Autopilot Engaged

Autopilot Engaged People are complicated Public figures often lead seedy double lives while average folks rise to the occasion in times of crisis Dallas Turner is a people person and as a long time flight attendant

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  • Title: Autopilot Engaged
  • Author: Jordan Castillo Price
  • ISBN: 9781476195520
  • Page: 257
  • Format: ebook
  • People are complicated Public figures often lead seedy double lives, while average folks rise to the occasion in times of crisis Dallas Turner is a people person, and as a long time flight attendant, he s dealt with them all Frazzled parents with overtired kids Demanding businessmen who can t fly unless they re three sheets to the wind Terrified passengers clinging toPeople are complicated Public figures often lead seedy double lives, while average folks rise to the occasion in times of crisis Dallas Turner is a people person, and as a long time flight attendant, he s dealt with them all Frazzled parents with overtired kids Demanding businessmen who can t fly unless they re three sheets to the wind Terrified passengers clinging to their armrests with a white knuckled grip.Most passengers think of him a glorified waiter and if they re lucky, they ll never have that assumption challenged Dallas is trained in CPR and self defense His primary duty is to care for the passengers Although he s well prepared, some emergencies you just can t train for.Dallas has only known First Officer Paul Cronin for a few hours, but his gut instincts are usually accurate Paul seems smart, determined and capable He d make a good permanent addition to the crew Can Dallas ensure he survives the shock of his first round trip on Flight 511

    One thought on “Autopilot Engaged”

    1. nicely doneally lovely bit of writing at the beginning, with dallas and the mysterious elderly woman. i thought it was an outstanding scene, balancing his backstory against the ongoing mystery and his relationship with his niece, all while advancing the plotally accomplished, and kinda beautiful, reallye scenes with paul exploring the island were very effective—both creepy and sad at once.onward!

    2. I like how JCP picks up an idea and plays around with it, turns it inside out, pulls it side ways, confusing me, delighting me, sometimes creepily so.going forwards of course

    3. Autopilot Engaged switches between past and present events. A year ago Dallas had his first encounter with the mystery Paul is facing now. The focus is still on the mystery itself rather than Dallas and Paul, but it is so intriguing that it doesn’t ruin anything.

    4. So, this was interesting, switching back and forth between current day and one year ago. Also, like episode one, we get the story from more than one point of view.Things are more subtly revealed this time around, quiet and uneventful in the physical sense.In the emotional sense? Definitely not quiet.If it's even possible, there are more questions asked than in the first episode. Although, interestingly, I think it feels that way because we know more now, as does Paul. He's got questions, but I t [...]

    5. The plot thickens!We learn more about Dallas, his life and his first Flight 511. Marlin was especially hilarious (Godzilla cloud!).Paul is trying to deal with the (to say the least) unusual circumstances and Dallas and Kaye tell him their standing theory about what is happening to them every time they hit the turbulence in the Bermuda Triangle. Dallas make some interesting statements at the end of the story and that was very frustrating because it WAS THE END. *sigh* But, this series is really l [...]

    6. The second installment of this paranormal m/m serial gives us more background on Dallas, how he ended up on this Bermuda Triangle flight, and what he thinks might be going on.

    7. "This time, on The X-Files"In this second episode, we have alternating POVs between Dallas's (Mulder) first turbulence encounter on the way to Bermuda in the past and Paul's (Scully) present experience. By Price structuring it this way we get to know Dallas better, and we also see a few glimpses of what Marlin was like before he committed suicide at the very beginning of Into the Bermuda Triangle.(view spoiler)[It turns out what's happening is the reverse of what I expected. (This is a good thin [...]

    8. "On the next exciting installment of…Turbulence!" That's kind of how I feel both starting and finishing this second piece of the Turbulence serial saga. Some questions from part 1 are answered as Paul begins to realize what his subbing in for Flight 511 really means, and a lot more questions are laid out. We also get some nice back-story and development for Awesome FA Dallas, who I love even more. I still have no idea where this story is going, but am excited about the prospects.I have a feeli [...]

    9. This was a chance to get to know Dallas a bit better and some foreshadowing as well. The characters are all different and therefore real to me. It was cute to watch Paul freak out about everything and get bogged down in the nitpicky details. If I were Paul, I wouldn't go more than twenty feet from the aircraft because I'd be scared it would take off without me. But the other stuff he comes up with would never occur to me. As before Dallas and Paul are adorable, but still no hanky panky.

    10. This feels like a cross between an episode of the Twighlight Zone and an episode of the tv series Lost. This episode of Turbulence gave us a few more tidbits about the characters and what might be going on but not enough to actually figure anything out. It gets more interesting and sucks you in a little more with each installment. I'm glad I don't have to wait for the next one.

    11. 4.1 StarsOh, maaaaaanis is just getting better (and by that I mean more creepy weird). Very Stephen King-ish in how the mystery is being revealed. I said it with the last installment, but now I'm even more hooked. Damn, JCP, you get me!(Also, in a similar circumstance, I'd totally be Paul; those are some of the exact questions that went through my mind, some of the same thought processes in trying to figure out what the ever-living-fuck was going on. I'm sure I'd also be slightly paranoid and hy [...]

    12. another fun read by JCP. I can't help but love her work. the words come so easily, I always feel like i'm there with the characters, they are so realistic and flawed. I love it!this story reminds me of a book I read about a plane that went through a time rift and found itself in an abandoned place slowly the people inside the plane go insane/come up with a plan. and eventually the 'now' catches up with them can't remember if it was King or Koontz? gonna found out!great stuff and ofr course I can [...]

    13. dammit! it was over before i knew it and i feel like right when i thought i was gonna get some answers there it wase end! ugh!!!!this was in Dallas' POV. you got to see what kind of man he is and he's pretty amazing! He's even trying to give his niece a better life. what a guy! I still dont fully understand where the hell this story is going but I cant wait until the next book!!!!

    14. It was nice to see things from Dallas's perspective part of the time and learn a little more about him. This installment is mostly showing us what exactly is happening, even if we (and the characters) still don't know why!A serial series to come out monthly, FREE at JCP books.

    15. The second episode of "Turbulence" gives some background of the Flight Attendant Dallas, and introduces a mystery woman who seems as if she might be significant somewhere along the way. The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is still being explored, with Paul nervously working things out. No real romance as yet, just undercurrents.

    16. A person splitting in two different places? Bermuda is not the place to go. I like the Freudian theory here and find it amusing. I wonder what I would be like if only my ID was in control. Watch out world!Poor Dallas is entering the Twilight Zone! Serials kill me. I have to read one right after the other.

    17. Nice development of the supernatural mystery as well as some fleshing out of Dallas's character. There wasn't much in the romance department in this installment, but the ending nods to how the plot developments (and theories) have consequences for the romance in ways that should be interesting and challenging.

    18. Got it free at today!Finished and on to the next, Red-Eye Dawn. JCP is THE master of M/M paranormal, no question about it. I'm totally hooked with Dallas and Paul.

    19. The next installment of this twighlight zone like series. Awesome! It's sending goose bumps down my arms. We get to know Dallas more, and I'm really liking him a lot. Even the dude on the cover has him looking hot. d the intrigue is just beginning!

    20. another short installment of the series it is good but cut off when it get interesting the only positive of it being a serial novel is that all the installments are free on amazon. Learn some of the background of the series.

    21. I'm confused about what happens to them once they go through the triangle, but I'm sure that it will be explained. *spoilers ahead*When do they split? Is the real them on the island or floating around Florida? Where does everyone else go?

    22. Ms. Price knows how to write a cliff hanger, since I was wondering the same thing as the ending Can't wait for part 3

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