “showing”, which puts the reader in a very passive position. Read this if you are looking for a super-simple read with a happy ending.

  10. I recently had the love to old novels and though this book was in 1983, I had the feeling that it gonna be awesome just as Steel's modern books! And I was not actually mistaken; Steel always attracts my full attention while reading her novels, she never fails to give us a detailed description of every character from all aspects and mainly psychological. I like how she properly interprets the feelings of her characters. Another thing I admire about Steel is that her subject of the novel that alwa [...]

  11. peter hallam is a very skilled heart surgeon who has saved countless lives but also lost them he is now a widower as his wife did not agree to a transplant which he takes hard as he believes that she did not trust him or like his work. this leaves him with 3 children to bring up alone melanie is a high flying television newscaster and travels to california with a sick girl who needs heart surgery and to interview him . she herself is a single mom with 2 teenage twin girls mel and peter's relatio [...]

  12. This is one of them cozy romances you snuggle up with. It's about a women who is a news anchor that lives in New York who has 2 teenage daughters. She flies out to California to do a story on a doctor who is a heart transplant surgeon.he has 3 children and is newly widowed. During their time together doing the interview for a story they grow close and fall in love. They run into many obsticals trying to mix both families together. Each family has their own way of doing things and neither side wa [...]

  13. Changing, dancing, leaping, creeping from old life into new,wondering what I think of you,unseen dreams, and newfound schemes,two lives enmeshed, embroiled, enhanced at last, and suddenly heart snagged, held fast,no turning back, no letting go, too late to run, too soon to know if all is well, yet time will tell it all, and softly in the night I call your name,nothing quite the same amidst this total rearranging,as everything about me is shifting, moving, changing.Sometimes it's difficult to und [...]

  14. Read this book back in the 90s, liked it then.Got the Cheryl Ladd/Michael Nouri DVD, loving that even more. Good depiction of long-distance romance, step-family formation, the struggles of blending two sets of children, grieving unresolved loss, and moving forward in a modern marriage with two high-powered careers -- her a TV news anchor and him a famous heart surgeon.Some will call it cheesy. I'll buy that. Just a feel good movie for sure, and certainly having read the original book a second ti [...]

  15. i was surprised by how much i enjoyed this Danielle Steel novel. it's from way back in 1983 and i was surprised that it wasn't too dated. altho there was a lot of peach and cream decor going on hahaha. a female tv anchorwoman has been raising 16 yrs old twin girls on her own since they were born. she's given up on love when she meets a heart surgeon. only problem is, she lives in NY and he lives in CA. and he's mourning the loss of his wife and has 3 kids of his own hehe :) as noted in the title [...]

  16. Danielle Steele's Changes is a book that shares hope,joy,sorrow,love and friendship in abundance.The coming together of two people sharing entirely different lives and their struggle with realities is beautifully portrayed. It is not just a love story;it is about the sacrifices and 'Changes' that touches the lives of the people when two families come together to form new bonds.Okay, I agree its predictable in many ways but you cannot help but despair and rejoice with the characters. I would defi [...]

  17. I saw the movie starring Cheryl Ladd before reading the book and there are some differences between the two versions. However, I still found this book to be a great read. The drama, the passion, the romance is all there, however, I could not stand the selfishness of Melanie. She needs to understand that life is not all about your needs, especially when you move into another man's house with his three children who lost their mother. Overall, great read and one of the good Danielle Steel books tha [...]

  18. PB-B @ 1984, 3/85. Changes are what happens when a couple, each living on opposite coasts, raising children on their own, having successful businesses, fall in love and try to blend their lives together. Okay.

  19. Danielle Steel is my go-to when simply reading for pleasure. I prefer her older books with wonderfully complex characters woven into historical times in our history.

  20. Great bookWonderful story of blended family and Love .All the characters come to life in this book. I would read this book again

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  22. Encuentro decisivoMuy buena trata sobre los cambios tanto en la pareja como en los hijos de estos cuando los padres deciden volver a casarsey linda este drama familiar que trata sobre temas muy frecuentes estos días .

  23. I really liked this story, and the whole story of the children was warped but engaging. One of her better books.

  24. I found this book while going through all my books. I had thought that I hadn't read it and was excited to find a Danielle Steel book that I hadn't read. Well, turns out I had read it. (Surprise surprise right??) But that's okay. I continued to read it and finish it because I needed a little fluffy read consider how America is 50 shades of messed up right now. (I don't think I need to say what is going on right now) This is the typical Danielle Steel fluff that her readers have come to know and [...]

  25. Melanie Adams is a top television news broadcaster in NewYork covering thereality stories. Dr. Peter Hallam is a heart surgeon in Los Angelesfighting the odds of people’s lives, transplanting new lives. With a brokenmarriage behind her, a demanding career and the responsibility of her twokids, Melanie has no room for another man till she meets Peter, a widowerand father of three children. On one of Melanie’s news assignments, shemeets Peter and then on, both fall in love. And as a love story [...]

  26. Changes by Danielle steelShe seems to have it all but she wants so much more. Twin daughters who are teens,Melanie Adams, successful career but she doesn't have a man of her dreams, yet love is outside her reach. One of her reports will be on a heart surgeon who she hopes she can talk into doing a transplant for a little girl, so her company can tape it for their TV show.The book also follows heart surgeon Peter with kids of his own has just lost his wife. He puts himself out there with so much [...]

  27. 1 STARS"Top TV anchorwoman Melanie Adams had given up on love after a failed marriage and an unhappy affair. With her two teenage children and her television news career, she had no room in her life for a man. Then she met famous heart surgeon Peter Hallam, a widower with three children of his own. Suddenly Melanie was experiencing feelings she thought were gone forever. But two families (one in New York and one in Los Angeles), two exciting careers, and two strong-willed people were too much to [...]

  28. I never thought that I would enjoy a romance/drama novel as much as I enjoyed this one. What's really impressive is how Steel describes the feelings, intents, and reactions of each character - even the ones who aren't very significant to the story-line. This is not a dreamy unrealistic love story, it's very realistic and full of explorations of human emotions although I didn't enjoy how somewhat predictable it was.

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