The Adoption

The Adoption Galles anni Quaranta La giovanissima Bethan si innamora ricambiata di un prigioniero di guerra tedesco e rimane incinta Colpevole di essersi concessa al nemico macchiata dal disonore Bethan viene

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  • Title: The Adoption
  • Author: Anne Berry
  • ISBN: 9780091949273
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • Galles, anni Quaranta La giovanissima Bethan si innamora, ricambiata, di un prigioniero di guerra tedesco e rimane incinta Colpevole di essersi concessa al nemico, macchiata dal disonore, Bethan viene segregata in casa e costretta dalla famiglia a dare in adozione la sua bambina, Lucilla Anni Sessanta, l epoca della contestazione Lucilla cresciuta, si sente libera eGalles, anni Quaranta La giovanissima Bethan si innamora, ricambiata, di un prigioniero di guerra tedesco e rimane incinta Colpevole di essersi concessa al nemico, macchiata dal disonore, Bethan viene segregata in casa e costretta dalla famiglia a dare in adozione la sua bambina, Lucilla Anni Sessanta, l epoca della contestazione Lucilla cresciuta, si sente libera e indipendente Non sopporta la severit e i pregiudizi dei suoi genitori, e ha un pessimo rapporto con la madre Harriet, che sempre fredda e distante, e sembra non averla mai amata davvero E un giorno, a 14 anni, scopre la verit quella non la sua vera famiglia E cos , anni dopo, dopo la morte di Harriet, Lucilla decide di mettersi alla ricerca della sua madre naturale la figlia Gina a insistere perch ritrovi le sue radici e faccia luce sul passato Ma troppo tempo trascorso, e troppe lacrime sono state versate

    One thought on “The Adoption”

    1. The Adoption is Anne Berry's third novel but this is my first encounter with this writer. Having devoured this compelling read, I am keen to acquire her earlier novels.The story is told from the viewpoints of three very different women. The first, Bethan, a teenage girl living on a farm in Wales during WWII, falls pregnant with the child of a German POW and is forced to give up her baby girl, Lucilla. Her baby is adopted by Harriet, an older, conservative woman who is disappointed when Lucilla d [...]

    2. What puts me really off about this book are all the grammatical errors and words left out of sentences! Grrrr!! Bad, bad editing! And therefore, 3 stars.

    3. ON and on and on and onrambling and repetitive; and yet the chapters with the young Lucilla are so compelling as to make me unable to stop reading it.

    4. Would really like to give this 3.5 - not quite a 4 but nearer that than a 3! Enjoyable and interesting but in need of a good edit.

    5. a beautifully written book, wonderful imagery. It shows the long lasting effects of decisions made both by oneself and by others on your behalf.

    6. 3 main characters - child, biological mother and adoptive mother.The book is about their lives and the effect of the adoption an all.Very real characters and the book is well written, although a tad long and a little padded

    7. I couldn't help but think of the quote, "Some books just swallow you up, heart and soul." This one did it for me.Thank you, Anne Berry.

    8. The Adoption is Anne Berry's third novel and was released in hardback in June 2012 by Ebury, the paperback will be published in February of this year.I am a huge fan of Anne Berry's writing, I thought both of her previous novels; The Hungry Ghosts (2009) and The Water Children (2011) were outstanding and deserved much more recognition than they actually got.The Adoption is a story that almost broke my heart in places, the writing is beautiful - enigmatic, poetic, haunting and so very powerful. T [...]

    9. As I began to read, I was instantly taken with this book. Beautiful writing and a poignant plot line held a great deal of promise. A Welsh girl falls in love with a German POW, who is working on her father’s farm during World War II. When she becomes pregnant their world crumbles, and the ensuing developments are heart-rending. The young mother who is forced to give her baby daughter up for adoption, the adoptive mother, and the child herself tell the story in alternating voices which switch b [...]

    10. The Adoption is a heartbreaking story about 3 women set back in England and Wales in the 1950s and onwards.Bethan is a young Welsh farmgirl who falls pregnant to a German POW who had been helping on her families farm, she has Lucilla who she gives up for adoption to Londoners Merfyn and Harriet.The chapters are told through each women’s eyes and describes the agonizing decision for Bethan to give up her daughter Lucilla for adoption. Harriet describes Lucilla is wayward, naughty and deceitful [...]

    11. This is a story narrated by three women – Bethan, a teenage girl from Wales who in the 1940’s brought shame on her family by falling pregnant after falling in love with a German prisoner of war whilst he was working on her parent’s farm. Harriet, who with her Welsh husband Merfyn adopts a baby from the Church Adoption Society. They are both members of the Temperance Society and Harriet has an image of how the perfect child should behave – she will be very disappointed.And finally Lucilla [...]

    12. I am fascinated by adoption and the issues surrounding motherhood and identity - things most of us, who know where we came from, take for granted. There has long been the questions of nature vs nurture and attitudes to children have changed over the decades. The nation has a big appetite for genealogy, discovering our roots, revealing our past and finding out who we are. So this book promised more than it actually delivered.A 'heart-warming' tale it is not. It's another misery memoir about damag [...]

    13. In 1948 young unmarried mother Bethan signs over her unborn baby to an adoption agency. In the present day Lucilla contemplates middle age, her happy marriage, her grown up children, her ageing spaniel and the question over the identity of her mother. Lucilla raised her children with kindness and strength but her own childhood under her adoptive parents was repressive and grim, marred by a lack of love. Indeed, when at 14 she is told she was adopted all she feels is relief. Berry traces the live [...]

    14. i so loved this book it struck a chord for obvious reasons i so hated harriet and was upset at her treatment of Lucilla. i really liked the characters of both Bethan and Lucilla but i was a bit sad at the turn of events dont want to spoil it for those still wanting to read it. i did cry at parts of this a brilliant book and i will look for more by this author 10/10

    15. Not sure why I wanted to read this, the blurb on the back didn't strike me as something I would pick up. Read first 50 pages and gave up !

    16. I thought this was a realistic story of adoption , in that not all adoptions or reunions are the same. Well portrayed I thought.

    17. This was an interesting book. Enough that I went to get another book of Anne Berry',. The Water Children. It is unexpected. It is a story of human resilience, but in a realistic way.

    18. A little predictable and characters slightly black and white, but well written and I enjoyed it as a light quick read.

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