Mad Mannequins from Hell (The Uncanny Valley Trilogy (Book 1))

Mad Mannequins from Hell The Uncanny Valley Trilogy Book None

  • Title: Mad Mannequins from Hell (The Uncanny Valley Trilogy (Book 1))
  • Author: August V. Fahren
  • ISBN: B0089RDMY2
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    One thought on “Mad Mannequins from Hell (The Uncanny Valley Trilogy (Book 1))”

    1. REVIEW ALSO ON: bibliomantics/2012/08/07/bFirst and foremost, I have to point out the gorgeously boobtastic cover from artist Gianluca Mattia. Mattia recently re-designed Fahren’s prior novel which I also reviewed on this site titled Thursday Thistle. If you have time, head over to and check out the fun new cover, complete with purple haired heroine and her adorable alligator friend. You know how I know life isn’t fair? We all don’t have friendly pet alligators.But I digress. Onto the lit [...]

    2. "Oh God, Brides!"These are the last words you will ever speak as the horde of demonic mannequins lets loose its fury upon the world. It's too bad Burton read from that one little book. Don't read from that book. Drink the cool-aid instead.As in, *this* cool-aid, this book, this wonderful, crazy, wonky, fast-paced roller-coaster of a novel, with four-hundred sizzling chapters. Well, not four-hundred. Actually not even a hundred or forty. When I received this book, I started reading, and was unabl [...]

    3. Mad Mannequins From Hell tells the story of Burton Vilmos, an former movie special effects makeup artist who makes his living these day murdering people for his website. They pay him to do it, and of course, it isn’t them actually getting killed, it is all just gory fun. But when he runs through one of the scripts he came up with for his son, and takes a book his close friend got from a mysterious shop owner to do a séance-like ritual for the scene, all hell breaks loose. In particular, Beelz [...]

    4. I have never read a book quite like Mad Mannequins from Hell. I can't say I loved the book but I didn't hate it either. There were so many different characters to keep track of, even to the point they stopped enhancing the story and started taking away from the fun of demonic mannequins. The book reads like a B movie script, which is perfect since the lead character Burton Vilmos is an unemployed special effects makeup artist who creates a website for the sole purpose of showing off his honorifi [...]

    5. This book is a bizarre mixture of horror, comedy, with quirky character and impossible situations. It’s no wonder it’s considered more in the bizarre genre than anything else.There’s just no real way of explaining the book. It’s one of those you just have to pick up and see if you like, because there are too many variables. I loved the pacing, which was quick, keeping the reader interested most of the way through. I say most because there were a few of the more violent scenes which felt [...]

    6. Burton's a special effects artist in Portland with his young son Max. A ritual gone out of control causes demons to inhabit mannequins. Burton--with a handy flame thrower--meets up with 3 sexy nuns (one a hermaphrodite) and together they battle possessed mannequins, sex dolls, and even a Satanic nativity set.Like a bad b-movie, MAD MANNEQUINS FROM HELL is a lot of fun, although much of the dialogue is Saturday morning cartoon-silly and a lot of early filler (that explains scenes from Burton's vi [...]

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