Atonement Everyone must pay for their sins Call it kismet destiny karma fate or whatever the hell you like payment will be exacted the only question is at what cost Atonement Volume IV of the Alfonzo mob

  • Title: Atonement
  • Author: S.W. Frank
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Everyone must pay for their sins Call it kismet, destiny, karma, fate or whatever the hell you like, payment will be exacted, the only question is at what cost Atonement, Volume IV of the Alfonzo mob saga returns and in this edition, Alfonzo s choice not to kill a rat may eventually be his undoing His beautiful wife Selange is keeping secrets and a hit man uncovers the tEveryone must pay for their sins Call it kismet, destiny, karma, fate or whatever the hell you like, payment will be exacted, the only question is at what cost Atonement, Volume IV of the Alfonzo mob saga returns and in this edition, Alfonzo s choice not to kill a rat may eventually be his undoing His beautiful wife Selange is keeping secrets and a hit man uncovers the truth about a man he once called brother.At what expense are secrets guarded and who will protect them Selange finds unlikely allies in the mob wives from Italy but is it enough to keep the crimes of the past hidden, or is death the only way to atone for one s transgressions Find out in this pulsating mob series with all the action, romance, and sinful decadence you ll need to satisfy those midnight cravings.

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    1. THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS. This series must be read in order, the spoilers pertain to previous books. YOU have been WARNED.4.5 STARS out of 5Genre: Interracial Romance Mystery/SuspenseA WHOLE LOT OF TEARS WAS SHED WHILE READING THIS…My heart ACHES for Alfonzo and Selange can they survive this?‘Many men… many… many… many… many men, wish death on me…’ -Lyrics by rapper 50 CentAlfonzo is a marked man however the threat to his life comes from someone he least expects. Meanwhile S [...]

    2. 3.75Ok, so a few things. I enjoyed this book the most in the series so far. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and was up until 5am reading this! Even with the flaws, I was drawn in by the twists and turns and even the characters I dislike had redeeming moments. For the 'ball by ball' play, you can take a look at my updates but a few thoughts:Everyone knows I'm not a Selange fan but, even so, I felt she was done a disservice in this book. The whole Nico/Selange cheating angle isn't plau [...]

    3. I can't This Volume completely left me speechless. I have cried so much reading this book.In Volume III as well as this one there were times I've wanted to reach inside the book and do this to SelangeThen of course in the aftermath, I found myself crying for her. Alfonzo, my heart just breaks for him. Nico, Vincent, OMG! Alberti OMGOODNESS! So many things. Twist & turns. This book just had me on edge the entire time.I don't know how to feel about this one. It was another excellent read in th [...]

    4. I have no words for the ruin of this series with this book. Selange is a disappointment not only for the BS from book 3 but the continuation of the shit in this book. I dont know why they tried to blame Alfonzo for this mess he did nothing wrong and they should not want him to just accept that mess. I dont want him with her at all. She want to love somebody after she cheated she regret that shit and i dont feel sorry for her.

    5. What can I say, the sins of the fathers and the sons definitely came out in this book.I am still no fan of Selange, you can make a mistake but then you don't keep going back and deciding you will take a lover when you are married to someone else. I will give props to Selange for kicking ass with those ladies and when she and Nico were in danger. I like that about her but that is about all I like about her. I think if Selange had the opportunity to sow her oats before marrying Alfonzo perhaps she [...]

    6. This is the forth book of the Alfonso series and let me just say the series is still going strong. I am waiting for book 5 to be releas after reading this one. So many questions to be answered. In Antonement you ask yourself the qestion. "If you love someone do you love everything about them?" I like this book the best in the series b/c it deals with love and forgiveness. Not any kind of love, but unconditional love that stands the test of time. Did you ever forget your fist love? Do you forget [...]

    7. What in the world?!! I can't believe she fell for the dumb crap after all. I was really rooting for Alfonzo and Selange to get it together but I was so let down. The ending, Emilo's part, felt like the author was trying to justify her actions not to mention the women's conversations about what they'd been up to. I hate when reading a story we have to get the "everyone's a cheater" crap forced down on us. Drama could've come from a million other places with these two staying loyal to one another. [...]

    8. When I think about this chapter the one word that comes to mind is powerful and of course shocking! Again I didn't expect Selange's actions, and Nico has been equally as shocking. Alfonzo on the other hand, I expected him to blow up the world, but somehow he didn't which was out of this world. You could tell the bond between Selange and Alfonzo is virtually unbreakable, and his love for Selange is so powerful. The action in this book was crazy. Nico is something else, and so is his twin Vincent. [...]

    9. Loved, loved this book and can't wait for the fifth book. After reading the first book I immediately bought the entire series. Without giving too much away I completely understand Alfonzo anger and hurt. I also felt he was unfairly painted as being unreasonable and selfish.

    10. This one was really hard for me, i skipped most of the book. its not because I didn't like it, its just that I hate Selange right now for what she has done to Alfonzo. I just can't stand her ugh!

    11. Tear-jerkerI am literally heartbroken. The death, and then the deceit. Someone would say Alfonzo should man up, but how would we react?

    12. Oh my wordI have been clasping my pearls for the last two books!! Oh it just keeps getting better and better! I do feel terrible for everyone involved. Some definite wrongs here but as they say Love is not perfect.

    13. In the episode 4 of the Alfonzo series, the Diaz family heads to Italy for a wedding, but while abroad danger is lurking and heartbreak is on the horizon. Married for a while now, AL and Selange are enjoying their two young children; all is great or is it? Al focuses on his role as the Don and a decision to take someone out may cause him some problems. Meanwhile, as we know from book 3, Selange has a secret and she finds herself new allies in the Italian women of the family that she may need rea [...]

    14. Matters Of The HeartWhen I first took a chance on reading this series, I didn't know what to expect. I went in with an open mind and I've had favorable results. I am now officially hooked on this series. This is like reading a live soap opera and I love every bit of it. I can say that S.W. is one to look out for and I have enjoyed every book in this series thus far and I’m ready to read the next part.Alfonzo and Selange Diaz have been married almost a decade. They are still the loving couple t [...]

    15. I am giving this series 5 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed all 4 of these books. I have always looked for a good mob story with the family connections, violence, powerful men, romance and plain old mob action. I found that in The Medlov Crime Family Series and now I can add the Alfonzo series to it as well. This was just like a soap opera. It had plenty of twists and turns and times where I wanted to yell at people one minute and then hug them the next. All of the books had great action and satisfied [...]

    16. This was the last book in the series I read. After this book I honestly couldn't take it anymore and I decided it was better to shelve it. One of my biggest gripes with the books is the awful Spanish. Honestly Spanish speakers are a dime in a dozen(I'm one of them) yet the author(s?) could not find one to help with the Spanish dialogue. I know google translate available and combination but its not accurate, I remember trying to do my Chinese homework with it and its more trouble than it was wort [...]

    17. Selange and Nico I am mad at both of you but the story is so good I forgive you. We get to know more about Nico in this book is is a sexy man and Selange knows it. Alfonzo my man I love you, I really felt what they were going through in the best and kept rooting for him so much I was on the edge of my seat. I guess I will have to wait for the next book to find out . I am not waiting long I start it as soon as I finish writing this review. How can I love 2 men I can but I can't have both.

    18. This series is a fast paced, sexy, emotional thrill ride that is so fun it will keep you on your toes (and have YOU talking out loud – sometimes screaming at the characters and vowing to rain down fire and brimstone on the author). So many twists and turns. Get it, read it! I’m sure you will love it.

    19. Page turnerThe Alphonzo series has me hooked. I can't believe that Selange and Nicole survived. I will start on the next one immediately.

    20. OMG!!!! so much has happened! I think I truly hate selange!!!! no time to write! I must continue reading!

    21. Selange this was bound to happen what you expectupzzzzz time to move on to book 4. Lord the stress these characters give me but I still love reading. LOL

    22. I can't take it! AWESOME! Poor Alfonzo but I shonuff love Nico! I learned about this series late but I am catching up quickly. NEXT!

    23. OMG!!!!!!!! So many emoitions were felt as I read this. Kinda disappointed in Selange but I understand why. On to book #5!

    24. yes this was a really good book, I am still speechless where it all lead to, what a drama filled mess this was, can't wait to read the next book!

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